20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (RANKED)

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is one of the most popular manga and anime series ever. The (mis)adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew are popular around the world, with millions of fans waiting for new chapters of the manga and new episodes of the anime. One Piece is one of the “Big Three” anime series, alongside Bleach and Naruto, and in this article, we have decided to honor the legacy of this highly entertaining work and its powerful characters.

This article is actually going to be a list of the 20 strongest One Piece characters so far. The characters will be taken from different narrative arcs. You’ll find out some basic information about them, from which you will be able to deduce why we have positioned them as we have on our list.

Strongest One Piece Characters

The list is going to include a total of 20 characters. They are going to be ranked from 20th to 1st place, with the 20th being the weakest on this list, and the 1st one being the strongest.

20. Crocodile

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Sir Crocodile is the main antagonist of the Alabasta arc and has appeared as the main antagonist of the eighth film as well.

He has very high self-esteem and believes very much in his own strength, which always leads him to treat anyone from top to bottom; he hardly loses his temper and always shows great intelligence and attention in every aspect of his plans, making sure that they can be successful even if they do not go as he had foreseen.

Crocodile has ingested the Rogia Sand Sand fruit, which allows it to turn into sand and make itself intangible to anything but liquids; the fruit also allows it to create storms and blades of sand and to dry up everything it touches by absorbing the liquid part.

Instead of his left hand, Crocodile has a large golden hook that hides a powerful poison capable of causing the opponent to suffer heart failure. Before joining the Fleet of Seven, a bounty of 81 million Berries hung on his head.

19. Urouge

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Urouge comes from an island in the sky and is the captain of the Heretic Monks pirates. He is nicknamed “The Mad Monk” and his bounty amounts to 108 million Berries. He fights using a huge hexagonal steel pillar. During the clash with Admiral Kizaru and one of the Pacifists, he increases the measures of his body and his muscle mass more than double, thanks to the power of his devil fruit.

He fails, however, to stand up to him and is eventually defeated by the admiral. Two years later he infiltrates the territory of Big Mom with his crew, managing to defeat one of his commanders, Snack, but is eventually beaten by another commander, Cracker.

After the events of Dressrosa he reappears on the island in the sky Baron Terminal as he rests from the hard battle and witnesses a suicide attempt by Kaido. His name derives from 16th-century Ottoman pirate Oruç Reis

18. Boa Hancock

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Boa Hancock is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and the Amazon Empress Lily, which is why she is also known as “The Pirate Empress”, while the island’s Amazons refer to her as “The Serpent Princess”.

She is considered the most beautiful woman in the world; accustomed to seeing her interlocutors fall in love with her at her feet and always being forgiven for her beauty, Hancock poses as a selfish, spoiled, and haughty woman. Hancock has ingested the Paramisha Mero Mero fruit, with which she can launch a heart-shaped ray that petrifies anyone who is captivated by the beauty of the woman.

Her effect can be nullified by something distracting the target’s attention, by simple disinterest, or by Hancock herself. Hancock can also petrify what she hits with physical attacks. To keep some of the secrets hidden from the Kuja, Hancock tells her subjects that she possesses these powers because she killed a gorgon. A bounty of 80 million Berries hung over her head.

17. Trafalgar Law

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Trafalgar D. Water Law, nicknamed “The Surgeon of Death” is the captain of the Heart Pirates and one of the Eleven Supernovas who landed on the Sabaody Islands at the same time as Luffy’s pirates.

He ate the Paramisha Ope Ope fruit, which allows him to create fields of action within which he has total control. In the two years between the first and second half of the story, he became a member of the Fleet of Seven.

He teams up with Luffy to defeat Emperor Kaido, although his primary goal is to take revenge on Do Flamingo, whom he has been subjected to for some time. He is therefore expelled from the organization and a bounty of Berry 500 million is placed on his head.

16. Charlotte Smoothie

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Charlotte Smoothie is Big Mom’s fourteenth daughter, the Juice Minister, and one of the three Sweet Generals. A bounty of 932 million berry hangs over her head. She is a very tall woman with wavy white hair and very long legs.

She is lazy and carefree, she behaves indifferently and agrees to help her mates if she doesn’t require too much effort. But if the situation calls for it, you can show a remarkable sense of strategy. She participates in the tea reception and later, in pursuit of Sunny.

She ate the Paramisha Squeeze Squeeze fruit which made her a “dehydration woman”: she is able to dehydrate inanimate people and objects by squeezing them as if they were her clothes and throwing her sword at her and she can use their liquids in a variety of ways.

15. Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo, is the main antagonist of the arc of Dressrosa. Nicknamed “Heavenly Demon”, he is the captain of the Donquixoteclan and the king of Dressrosa.

One of the most politically and economically influential men in the world, he has long led the slave trade in the Sabaody Islands and is the leader of numerous criminal activities in the New World, acting under the pseudonym of Joker; furthermore, being aware of a secret concerning the celestial dragons, his authority can override even that of the grand admiral of the navy.

