Solo Leveling: Every Main Character’s Age, Birthday & Height

Solo Leveling: Every Main Character's Age, Birthday & Height

Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel series written by Chugong and published online at KakaoPage, before being published by D&C Media under its Papyrus publishing imprint. The series consists of 14 volumes and 270 chapters. A webtoon adaptation, illustrated by Dubu (Redice Studio), has been published on the KakaoPage website since March 4, 2018, in South Korea. Comprising 179 chapters, it was completed on December 29, 2021. An anime adaptation has been scheduled for a 2023 release and in honor of that, we have decided to tell you everything you need to know about the characters from the manga that are set to appear in the upcoming anime.

What we are about to tell you is a list of all the known Solo Leveling characters and their heights, ages, genders, and the voice actors behind the characters. The data we are going to use refers to the canon data we have from the video games, as the anime won’t be changing much, probably. Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

Sung JinwooE20-25UnknownUnknownThe Weakest Hunter of All Mankind
Shadow Monarch
Yoo JinhoDUnknownUnknownUnknownNone
Sung JinahN/A15-17UnknownUnknownNone
Park Kyung-HyeN/AUnknownUnknownUnknownNone
Lee JooheeBUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Cha Hae-InSc. 20UnknownUnknownThe Dancer
Sung Il-HwanSUnknownUnknownUnknownNone
Go GunheeS80+UnknownUnknownThe Sky Above The Skies
Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light
Thomas AndreSUnknownUnknownUnknownThe Goliath
Liu ZhigangSUnknownUnknownUnknownThe Hero of China
Christopher ReedSUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Goto RyujiSUnknownUnknownUnknownJapan’s Greatest Hunter
Hwang DongsooSUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Lennart NiermannSUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
AshbornN/AUnknownUnknownUnknownShadow Monarch
Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light
King of the Dead
AntaresN/AUnknownUnknownUnknownKing of Dragons
Monarch of Destruction
Baek YoonhoSUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Choi Jong-InSUnknownUnknownUnknownThe Ultimate Soldier
Song Chi-YulCUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown

Sung Jinwoo


Jinwoo is an E-rank Hunter, known as the “weakest” Hunter. Although a hunter, his physical abilities are barely superior to those of an ordinary person, and he ends up injured each time he participates in a dungeon. Despite everything, he continues his activity as a hunter in order to be able to take care of his sister and pay the hospitalization costs of his sick mother.

Following an incident during a double dungeon, he becomes a Player and obtains a system that gives access to various advantages similar to those of a video game character, such as quests, an inventory, or the ability to level up and get stronger with each level gained. It also later unlocks the shop.

Yoo Jinho


Jinwoo’s closest friend is a Korean D-rank hunter named Yoo Jinho. He comes from an extremely wealthy family and ends up becoming Jinwoo’s guild’s vice chairman after winning Jinwoo over with his unshakeable loyalty and dedication. Jinho also frequently wears extremely ostentatious and pricey armor, which functions as a big running joke in the series.

Sung Jinah


Sung Jinah is the protagonist’s younger sister. She has never been a Hunter like her brother and still goes to high school during the main part of the plot. She is between three and ten years younger than Jinwoo, but this has never been determined. Due to their parents’ fates, she was under the care of her older brother, which is why they are very close.

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Park Kyung-Hye


The mother of Jinwoo and Jinah is Park Kyung-Hye. She developed Eternal Slumber, the magically-induced disease that causes eternal sleep, four years before the main plot’s events, and shortly afterward she fell into a coma, leaving Jinwoo as the primary caretaker of the family. A rare potion Jinwoo developed while he was learning the technique, however, allowed him to heal and awaken her four years later.

Lee Joohee


One of Jinwoo’s old acquaintances from his time as an E-rank Hunter is Lee Joohee, a Korean B-rank hunter whose specialty is healing magic. She and Jinwoo both make it out of the Double Dungeon alive, but she is still in shock and eventually withdraws due to the emotional trauma she experienced. She is a very compassionate person.

Cha Hae-In


She is one of the ten South Korean S-rank Hunters, ranked 9th, and also the only female of the ten. She was the Vice President of the Hunters Guild before asking Jinwoo to join her guild. She possesses a rare skill that allows her to smell the scent of every Hunter’s mana, which she hates except for Jinwoo’s.

Sung Il-Hwan


He was the father of Jinwoo and Jinah, Kyung-Hye’s husband, and a former S-rank Korean Hunter. He abruptly vanished during a raid in a dungeon ten years before the main plot’s events, with his family believing that he had died. He finally exposed himself to be a vessel of the Rulers, one of seven humans whom the Rulers selected to serve as hosts.

