25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Minecraft survival mode is always a thrill to play regardless of how little people actually play it. Whilst most players opt for the Multiplayer or Creative mode, others still enjoy the challenge that a survival/Hardcore mode has to offer. Although the mode itself is challenging enough, what if you could crank up the difficulty even more with some interesting and challenging seeds?

Well, that can be arranged by making use of the Island seeds on this list. Survival Island seeds bring their version of uniqueness to the game, and players get to finally experience what it feels like to be cast away on a remote island. I will be showing you a detailed list of the best Island seeds for Minecraft, so just keep reading if you want to know more.

Best Minecraft Island Seeds

If you are looking to experience that Robinson Crusoe feels in Minecraft then you should try a couple of these Island seeds in your next survival mode. Although some of them work only on the latest version of Minecraft which is 1.1.8 you can still try them out to see if it works on the older versions, plus I will also do my best not to spoil the adventure for you by releasing crucial locations. So without much delay, here are 25 of the best Island seeds in Minecraft.

#1 Jungle Eclipse

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

This interesting seed spawns you in a jungle surrounded by nothing but clear waters. It is perfect for a vacation site but if you want to explore other biomes, you can travel a few hundred blocks west or east of the jungle. This seed reminds me of those old cartoons where the characters get stuck on a small island with nothing but a coconut tree, classic.

Seed Code: 2038737658577796220

#2 Rock and Water

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

The Rock and Water seed spawn you on a Large Island connected to several other islands. If you’re new to Minecraft or the island biomes, then give this seed a try. It has very useful content that can last for weeks and it is not that far from the mainland.

Interestingly, you can use the high mountains to take awesome screenshots of the environment which includes 2 villages and an ocean monument.

Seed Code: 3969420520284585470

#3 Hawaii

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Are you looking for the right seed to have a vacation in? Do you just wanna sit back, relax and have a good time? Well, then the Hawaii seed is the one for you.

Although this seed is an imperfect representation of the original, it does still look pretty close at least by Minecraft’s standards. There is a village near the spawn area, an ocean monument, and some treasures to search for, perfect for new players.

Seed Code: -1863639429

#4 Survivor’s Delight

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

If you wanna experience life on the sea, with part of the island as a beautiful beach and the other being a place to build a home, then give this seed a try. Hence the name “Survivor’s Delight”.

Seed Code: -413557441

#5 Bamboo Island

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Do you wanna spend more time growing a panda family? Then this seed is perfect for such a fantasy. You spawn into a small Bamboo island, complete with a bunch of Pandas to keep you company. There are also some trees and useful equipment so that you won’t feel empty-handed.

Seed Code: 6622662217031624373

#6 The Mushroom Island Portal

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

This island seed is half Birch Forest and Half Mushroom Island. But the most important aspect of it is that it comes equipped with a completed 12 Eye Portal inside a Stronghold. So if you just wanna hope right into battle with the Enderdragon then give this seed a try.

Seed Code: 6116606995777965047

#7 Frozen Mushroom Island

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

This is an Ice cold seed surrounded by nothing but the Frozen Tundra and the rare Mushroom Biome. Trees are very rare so make sure you pack enough saplings as you start your adventure.

Seed Code: -2109507520

#8 Gulla Gulla Island

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

This seed was beautifully designed for survival mode both for new players and veterans who just want a peaceful world. The Island is well protected with a bunch of hallowed mountains, a lava source, and a Savannah village just at the edge of the island.

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Seed Code: 339777425

#9 Large Island and Village

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

This seed is another great addition for new Minecraft players. It has a Large Island and village both filled with valuable items. While others features include, Multiple biomes, a cave, and a small ocean around it.

Seed Code: 1007380239

#10 Mushroom Island and Ocean Ruins

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

If you need a haven from the dangers of Minecraft, then this seed is perfect for you. Why? Because mobs rarely spawn on Mushroom Islands. So hop into this seed and live a carefree life, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the ocean monuments and sunken ships.