Doflamingo is a very cynical, ruthless, and indifferent individual and believes in the advent of a new era of piracy, in which there is no more room for dreamers and idealists. Doflamingo ingested the Paramisha Filo Filo fruit, which allows him to create threads from his hands and use them at will.

Thanks to them he can control a subject and move it like a puppet, he can use them to attack and cut, he can introduce them inside his body to repair damaged organs and, having awakened his fruit, transform the surrounding objects into threads to be manipulated. pleasure.

Prior to his entry into the Fleet of Seven, his bounty amounted to 340 million Berries.

14. Charlotte Katakuri

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Charlotte Katakuri is Big Mom’s second child as well as the Minister of Flour and one of the three Sweets Generals; a bounty of 1,057,000,000 Berries hangs over her head. According to Brulee, not only has he never been defeated but he has never even been knocked down.

He has a very wide mouth full of fangs that he always keeps hidden by a scarf and that he only discovers when he has to eat: in these moments he isolates himself completely, killing anyone who sees him even if only by mistake.

Cold and solitary, in public he shows a very calm and refined attitude while in private he reveals himself as greedy without any restraint as much as Big Mom; despite this, he has a great sense of loyalty and honor towards opponents he deems worthy of merit.

13. Monkey D. Luffy

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Monkey D. Luffy is a pirate and the main protagonist of the One Piece manga and anime. Luffy is the son of the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon, the grandson of the famous Navy hero, Monkey D. Garp, and the adopted son of a mountain bandit, Curly Dadan as well as the adopted brother. of the late Portgas D. Ace and Sabo.

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His actions, among others, resulted in a current bounty of Symbol 1,500,000,000. Having had a 300,000,000 Symbol bounty before arriving at the Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy was one of eleven renowned pirates known as “Eleven Supernovae”.

His new bounty acquired after the events of the Whole Cake Island Arc led the press to name him the “Fifth Emperor” of the seas.

12. Issho / Fujitora

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Fujitora, whose real name is Issho, is an admiral of the Navy, recruited through a worldwide selection together with the Ryokugyu after the appointment of Akainu as grand admiral and the resignation of Aokiji.

On his forehead he has a cross-shaped scar that extends over his eyes: he is, in fact, blinded himself to not see the horrors and ugliness of the world and, due to this handicap, he walks with the help of a shirasaya, a stick that hides inside a katana that it uses in combat.

Fujitora rejects and criticizes the dogma of absolute justice advocated by the Navy; on the contrary, he seems to pursue, like Aokiji before him, the ideals of moral justice. He deeply hates the Fleet of Seven, so much so that his main aim is its abolition. He ate the Paramisha Zushi Zushi fruit which enables him to control the force of gravity.

11. Aokiji

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Aokiji, whose real name is Kuzan, is initially an admiral, but after Akainu’s appointment as Grand Admiral he leaves the Navy. He is a very lazy man and always takes a relaxed attitude regardless of the situation he is in.

He is a follower of moral justice: in particular, mindful of the destruction of Ohara, he argues that justice can be followed and applied without creating innocent victims. Aokiji ate the Rogia Frost Frost fruit, which makes him an iceman.

He is able to instantly transform the opponent into ice, as well as being able to freeze vast stretches of sea. His face is inspired by that the Japanese actor Yūsaku Matsuda.

10. Dracule Mihawk

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Drakul Mihawk, nicknamed “Hawkeye” due to his intimidating gaze, is universally believed to be the best swordsman in the world. He is a lean-bodied man with a thin beard and mustache; temperamentally he is solitary, taciturn, with an austere and proud bearing and a strong sense of honor.

His weapon is a gigantic black sword, called the Black Sword, belonging to the category of the supreme Wazamono, the best in the world: with it, he can deflect bullets and cut entire galleons into two parts, as he did with the fifty ships of the Creek fleet.

Although he belongs to the Fleet, he does not seem to care much about the problems of the world government, so much so that he abandoned Marineford after the arrival of Shanks stating that he had agreed to face Whitebeard but not Red-Hair: in fact, when young, the two were bitter rivals in the art of sword and the battles between the two are considered memorable.

10. Monkey D. Garp

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Monkey D. Garp is a Deputy Admiral of the Navy. He is the grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy and the father of the revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon. Despite his undoubted loyalty to the organization, he does not pursue any specific ideal of justice.

Nicknamed “The Fist” due to his legendary punch power, Garp was one of the few who could compete with Pirate King Gol D. Roger and is therefore considered one of the most renowned and feared members of the Navy.

His heroic actions and his fame would have allowed him to become an admiral, but he has always refused this promotion because holding this rank would have greatly limited his freedom of action and would have placed him under the direct control of the world nobles.

In fact, despite being undoubtedly loyal to the world government, Garp has a very bad opinion of the Celestial Dragons and, also thanks to his impulsive, impetuous and careless character, he is not afraid of insulting them or any other ruler he says unsuitable.

8. Sengoku

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Sengoku is initially the Grand Admiral of the Navy, but after the Battle of Marineford he resigns from his post, remaining in the organization as inspector general to train new recruits. In the second part of the story, he is 79 years old.

