‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Schedule: Episode 8 Release Date & Time

Special Ops Lioness Release Schedule Episodes 1 2 Release Date Time

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‘Special Ops: Lioness’ is a spy thriller TV series by Taylor Sheridan, premiering on Paramount+ on July 23, 2023. The show follows Joe (Saldaña), a female Marine assigned to befriend the daughter of a suspected terrorist under CIA surveillance. 

Inspired by a real US Military program, Joe’s life is presented as she navigates the challenges of balancing her personal and professional life while operating as the CIA’s frontline agent in the war on terror. The Lioness Program, led by Kaitlyn Meade (Kidman) and Donald Westfield (Kelly), enlists the help of aMarine Raider named Cruz (De Oliveira) to work undercover alongside Joe in the CIA’s efforts to prevent another 9/11 attack. Now that you know what the series will be about, it’s time to review the whole release schedule.

‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episodes 8 Release Date

Episode 8 of ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ will be released on September 3, 2023. Following the release of the first two episodes, additional episodes will be released weekly every Sunday night. The title of the 8th episode is “Gone Is the Illusion of Order.” As for the time when ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ will air across all timezones, the release schedule is as follows:

  • Pacific Time (PT) – 12:00 a.m
  • Central Time (CT) – 02:00 a.m
  • Eastern Time (ET) – 03:00 a.m
  • United Kingdom (GMT) – 07:00 a.m 
  • Central Europe (CET) – 08:00 a.m


Paramount Releases the First Teaser for Taylor Sheridan’s New Show ‘Special Ops: Lioness’

How many episodes will ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Have? 

‘Special Ops: Lioness’ will have eight episodes in total. With the first two episodes arriving on July 23, we can expect the finale to drop on September 3, 2023. The following is an entire release schedule for the entire season. 

  1. ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 1 – “Sacrificial Soldiers,” July 23, 2023
  2. ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 2 – “The Beating,” July 23, 2023
  3. ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 3 – “Bruise Like A Fist,” July 30, 2023
  4. ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 4 – “The Choice of Failure,” August 6, 2023
  5. ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 5 – “Truth is the Shrewdest Lie,” August 13, 2023
  6. ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 6 – “The Lie is the Truth,” August 20, 2023
  7. ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 7 – “Wish The Fight Away,” August 27, 2023
  8. ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 8 – “Gone is the Illusion of Order,” September 3, 2023

Where to Watch ‘Special Ops: Lioness’? 

You can watch ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ on Paramount+. It’s an original series and one of the most anticipated shows in July overall. The cheapest membership for Paramount+ stands at $5.99 a month, and subscription options are available out of the US as well. The premium plan without ads stands at $11.99 monthly.  

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