Seed Code: 817635968

#11 Extreme Hills Island

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Exactly how long do you think you’ll last before your first death in a world full of fall damage? Use this seed and you can find out. There are also some useful starting and crafting items on the coast, so don’t worry about that, just watch your steps.

Seed Code: 171182221

#12 Large Starting Island

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

This seed starts you on a Large starting Island with a lot of possibilities for what you can build, the choice is yours. For example, you can start a fishing village or a forest, or even a mushroom island, if you can think of it then you can build it. Just gather some wood or crafting material and show everyone just how creative you are.

Seed Code: 298567655

#13 Seaside Savanna

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Who can say no to a lifestyle on a beach house surrounded by the ocean and the green Savanna grasses? This seed gives you everything you need from the ponds, wildlife, and villages, there is enough content to make you wanna stay forever. But if you’re the adventurous type, then grab yourself a boat and explore the beauty of the ocean.

Seed Code: 1541555765

#14 Mushroom Island

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Mushroom seeds are great and unique for several reasons which are why they are so rare. So don’t blame me for having a lot of this seed on my list. This seed is ideal for players who want to start in a peaceful world free of dangerous mobs.

This seed spawns you in the middle of the ocean, which is where mushroom islands are usually found. Thanks to this seed, players get to enjoy the infinite ocean resources, other surrounding biomes like the extreme hills, Mesa, etc. There is also a continent attached to the side of this island just waiting to be used.

Seed Code: 1675222121

#15 Archipelago

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Do you love making your world on an Island? Then this map pushes the boundaries of that stereotype by not just giving you a suitable location, but also a challenging experience. It is the perfect definition of a real-life Island survival experience mixed with some adventures in-between.

The spawn island has a lot of trees for crafting, and the surrounding waters also have several other Islands waiting to be explored. So if you’re a man of the sea, then give this seed a try.

Seed Code: 1994462800

#16 A Town of Pirates

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Argh, do ye seek the adventurous life of a pirate? Then check out this seed lad. Ye start in a giant Island, just teeming with caves and coves, perfect for me hideout. Did ye think that was all this seed had to offer?

Thanks to those hideouts, us pirates can live a free life, from the outside world. There is also a little village in the outskirts for us to either trade with or plunder for booty. Yo ho ho and a pirate’s life for me.

Seed Code: 1137027184

#17 Smallest Island Seed with 2 Shipwrecks

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

This seed is perhaps one of Minecraft’s cruelest jokes at least to speedrunners. Players spawn on probably the smallest Island ever, which is 6 blocks in size. Four of those blocks are gravel, and right next to it, are 3 more blocks made of sand which makes up a second tiny Island.

The best course of action on this seed is to navigate the world by boat at least for the starting area. However, the seed isn’t all cruel, because there is a sunken ship nearby that comes in clutch for the players in this world. The shipwreck has about 3 loot chests each with some enchanted items and a treasure map.

There is also a second shipwreck close to a nearby mountain island. It also has 3 loot chests and a buried treasure map, and a couple of useful items. So if you just want to give yourself a challenging ocean experience for no good reason, then give this seed a try.

Seed Code: 3563281288540707748

#18 Desert Temple and Village Island

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

This seed is a combination of the desert and Badlands biomes, all of which houses a large village. The village is protected by an iron golem, and it also has some Mansons in it. However, it doesn’t have farmers which aren’t all that great but not completely terrible.

Each house has a crafting table in it so there’s that. Also not far away from this village, underneath the Badlands, you’ll find a big Mineshaft. You can reach this Mineshaft by digging near the island, I also advise you to go through the Badlands so that you don’t work through the waters.

Seed Code: 7777777782414476847

#19 Forest Island Next to Huge Mushroom Island

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Just as the name implies, this seed is equipped with a Forest Island which is right next to a big Mushroom Island. The player spawns on a smaller island close to these other landmarks, but the island also has a lot of useful materials for the player. However, there are no real food plants or animals on the forest island which is kind of sad, but the Mushroom island acts as a cover-up for that mishap.