However, around ten years later, he came back to the world of the humans to help his son in the upcoming war against the Monarchs. Even though Il-Hwan’s request was finally successful, he died in his son’s arms after using more strength than his body could manage in his final conflict with the Monarchs.

Go Gunhee


He was an S-rank Korean Hunter and the leader of the organization in charge of regulating all guilds, portals, and hunters operating in Korea, the Korean Hunters Association. Although ultimately discovered to be a vessel of the Rulers, it had a number of health problems because of its ancient age, which prevented it from exercising its powers to its fullest extent. Ultimately, the Monarchs murdered him during a battle.

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Thomas Andre


Thomas Andre is one of the top five hunters in the world and America’s strongest hunter. Because of his enormous size and powerful physique, he is likewise a vessel for the monarch and is known as Goliath. Later, after Jinwoo defeats him in combat, he befriends him and gives him Kamish’s Wrath, the most potent magical weapon in existence.

Liu Zhigang


The second-ranked hunter in the world, Liu Zhigang, is one of the five national-level hunters and the most powerful Hunter from China. He is also a representative of the Rulers, and up until Jinwoo overtook him as the most powerful hunter in Asia. He first meets Jinwoo during the yearly guild convention, and they subsequently become friends.

Christopher Reed


Christopher Reed is one of the strongest hunters in the United States, ranking third in the world. Unfortunately in both the novels and the manga you couldn’t see his full power of him as he died in an offscreen scene. In fact, he was the first of the seven vessels to be murdered by the Monarch, which is why his story was cut so short.

Goto Ryuji


The most formidable hunter in Japan was Goto Ryuji. Goto was exceedingly self-centered and had a very vile contempt for human life, which is especially ironic since he was a little fish in comparison to the national-level hunters. His arrogance eventually cost him his own life when, during an assault on the S rank gate on Jeju Island, a strong creature known as the Ant King murdered him in one swift motion.

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Hwang Dongsoo


A Korean-American S-rank hunter named Hwang Dongsoo made an effort to kill Jinwoo after finding that Jinwoo was to blame for the passing of his older brother. Jinwoo made the terrible error of kidnapping and cruelly torturing Jinho in an effort to learn more about the circumstances behind the murder of his brother, and he was ultimately slain by Jinwoo himself. He was one of Jinwoo’s shadow troops after he passed away.

Lennart Niermann


The best hunter in Germany and the 12th best in the world is Lennart Niermann. Lennart, despite being the greatest in his native land, is not overly haughty and is a very responsible and reliable person, as evidenced by his willingness to offer himself up as bait to prevent Thomas from being slain by the Monarchs.



Ashborn is the ruler of shadows and the king of the dead. In addition, he is the most powerful dictator and the biggest sliver of brilliant light. After spending ages fighting in the conflict between rulers and monarchs, Ashborn grew tired of the constant carnage.

As a result, he eventually decided to accept Jinwoo as his host in an effort to put an end to the violence once and for all. Later, when the Monarchs kill Jinwoo, Ashborn personally shows up to rescue him and then provides him with a thorough account of his background. Ashborn enters an eternal sleep after giving Jinwoo all of his remaining abilities and reviving him. This enables Jinwoo to succeed Ashborn as the shadow king.



The ruler of destruction and the king of dragons was Antares. On top of that, he was likewise the last and strongest king in Solo Leveling. Jinwoo murdered three previous monarchs before Antares attacked Earth to entice him out and kill him. He put out a valiant attempt, but ultimately his mission was unsuccessful, and the rulers slaughtered him.

Baek Yoonho


He is the leader of the White Tiger Guild. He is one of ten South Korean S-rank Hunters. He has the ability to transform into a beast. He was a very ambitious and serious man.

Choi Jong-In


Master of the Hunter Guild. He is one of ten South Korean S-rank fighters. He is nicknamed “The Ultimate Weapon”, due to his extraordinary destructive force. He is an exceptionally skilled Hunter.

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Song Chi-Yul


C-rank hunter, master of swordsmanship, and master of Cha Haein one of the ten S-ranks. He was a user of fire magic and was kumdo teacher. He was, likewise, a survivor of the Double Dungeon incident. Privately, he was a very sarcastic man, but he also had a very strong sense of duty. Due to his exceptional skills and experience, he rarely had any trouble in the field while he was active. He also had exceptional durability, which was surprising for a man of his stature.

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