‘Silo’: Who Is Patrick Kennedy? Meet Rick Gomez’s Character

Patrick Kennedy Silo

“You know nothing Juliette Nichols,” is always the expression on Nichols’ face after talking to the black marketeer. Patrick Kennedy has emerged as one of the most important non-book characters in Apple TV+’s Silo, as he seems to hold the key the Silo’s many mysteries. As the illegal relics dealer helps Nichols get to the root of Silo’s secrets, fans can’t help but wonder who Patrick Kennedy really is and what his role is in the Silo saga.

Patrick Kennedy was a suspect in the murder of Mayor Jahns and later Deputy Marnes, but Juliette Nichols discovered that Judicial was framing him. After saving his life, Kennedy became Nichols’ partner of sorts as he owed his life to the sheriff. As Kennedy helped Nichols navigate the delicate black market of illegal relics in the silo behind judicial’s back, it became clear that he was closer to the truth than anyone Nichols had met before.

Patrick Kennedy led Nichols to Regina Jackson, saying she was the only name he could give without getting into trouble. It was, therefore, obvious that he was in contact with other relics dealers whom Nichols would have to meet to find out the truth behind the secrets kept by Judicial. So, how did Patrick Kennedy become such a powerful player in Silo politics, and just how much does he know? Let’s look deeper into Rick Gomez’s character.

Who is Patrick Kennedy in Silo?

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy is one of the supporting characters in Silo, whose role as an illegal relics dealer turned into a person of interest in multiple crimes.

Kennedy was introduced in the show as a suspect in Ruth Jahns’ murder. When Nichols and Marnes questioned him at his house, he punched Marnes.

It turned out that Kennedy’s wife hated Marnes for undisclosed reasons. However, Kennedy wasn’t involved in Jahns murder.

When Marnes died mysteriously after the exchange with Kennedy, Judicial tried to frame him for both murders by planting evidence in his apartment.

Juliette Nichols foiled the plot when she caught Douglas Trumbull in the act after he planted the evidence in the wrong apartment, effectively saving Kennedy’s life.


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To collect the debt for saving his life, Nichols asked for Kennedy’s help uncovering the mystery behind her boyfriend’s mysterious relic.

Juliette had planted the relic in Trumbull’s apartment to get Judicial’s approval to investigate it legally as part of the criminal investigation.

Kennedy decided to give up Regina Jackson because he knew that she had already been questioned by Judicial and, therefore, wouldn’t cause problems for him.

Despite being a fugitive in the eyes of Judicial, Patrick Kennedy proved to Nichols that he could be helpful in her investigations.

He said that his family was destroyed because of the suspicions in his dealings as an illegal relics dealer. He is, therefore, untrusting of Silo’s law enforcement.

He is not afraid to cross the lines, although he isn’t a revolutionary like Nichols. It is not clear whether Kennedy can eventually join Nichols.

However, his knowledge of Silo’s secrets seems deep, so people in Judicial see him as a threat.

Kennedy doesn’t seem to have any friends in the Up-top, which puts his life in danger because Robert Sims has tried to get him killed.

The character is portrayed by Rick Gomez, famous for his roles as Klump in Sin City and Nestor Rosario in The Crossing.

Why is Patrick Kennedy important to Juliette?

Patrick Kennedy and Juliette Nichols in Silo

Juliette Nichols risked her life to stop Douglas Trumbull to save Patrick Kennedy’s life because she knew he was the only person that could give her reliable answers.

It is not clear why his wife hated Marnes so much, but it is not strange since he is a criminal as far as The Pact is concerned.

As for Juliette, she cannot get answers without examining relics, especially those that are strictly prohibited, and Kennedy knows how to get them since he is a black marketeer.

It is unclear whether Kennedy worked with George Wilkins before he was murdered, but he knows more about the relics than most Silo occupants.

Juliette was, therefore, smart to put him in her debt to ensure that he would cooperate with her when she came with questions.


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Kennedy doesn’t seem to care much for his safety because he keeps going against Judicial despite being declared a criminal.

As an outsider and a rebel, Kennedy is a reliable source of information because the higher-ups can’t compromise him.

Juliette and Kennedy are, therefore, partners, despite having very different motives for handling prohibited Silo relics.

Did Patrick Kennedy kill Marnes?

Deputy Marnes and Juliette Nichols in Silo

Patrick Kennedy fought with Marnes only because of their previous differences, but he didn’t kill him.

It is unclear what happened between Kennedy’s wife and Marnes, but it wasn’t bad enough for Kennedy to want to kill Marnes.

However, being a known black marketeer, Kennedy made an easy target for the people in Judicial to frame for the murder.


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Before throwing Trumbull down the staircase, Judge Sims told him that he had been sloppy with the assassinations of George Wilkins, Mayor Jahns, and Deputy Marnes.

The murders were therefore masterminded by Robert Sims and carried out by Douglas Trumbull.

There is no proof that Patrick Kennedy was directly involved in any of the murders in the show’s first season.

Patrick Kennedy is not a straightforward person either, so his true nature remains to be seen in the rest of the show.

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