25 Best Minecraft Island Seeds To Check Out in 2023

best minecraft island seeds

In the past we’ve prepared for you a list of lucky seeds, diamond seeds as well as the best cottagecore seeds around, Now it’s time to cover something more versatile. Islands. No matter what you’re preference is, I’m sure we’ve got you covered. Our list is made up of frozen islands situated in the middle of nowhere, abandoned and deserted islands, as well as islands buried deep in the heart of the swamp. So why don’t you take a look, maybe you find your next home on this list. Let’s check out our list of the best island seeds in Minecraft.

1. Flower Forest Island 

Flower Forest Island

Seed: -3870882946413947434 

Biomes: plains, river, flower forest

We start off our list of best Minecraft Island seeds with this smallish flower forest island. What makes this island stand out is the fact that it is situated between plains. I guess it’s technically a river island then. Anyhow, if you decide to make this island your home you’re going to have access to bees, a nearby village, and a ruined portal also situated nearby. There are plenty of mineshafts as well in your vicinity and if you decide to go further west you’re eventually going to come across Ancient City. 

2. Swamp Island 

Swamp Island

Seed: -3379903881648983323 

Biomes: swamp, forest, plains 

If you plan on making a witch hut, I recommend using this swamp island seed. It’s perfect if you’re looking for that haunted swamp aesthetics and there are plenty of notable locations as well as resources around. Nearby, you’re going to find a ruined portal visible in this screenshot, plenty of fossils, and mineshafts, If you by any chance decide to wander a little bit farther to the east you’re eventually going to discover a beach filled with buried treasures and as well as two shipwrecks. 

3. Snowy Taiga Island 

Snowy Taiga Island

Seed: 4840958931951717707 

Biomes: frozen river, river, snowy taiga 

Not all islands need to be tropical, our next seed is proof of that. This island is situated in the middle of the frozen river. It’s completely covered in evergreen forest but don’t let that discourage you. Nearby, you’re going to find plenty of mineshafts and a single ocean ruin. Unfortunately, this taiga wilderness is so isolated you’re going to have to cross a big chunk of the deep cold ocean until you reach the closest village!

4. Stony Shore Island 

Stony shore island

Seed: 7408072077886738805

Biomes: stony shore, grove, taiga, frozen ocean 

This seed can only be described as a land of ice and fire. This seemingly unhospitable island is set in the middle of a frozen ocean and surrounded by nothing but resources. There’s a pool of lava situated near the shore overlooking the icebergs. When it comes to places of interest, there’s an ocean ruin nearby as well as a few shipwrecks. Unfortunately, just like with our last frozen seed, you’re going to have to wander pretty far until you come across a village. 

5. Jungle Island 

Jungle Island

Seed: -2070781616296473925

Biomes: river, jungle, 

This river island is situated in the middle of a jungle. Your next-door neighbors are pandas and well, that’s pretty much it. If you decide to make this island your new home, there’s really not much to do around. You do have one jungle temple nearby as well as a couple of amethyst veins. If you decide to break through the jungle and visit the nearby savana you’re going to find a single village. How inconvenient. 


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6. Barren Island 

Barren Island

Seed: 3838830445171153728 

Biomes: Beach, plains, ocean 

This seemingly barren island looks like an ordinary speck of dirt in the middle of nowhere. That makes it perfect for deserted island survival roleplay. Even though it looks pretty much unimpressive this island has much to offer nearby. There’s a single shipwreck peeking out of the water, and there are plenty of amethyst geodes nearby as well as plenty of mineshafts. To reach civilization though, you’re going to have to venture further north. 

7. Old Birch Island 

Old Birch Island

Seed: -8234578679823844237

Biome: swamp, plains, old-growth birch forest, forest

Our next island is surrounded by a swamp and inhabited by plenty of animals such as pigs and horses. At least you know you have plenty of animal resources around. What’s neat about this swamp island is the fact that it comes with a pre-made arena. A perfectly naturally formed circular area. One side of the island is covered in a plain old forest, while the other side is covered with old-growth birch forest that has sort of a haunted look. When it comes to resources, the area is rich with mineshafts. There’s also a witch hut and a ruined portal not far from where you spawn. 

8. Hollow Island 

Hollow Island

Seed: -406272837565589926

Biome: taiga, beech, forest, river 

I named this island “hollow” because it has a giant hole on its side leading to its depths. I’ve checked out the tunnel leading underneath the island’s surface and it’s filled with nasty creatures – but also resources. This island is a real score when it comes to amethyst ores. Other than that there’s a single ocean ruin nearby as well a couple of mineshafts and ravines. 

