15 Shows Like Snowpiercer You Need to Watch Right Now

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Snowpiercer is one of the most thrilling action-drama series that you can stream today, and there are plenty of reasons why this is a favorite among different fans out there. That said, there may be some of you who have already exhausted all of the episodes of Snowpiercer and are in the middle of a withdrawal stage. So, if you’re looking for a series is similar to Snowpiercer, we have a good list of the ones you need to watch right now.

15. Brave New World (2020)

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Brave New World is based on a novel of the same name and was written way back in 1932, when the way the author viewed things was still different from how we see things today. Nevertheless, this series was able to capture the essence of the book in a manner that fits the current times and is actually a re-imagining of what the novel is all about in all of the best ways possible, all while allowing the story to fit the modern times.

What makes Brave New World so similar to Snowpiercer is the fact that it was able to portray a dystopian world where things such as privacy, family, and monogamy weren’t allowed. Meanwhile, society governed on a hierarchical level that dictated who was on top and who needed to work under them. In that regard, while this series may have only lasted a single season, it still has a lot of things that are quite similar to Snowpiercer, especially when you look at how society is divided and how certain people are able to willfully control society as they see fit.

14. Devs (2020)

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Devs is similar to Snowpiercer in the sense that it kind of gives us an idea of what technology can do when it comes to how it is encroaching on basic human rights, much like how the hierarchical society in Snowpiercer is basically violating the human rights of the people who are on board the train. And you’re going to realize that this series is deeper than what it seems to be, especially if you look at how it is reflective of current society.

This series tells the tale of a computer engineer who is trying to find out more about the sudden disappearance of her boyfriend to the point that she ends up having to investigate an entire computing firm and its mysterious CEO. The story of the series will allow you to see whether or not society truly values determinism and free will, especially when you understand more about this entire series as you watch it.

13. Electric Dreams (2017 – 2018)

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Electric Dreams is actually a series that is similar to Black Mirror because this is an anthology that allows you to see the different relationships that people have with technology. While it is a series that is quite similar to Black Mirror, it also has similarities with Snowpiercer because of the fact that some of the episodes revolve around an authoritarian rule in a dystopian world.

Basically, every episode is a short story that tells a different tale, but some episodes of Electric Dreams allow us to see how technology can be used to set an authoritarian rule. In a way, we are made to question how far society will go with what technology has in store for the people in the upper bracket of our current world. It’s a very intriguing series that will make you wonder about the limits of what technology can do, especially if the limits end up affecting our lives in a negative way.

12. Attack On Titan (2013 – Present)

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Attack on Titan is one of the biggest anime shows ever created because of how popular it is all over the world. Based on a manga of the same name, this is an anime that is able to capture what it’s like being in what is seemingly a dystopian world only to find out that everything you know about the world is wrong and that you are basically a victim of a larger conspiracy involving 2,000 years of history.


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The series starts off in a society where cities and settlements are protected by 50-meter walls that keep man-eating mindless giants known as titans from eating people. In a sense, the series begins with a fight for humanity’s survival but ends up becoming a fight between humans when the truth finally comes out about what the titans are. The fact that it happens in a world that is seemingly dystopian in nature and where powerful people are allowed to manipulate society and history as they see fit is what makes it similar to Snowpiercer.

11. Maniac (2018)

While Maniac is a miniseries that was meant to have only one season, it still is an exciting and intriguing show to watch for people who want to explore a dystopian world governed by technology. And you will certainly love the performances of lead actors Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in this miniseries that is a romantic story down to its very core.

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The story of Maniac revolves around how the protagonists were involved in a company experiment that was meant to erase their worst memories. However, the experiment fails and ends up forcing them to face their inner demons through a simulated setting that features different types of environments. It’s a fun yet very eye-opening series that everyone should be able to enjoy.

10. Under The Dome (2013 – 2015)

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Under the Dome may not be one of the most popular works of Stephen King, but it still promises to be one of the most intriguing psychological-thriller series that you can watch. The series is actually very similar to Snowpiercer because of the fact that they are living in a society that’s trapped in a dome-like environment. In a manner of speaking, they are forced to live a life that’s controlled by something that they don’t even understand.

The story follows a group of townspeople who are cut off from the rest of the world because they live in a dome. But the problem is that they don’t even know why they have to live in such an environment, as the ones outside the dome try their best to rescue them. This is a sci-fi psychological thriller that follows the common troupes of survival but is able to capture certain themes that not a lot of different shows are able to.

9. The 100 (2014 – 2020)


The 100 was one of the most underrated series of the 2010s but is actually a favorite among those who took the time to watch the entire series from start to finish. Of course, there are a lot of different reasons why this is a series that is similar to Snowpiercer, especially when you look at the fact that there are plenty of themes that are similar, such as the fact that people are forced to live in a separate facility long after Earth was left uninhabitable.

However, a group of people ended up returning to the planet in the hopes of repopulating it. As they traversed the ruins of a planet that was supposed to be uninhabitable, they discovered people who were able to survive the nuclear apocalypse that happened long ago, as the people were left living in a society that is quite complicated in the sense that there are different philosophies that are governing the way that the people lived.

8. The Last Ship (2014 – 2018)


If you dissect it clearly, you could say that The Last Ship is basically the ship version of Snowpiercer because similar things happen, but this series takes place on a ship instead of a train. And that explanation alone is all you need to know when you want to know what makes them similar to one another, even though there are still plenty of similarities between The Last Ship and Snowpiercer.