Meanwhile, there is also a network of caves just below the mushroom island, and players can explore these caves for useful ores which can be crafted into other items in the game. There is a Mineshaft just below the spawn island which is also another source of useful loot to help you start up your new survival world.

Seed Code: -4728820744748531090

#20 Floating Islands Minecraft Seed

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

Do you want a cool world with multiple useful and unique features? Then the Floating Islands seed is for you. Just as the name implies, the island’s all float around an awesome savanna village. Players spawn underneath a floating island that has some villagers’ houses on it, there are also some mobs nearby to welcome you into the new world because the spawn area has low light in it even during the day.

Players can also find useful items inside this village, like a chest containing 19 Obsidian, so right off the mark you already have a Nether Portal. If you explore the other houses on the non-floating landscape, you’ll see that the majority of them have a chest, while one of them even has a crafting table. The village also has an Iron Golem, a cleric, some farmers, and a cartographer, so you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of items.

This village also comes equipped with multiple ravines, caves, lava, and underwater sources. So what are you waiting for? Give this seed a try. 

Seed Code: 3200248607299056939

#21 Stranded in Ice Minecraft Island Seed

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

If you wanna talk about a world straight out of a fictional movie then the Stranded in Ice Seed is the ideal candidate for that title. Players spawn on a stranded tiny piece of forest Island, all of which is surrounded by nothing but I’ve structures. However, if you keep traveling in one direction, you can find other biomes.

This seed is also an iconic seed for quite a lot of reasons. You can start by gathering some wood in the spawn point or the cold ruin near it. Players also spawn with an enchanted fishing rod which makes sure you don’t run out of food. 

There is also a shipwreck near the spawn point with a buried treasure map underneath, and a Ravines in case you need to go mining. This seed is ideal for content creators or players that really wanna have fun in their world.

Seed Code: -452616212506859587

#22 Island near 4 Ocean Monuments

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

One of the rarest things/environments to find in Minecraft has to be the ocean monuments. But this seed offers us not one, not two, but four Ocean monuments all within the vicinity of a small forest island. As if that wasn’t enough, this seed also has the rarest sunken/shipwreck a player can find, “A complete ship” with all its components intact.

There are also 3 more sunken ships in this seed, exploring further you will find a ruined portal close to one of those monuments. This seed practically over prepares you for the horrors in Minecraft, by giving you all the loot you need early on. Don’t forget to use the treasure maps though, leave no stones unturned.

Seed Code: 7223734528149163847

#23 Hypixel SMP Spawn Island Seed

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

If you belong to any Minecraft discord server, then I’m pretty sure you must have heard of this seed before. Just in case you haven’t, the Hypixel SMP is a popular online Minecraft server that is owned by the Hypixel team. From this seed, players get a small good looking Island complete with a lot of animals.

If you dig straight down from your spawn location, then you’ll land at the entrance of a Mineshaft. Don’t have any tools for digging? Don’t worry, just grab some enchanted tools from a ruined portal near the island. If you had fun exploring the Mineshaft, then check out the ocean monument close to the island.

Seed Code: 2000635463

#24 Huge Mushroom Island Seed with 7+ Biomes

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

You first spawn on a giant Mushroom island, but as you explore the world, even more, you start to discover even more biomes around it. From Jungle to swamp, and from Savanna to desert, this seed is jam-packed with a lot of biomes just as the name implies. This seed is of course not for the faint of heart, so if you aren’t ready for the rapid environmental change then go check out another seed.

If you are looking for a quick start-up in items, then you should check out the 3 cold ruins and 3 sunken ships/shipwrecks all located near the spawn Island. They offer good loot and some treasure maps for a suitable side quest. Ideally, only get this seed if you want to connect more with multiple biomes in Minecraft.

Seed Code: 245886274294273

#25 End Portal Island Seed

25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds (2021)

This is yet another Island seed complete with an end portal for those who dare challenge the Enderdragon early on in the game. Just dig below the water line and you’ll find the stronghold housing the End portal.

Seed Code: 93819220