‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Episode 5 Ending, Explained: Who Is the Owner of the Helmet at the End of the Episode?


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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Episode 5 of the first season of Marvel‘s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. This new episode concludes last week’s cliffhanger, where we discovered that the superpowered influencer, Titania, had sued Jennifer over the use of the name She-Hulk. You see, Titania outmaneuvered Jennifer by trademarking the name She-Hulk before Jennifer, thus allowing her ownership over the word. This is quite a strategy, and one often used by very sketchy people in real life.

Episode 5 deals with this trademarking trial and a secondary plot line that serves as a setup for the return of one of the most loved superheroes in Marvel, who finally becomes part of the MCU. Episode 5 will be controversial, to say the least. Many people will love it, while others will hate it. It certainly lacks the fun factor from episode 4, and it is very slow, but it also offers quite a bit of character development for Jennifer, as she sees her identity more and more separated from that of She-Hulk.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Episode 5 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Read at your own risk.

Does Jennifer Manage To Win The Sue From Titania?

The last episode ended with Jennifer getting a court notice. The notice said she was being sued by Titania over the use of the name She-Hulk. It has been very clear from the first episode that Jennifer doesn’t really like the name She-Hulk, but the media just began to use it, and it stuck. Since then, Jennifer has been identifying as She-Hulk, even if she doesn’t like it. However, in trademarking, whoever gets it first has the right to use it, so it seems Jennifer is not in a good position to win this case.

Holden Holiway, Jennifer’s boss at GLJ&H, warns Jennifer that she needs to deal with this soon. No one hires a law firm that can’t deal with its own legal problems. So, Holiway sends Jennifer to Mallory Book, one of the stars of the firm. Book is strict and by the book, but she is also very talented. She takes the case very seriously, and she counsels Jennifer on many things, including the fact that Jennifer might need to take care of the way she looks, at least better than she is doing now. Jennifer counter-sues Titania.


The case goes to trial, and the judge hears both sides of the argument. Titania’s defense says that she was able to trademark the name She-Hulk first and that Jennifer only became interested in owning the name after Titania released a series of very successful beauty products. Now that the name represents money, Jennifer wants the name. Book counterpoint is that Jennifer has been using the name way before Titania’s trademark and that Titania is using the goodwill of the name to sell sham products.

While speaking to Nikki, Jennifer realizes that her dating profile is the proof they need that she has been using and identifying as She-Hulk way before Titania’s trademark. And so Jennifer calls past dates to the courtroom so that they can verify that, yes, they dated a person who identified herself as She-Hulk. The process is embarrassing, as Jennifer has to hear past dates saying what they think of her, including the fact that they are not interested in Jennifer but only in She-Hulk.

The strategy wins the case, and Titania has to stop using the name. Jennifer and Book have drinks after court, and Book explains to Jennifer how she deserves so much better than those guys. Jennifer is just happy because she made a new friend.

Who Is The Owner Of The Helmet At The End Of The Episode?

The B storyline in this episode involves Nikki and Pug looking for a mysterious fashion guru who makes costumes for superheroes. For a long time, it has been very noticeable that the costume design in the MCU is very uniform. It seems that every superhero, from Hawkeye to even Dr. Strange, goes to the same tailor, and it seems like She-Hulk has the answer as to why. There is indeed one tailor who makes costumes for several superheroes, and Nikki and Pug need to find it so that Jennifer can get a suit that fits both her normal and Hulk selves.

This storyline is mostly comedic and takes Nikki and Pug through a series of phases. They visit a café, and then a bootleg Avengers merchandise store, in order to finally get access to the tailor, a man named Luke Jacobson. Luke has an entire secret operation running from a secret location. However, access to Luke seems rather easy, and it makes you wonder if supervillains couldn’t use Luke to get to their superheroes when they pass through his shop for a new suit.

Luke is doubtful about taking Jennifer as a client, but when assured that Jennifer is Hulk’s cousin, “by blood” he takes the challenge of designing a series of suits for Jennifer. These suits will serve her both in her work as a lawyer and as a superhero. We don’t get to see the suits just yet. We will have to wait for next week.

However, the episode ends with the revelation that Luke has another very important client. Daredevil, or to be more specific, Daredevil’s helmet, makes an apparition at the end of the episode. Many fans have been looking forward to the return of Matt Murdock to the MCU, and it seems that we might get that, and also Jennifer’s new suits next week. Meanwhile, the “blood” plot line keeps building with Todd being around Jennifer, as he is also a client in her law firm. We’ll see when Todd makes his move this season.

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