Solo Leveling: What Is the “Double Awakening”? Is It Different Than “Reawakening”?

Solo Leveling: What Is the "Double Awakening"? Is It Different than Reawakening?

Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel series that has recently seen an anime adaptation. Arguably the most popular manhwa in the world, Solo Leveling is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially in light of the fact that the anime adaptation is truly great. While we’re enjoying the episodes, we have decided to cover the series as we usually do, and this article is going to be about the concept known as the “Double Awakening,” which is also called “Reawakening,” based on the translation. In this article, we are going to explain what it actually is and why it is so important.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • “Double Awakening” or “Reawakening” is a concept where a Hunter who has already awakened awakes once again and suddenly rises in rank, becoming significantly more powerful than he was.
  • A “Double Awakening” is very rare, but it can happen, after which a C-Rank can become an A-Rank, or a B-Rank can immediately become an S-Rank. The inspectors suspected Sung of having gone through one in the Temple.
  • Sung Jinwoo did go through a “Double Awakening”, but it was a more subtle one dictated by the System, so the inspectors couldn’t detect it immediately as he was still seemingly weak.

“Double Awakening” or “Reawakening” is rare, but it can happen in the series

Each Hunter was “born” through a process called “Awakening.” This is a process through which a Hunter gains their basic level of power and activates their skills and abilities. After that, they go through a process of evolution, rising through the ranks and becoming more powerful. And that is how it usually goes, but there is another process. It is quite rare, but it can happen, and when it does, it usually means that a Hunter will become even more powerful, which generally alerts the Guild, as they will need to monitor a new powerhouse character. So, what is it?

Well, it is the so-called “Double Awakening” or “Reawakening,” as some translations call it. As far as we managed to understand, the different terms are a matter of translation, and both can be used interchangeably without any problems. Now that we have explained this – what is the process exactly?

As we have said, a “Double Awakening” or “Reawakening” is a rare occurrence when a Hunter who has already awakened awakens once again. This means that they gain another significant power boost, which usually increases their power and Rank significantly. As was explained in the series, a Hunter who goes through a “Double Awakening” or “Reawakening” can quickly jump from being a C-Rank to an A-Rank Hunter or a B-Rank to an S-Rank. The measurements are made via a special device that measures one’s power level; this is how it is confirmed whether a “Double Awakening” or “Reawakening” has taken place or not.


Solo Leveling: What Is the Instant Dungeon & How Did Sung Jinwoo Survive It?

Did Sun Jinwoo go through a “Double Awakening”?

Well, he technically did, but it was a more subtle process than usual. Namely, after the incident inside the Cartenon Temple, Sung Jinwoo was healed and taken to the hospital, where he slept for three days; his limbs were back to normal, and his injuries were healed. On top of that, when the investigators came, the Temple was gone, and all they found was Sung Jinwoo on the Altar. The testimonies of the surviving Hunters were so coordinated, though, that the investigators were confused: nothing they spoke about was there, but every testimony was exactly the same.

They suspected that a “Double Awakening” might have happened, as the only way to explain Sung Jinwoo’s survival along with the disappearance of the Cartenon Temple was that Sung had gone through the process and was now an A-Rank or an S-Rank. So, they came to his room, explained the process to him, and measured his power, but his level was 10, which was lower than even the weakest E-Ranks, whose level was at least 70. They then left, claiming that they had made a mistake. But they were wrong.

Namely, Sung Jinwoo had become a Player of the System, and his “Reawakening” was far more subtle. The System recognized him and forced him to become stronger; he had to do a series of tasks and even clear the Instant Dungeon in order to avoid being sent back to the Penalty Zone. So yes, Sung Jinwoo went through a “Double Awakening”, but it was far more subtle and it wasn’t an instant process like usual, but rather something he had to work on to become the S-Rank Hunter he would become.

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