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The Last Ship follows the story of a group of people who are on board the US Navy Destroyer USS Nathan James during a time when a virus wiped out 80% of the world’s human population. There are only 218 people on this ship, and they are forced to find a cure for humanity because they are the only ones left unaffected by the virus due to the fact that it was already outside of the reach of the virus during the outbreak.

7. Into The Night (2020 – Present)

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Into The Night isn’t one of the most well-known shows when it comes to a dystopian-like setting because this is a Belgian series. Nevertheless, if you get to watch this series, you will quickly understand why it is so similar to Snowpiercer. In a sense, think of it as Snowpiercer that happens on an airplane. But you’ll get to understand as you continue to watch the series that it is more than just a copycat of Snowpiercer.

The story of this series is actually taken from a novel called The Old Axolotl. This series follows the story of a group of soldiers who hijacked a flight carrying the survivors of a global catastrophic event caused by deadly sunlight. As such, the survivors of the plane are forced to work together not only to survive against their hijackers but also to make sure that they stay alive amidst the food shortages and the dangers that come with the sunlight.

6. Black Summer (2019 – Present)

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Of course, any dystopian and post-apocalyptic list of shows will never be complete without including a series that’s all about a zombie virus outbreak. In that regard, Black Summer is one of the shows that share some similarities with Snowpiercer because of the fact that the atmosphere is similarly tense and because of how people are not only forced to fight zombies but also one another.

Even if Black Summer may have some weird stylistic choices and some actions that may be questionable, you cannot argue against the fact that this is still one of the most thrilling zombie shows around. And, like any other zombie series, Black Summer follows a story of survival in the middle of a zombie virus outbreak that has infected almost the entire population of the planet.

5. The Expanse (2015 – 2022)


On its face, The Expanse won’t seem like it is similar to Snowpiercer because it doesn’t take place in a post-apocalyptic environment. However, you’re going to understand that there are a lot of similarities between the two shows, especially if you take into consideration that there are people who belong to the outlier faction that is oppressed by the war that’s going on between Earth and Mars. As such, a good part of The Expanse is focused on the impoverished people that are surrounded by their powerful and selfish neighboring superpowers.

The Expanse follows a sci-fi story that’s set in the far future where humanity has begun colonizing Mars and has begun forming colonies in space. However, Mars became technologically superior all while Earth controlled a good portion of the limited resources, and that left the colonies in space having to try to survive with whatever limited resources and power that they had. In a sense, the story follows a three-way conflict with the colonies suffering from their lack of resources and power against the two most powerful factions existing at that time.

4. Ghoul (2018)


Probably the most underrated series we have on this list is Ghoul, which is an Indian series that totally mirrors the themes that you can see in Snowpiercer. And what makes this one of the best series when it comes to how similar it is to Snowpiercer is that it follows the same kind of totalitarian rule concept that is prevalent in a lot of different shows today.


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The story of Ghoul takes place in a fascist regime where a military recruit is tasked to interview a member of a terrorist organization. As the interview proceeds, the recruit gets to understand more about the different things that ordinary people tend to experience on a regular basis, such as the different human rights violations that happen. And things became supernatural when an entity called the ghoul possesses the terrorist in this horror series.

3. Westworld (2016 – Present)

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Westworld is one of the most eye-opening shows that you can watch because of how this series allows you to see a different side of what is supposed to be an ideal world. Of course, there are a lot of different themes like oppression that make it very similar to Snowpiercer. But the interesting part here is that the oppressed are actually AI instead of humans.

The series follows a story wherein there is a world that’s operated by a company employing the use of human-like AI in a theme park setting that allows people to live their dreams in different types of environments (western, Japanese, etc.). However, the AI robots started malfunctioning, and they became self-aware to the point that they started a coup against humans by invading human society.

2. 3% (2016 – 2020)

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3% is actually a Brazilian series that isn’t as popular as it is due to the fact that it doesn’t come with the same kind of fanfare as the rest of the westernized shows on this list. But make no mistake about the fact that this is one of the best shows that you can watch if you are into a type of story that focuses on a dystopian setting. And that fact alone makes it very similar to Snowpiercer.

The story of 3% happens in a futuristic society where young people are forced to fight their way to affluence. They have to fight their way through an impoverished place so that they can reach an affluent society called the Offshore, as only 3% of the candidates that take part in this process are able to reach the Offshore while the rest are eliminated. In that sense, there is a fascist kind of society in this series, as you get to learn more about the individual characters and the different experiences that they need to go through.

1. The Handmaid’s Tale (2017 – Present)

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The Handmaid’s Tale takes place in a futuristic society where women are treated as baby-makers in the sense that they are pushed to the lower level of the sociopolitical order. However, there are infertile women that get to live a privileged life in this society, but all of the other women are left to become handmaids that are only supposed to produce children for the members of the upper class. As such, you already get to see themes such as oppression in this series, and that is what makes it similar to Snowpiercer.


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Then again, much like other shows that focus on an oppressed group of people, The Handmaid’s Tale follows the story of a handmaiden who dares to go against the norm and is looking to reunite with her family while fighting the powerful people who are running society. This essentially begins a revolution in this tragic yet eye-opening series.

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