Sengoku almost always appears serious and calm, as well as extremely loyal to the world government. He doesn’t give much credit to pirates and members of the Fleet of Seven. He follows the concept of neutral justice.

Thanks to his position in the Navy he learned of many secrets of the Government, such as the truth behind the annihilation of Ohara and the secret of D. Sengoku ingested the fruit. allows you to transform into a giant golden buddha with frightening force and capable of creating devastating shockwaves from the palm of your hand.

7. Borsalino / Kizaru

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Kizaru, whose real name is Borsalino, is a Navy admiral. He appears as a careless, absent, and forgetful man. He usually speaks in a very calm and composed way and never breaks down, even in the face of problematic situations, in which he often pretends fear or amazement in a sarcastic way.

Kizaru bases his conduct on the so-called vague justice: he doesn’t seem to feel pity for the criminals, but he doesn’t get to involve innocent people and hit his men for their hesitation. Kizaru ate the Rogia Pika Pika fruit, which allows him to become a man of light.

Like all owners of a Rogia fruit, he can become intangible at will since his body is entirely made up of photons that can rejoin if the body is damaged; he is also capable of firing laser-like beams of light as well as hitting the opponent and moving at the speed of light. His face is inspired by that of the Japanese actor Kunie Tanaka.

6. Monkey D. Dragon

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Monkey D. Dragon is the head and founder of the Revolutionary Army and as such declared enemy number one by the World Government with the nickname of “The Revolutionary”. He is the son of Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp and the father of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy.

He meets and rescues Sabo during the Gray Terminal fire and, later, after the child’s boat is sunk by World Noble Jalmack. After healing him, he then welcomes Sabo into the revolutionary army. When Luffy is about to be captured by Smoker in Rogue Town, Dragon steps in to rescue his son and help him escape.

After the battle of Marineford, he calls a meeting of the revolutionary leaders, as Whitebeard’s death would have repercussions on the world order. After the events of Dressrosa he calls a new meeting with the leaders of the Revolutionary Army, in order to declare war on the World Nobles during the Reverie.

5. Big Mom

Charlotte Linlin, best known as Big Mom, is the only woman of the Four Emperors, captain of the pirates of Big Mom, as well as matriarch of the Charlotte family and queen of Totto Land. She is a giant 68-year-old woman characterized by a gargantuan appetite and a boundless love of sweets.

When Big Mom demands a certain sweet and doesn’t get it, she loses her mind and begins to destroy and devour everything around her, even killing her own children. Despite her cruelty, she cherishes the dream of making Totto Land a place where every race in the world can live free from segregation and discrimination.

Big Mom has obtained the power of the Paramisha Soul Soul fruit, which allows her to manipulate souls: thanks to this ability she is able to remove the soul from people only by touching them, completely or partially shortening their life.

4. Shanks

Shanks is the first Emperor to appear in history and the Great Pirate Leader of the Red. He is a man of medium height with a scar on his left eye, missing left arm, and red hair, which is why he is nicknamed “the Red”. He is carefree, friendly, respectful, and devoted to his friends; the only thing he does not tolerate is that one is disrespectful or threatened with the latter.

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The author stated that in delineating the calm and cold personality of Shanks he would have been inspired by himself. He is the first character to reveal the use of Ambition, with which he proves capable of even damaging the surrounding environment, and is also known for his great swordsman skills, such as allowing him to face Dracule Mihawk on equal terms, his good friend and rival.

3. Kaidō

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Kaido is the last Emperor to appear in One Piece chronological order. He is nicknamed “The Lord of the Beasts” as he is the Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates, a huge army of Smile holders that he is supplied by Donquixote Doflamingo until he is arrested.

He is described as “the strongest creature in the world” because, despite having been defeated seven times, captured by the Navy, and his enemies eighteen times, has suffered thousands of tortures and has been sentenced to death forty times, he has always survived.

For this reason, he is considered immortal and he himself continually and unsuccessfully tries to commit suicide, so much so as to make it his favorite pastime.

2. Blackbeard

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is one of the main antagonists of the One Piece manga. He is the captain of Blackbeard’s crew as well as a former subordinate of Whitebeard. After defeating and delivering Portuguese D. Ace to the Navy, he is accepted into the Fleet of Seven to replace the fallen Crocodile.

He then uses this position to break into Impel Down prison and recruit some of the most dangerous prisoners in history and then resign. With his new crew, he intervenes in the Battle of Marineford and, after killing Whitebeard, steals his power and then takes his place as a member of the Four Emperors.

1. Sakazuki / Akainu

20 Strongest One Piece Characters (Ranked)

Akainu, whose real name is Sakazuki, is initially one of the three Navy admirals and later Grand Admiral in place of Sengoku. Cold, impassive, authoritarian, and ruthless, he harbors a visceral hatred of pirates and other criminals and is the one who most embodies the principles of absolute justice.

His loyalty does not seem to be directed to the Government itself but to the Navy and its ideal of justice, infuriated when he learns that even the Five Stars of Wisdom have been manipulated by Donquixote Doflamingo through the orders of the Celestial Dragons, towards whom he doesn’t seem to have any particular respect.

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