Spigot vs. Bukkit vs. Craftbukkit: Which Minecraft Software Is Better?

Spigot vs Craftbukkit vs Bukkit: Which Minecraft Software Is Better For You?

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Minecraft has tons of useful plugins that you can add to your game. These plugins give many extraordinary features to your game. To add these plugins, you will need server software. Minecraft server software is best for various reasons. Minecraft servers let you add plugins to your game and make you able to increase the efficiency of your game. But, what are the Minecraft softwares, and which one is the best among all, Craftbukkit, Spigot, or Bukkit?

Unlike other softwares, Spigot is the most stable Minecraft server. Spigot is highly stable, configurable, and consists of several useful plugins. Craftbukkit helps you solve many problems that you usually face in the original version of Minecraft Vanilla. Bukkit is an open-source and free server software in Minecraft. All are useful, but you will find spigot the most helpful server software in Minecraft when you compare them all.

Spigot, Craftbukkit, and Bukkit are Minecraft software that is different from each other. Each software in Minecraft has its characteristics and limiting factors. But spigot is superior to others such as Bukkit and Craftbukkit. This article consists of all the essential information regarding the best Minecraft software. If you think that this would be the only benefit you will get from this article, you need to reconsider. Let’s learn about the best Minecraft software in detail.

Is Spigot And Bukkit The Same?

Spigot and Bukkit are the Minecraft software servers that help you add many useful plugins (extensions) to your game. Both are helpful to optimize your game. You can say that both the servers are the same because of their functions and services in Minecraft. 

What’s The Difference Between Spigot, Craftbukkit, And Bukkit?

Spigot vs Craftbukkit vs Bukkit: Which Minecraft Software Is Better For You?

Spigot, Craftbukkit, and Bukkit are the best Minecraft server softwares. But all of this Minecraft server software vary in a few aspects. The basic difference among them is as follows:


Spigot is the most suitable server to optimize your gameplay. Spigot is an improvement in the Minecraft Craftbukkit server. Spigot is one of the most popular server software used in Minecraft. Spigot software servers come with the following elements:

  • Enhanced optimization is the key element of Spigot servers in Minecraft. 
  • You will be able to get plenty of plugins in the spigot. It would be up to you to choose from the plugins for your Minecraft game. 
  • Spigot is highly configurable in Minecraft. 


Craftbukkit is the best modification to the Minecraft Vanilla server. Craftbukkit offers many useful features to Minecraft players. A few of them are as follows:

  • Craftbukkit has high optimization than the original Minecraft Vanilla server. 
  • Craftbukkit runs better in Minecraft when compared with the other servers. 
  • Chunk loading and loading of different plugins are the main characteristics of Craftbukkit. 
  • You will be able to fix any errors that you usually face in the Minecraft Vanilla server. 


Bukkit is a Minecraft API (Application Programming Interface). Minecraft Bukkit is the best way to extend the multiplayer server in Minecraft. What are the defining features of Minecraft Bukkit?

  • Bukkit is open-source software in Minecraft. 
  • Minecraft Bukkit allows easy access to Minecraft players. 
  • The ultimate aim behind this software is to solve Minecraft servers’ problems and make them more powerful than earlier. 
  • The thing that makes Bukkit great is its ability to add many valuable and updated plugins to your Minecraft gameplay. 
  • You will be able to add customization and optimization features to your game as well. 
  • Minecraft Bukkit uses a variety of plugins for the addition of their codes to their gameplay. 
  • Bukkit has many new plugins such as World Edit, MCMMO, and Essentials.


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Can You Change From Spigot To Craftbukkit or Bukkit And Vice Versa?

You can change from one server software to other in the Minecraft game. It would be quite possible for you to make these changes for the improvement of your game. But you will need to cater to a few aspects in this regard. Here, I will enlist those pre-requisites.

Make sure that both the servers are compatible with each other—the server you want to change and the server you want to add to your game. 

How To Change Between Spigot, Craftbukkit, And Bukkit?

Spigot vs Craftbukkit vs Bukkit: Which Minecraft Software Is Better For You?

Changing one server software to another is quite possible in Minecraft games. You can change from a spigot to Craftbukkit or Bukkit by the following guide:

  • First, you will launch the server that you want to change. 
  • Change it with an equal and same Minecraft vanilla version. 
  • Make sure that it contains a UUID conversion id. 
  • Install the server that you want to add. 
  • You can do it manually or by using a Minecraft host’s control panel. 
  • Now, switch to that server that you want for your game. 
  • Here you go. You have successfully changed to your favorite Minecraft server software. 
  • You can use this method to change from a spigot to Craftbukkit or Bukkit and vice versa. 


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Spigot vs Craftbukkit vs Bukkit: Which One Is Better For You?

Minecraft plugins are the best things that add valuable features to your games. Plugins are the extensions to your Minecraft server. Various Minecraft servers and softwares add plugins to your game. Here, I will compare the three best server softwares in Minecraft.

Spigot vs Craftbukkit 

Spigot is much better than Craftbukkit as spigot consists of many useful optimization features. When you compare spigot with Craftbukkit, you will find Spigot more reliable and highly optimized.  

Spigot vs Bukkit 

The race between spigot and Bukkit ends with the conclusion that spigot is much better than the Bukkit server. Both servers add plugins to your game that offers you a wide variety. But spigot is more popular and demanding among Minecraft players. Spigot is much faster to run than the Minecraft Bukkit. 

Craftbukkit vs Bukkit 

Craftbukkit and Bukkit have no comparison at all as both are modifications of the Minecraft Vanilla. Both servers use plugins for the improvement of the Minecraft game.

Bottom line

All the Minecraft server softwares mentioned above are suitable to use, but for different reasons. But when it comes to choosing the best out of them, you will go for the Minecraft Spigot server software. Spigot is the best because you will find endless possibilities here to improve your game.

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