9. Old spruce Island 

old spruce island

Seed: 5159061350103682597

Biome: mushroom forest, old-growth spruce forest, river

This next river island is surrounded by mushroom forests and has a big old-growth spruce forest. It’s a perfect setting for fantasy roleplay. If you decide to venture farther, you’re going to find one shipwreck nearby as well as a couple of amethyst veins. When it comes to civilization, to trade with villagers you’re going to have to further up north until you reach the nearby savanna biome. 

10. Desert Island 

Desert Island

Seed: 4899937845145947447

Biome: desert, warm ocean 

This next island seed places you on a desert island situated in the middle of a warm ocean. You’re surrounded by coral reefs and that’s pretty much it. Even though the area does not look like much it’s rich in fossils, amethysts, and various ore veins. Even though the area looks a bit unhospitable, there’s a village nearby farther to the west. 


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11. Stony Forest Island 

Stony Forest Island

Seed: -8190190237471333699

Biome: frozen ocean, snowy taiga, stony shore

It’s been some time since we had an island placed in the middle of a cold inhospitable climate. This island is placed in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by icebergs and igloos. Resource-wise, it has a few places of interest like a ruined portal, shipwreck, ocean ruin, and a village to trade with. Although the area is not rich in amethyst, there are plenty of other ores, and resources around. 

12. Bamboo Island 

Bamboo Island

Seed: 138880571451714774

Biome: bamboo jungle, river, beach, lukewarm ocean, sparse jungle 

This next island is filled with bamboo and surrounded by a sparse jungle. This means that pandas can’t be far. Even though pandas are an obvious plus if you decide to make this place you’re home don’t get excited over resources since there’s not much around. There are a few amethyst geodes and a few mineshafts but that’s pretty much it. If you want to trade you’re going to have to go deep south until you reach the meadow biome. While you’re making your way to the village make sure to stop by the nearby Ancient City, it’s down south as well. 

13. Treasure Hunter’s Island 

Lukewarm ocean island

Seed: -7065931185616045991

Biomes: Plains, jungle, lukewarm ocean, beach, forest

This island has everything, it has a bit of jungle, a bit of plains, a bit of lava, a beach to relax on, horses a ruined portal and it’s surrounded by a lukewarm ocean. There’s also a visible ravine and a shipwreck if you’re up to some treasure hunting. This island is perfect for treasure hunters since it’s surrounded by treasure chests, ocean ruins, and shipwrecks on all sides. If you’re up to some trading, you’re going to have to travel up north until you come across a savanna village. 

14. Already Taken Island 

Already taken island

Seed: -7673728989828460305

Biome: Savana, river, desert 

Like the name says this island is already inhabited by villagers, which makes it even cooler. As you can see from the photo above they’ve created quite the resort here filled with animals, and farms oh and there’s also a ruined portal nearby. This place is surrounded by other villages and a few pillager’s outposts, so prepare for regular raids if you decide to make this island your home. When it comes to resources, there are plenty of amethysts, fossils, and mineshafts around. It’s a pretty rich area with a fertile plain. Perfect for a farm. 

15. Cliffside Island 

Cliffside Island

Seed: 5834529665988435965

Biome: dark forest, ocean, beach, swamp

There’s a lot going on on this island. It’s filled with mushrooms, waterfalls, and lavafalls and it’s surrounded by a swamp on one side. This is truly a nice and beautiful place to call home. It’s rich in amethyst geodes as well. For everything else, you’re going to have to venture somewhere else, since, besides a few ravines and a single ocean ruins, there’s pretty much nothing else around here. There’s no civilization nearby as well, you’re going to have to travel far to reach a single nearby village. 


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16. Dark Forest Island 

Dark Forest Island

Seed: 7241977687290153546

Biome: old-growth spruce forest, river 

And I’m back with the river islands. Our next spot is surrounded by old-growth spruce forest which gives it kind of a dark vibe. The area is filled with ravines, and a few amethyst geodes, and when you reach the nearby beach, there’s an ocean ruin waiting to be plundered. If you decide to make this river island your home, I need to inform you that you are really really far from civilization as you will have to travel far to the closes taiga biome until you come across a single village.

17. Stone Jungle Island 

Stony Jungle island

Seed: 2445633518958798533

Biome: stony shore, bamboo jungle, lukewarm ocean 

Our next seed is perfect for treasure hunters since this bizarre little island is surrounded by a lukewarm ocean filled with shipwrecks and ocean ruins. One side of the island is covered in small remnants of a jungle while another side is completely inhospitable. There’s even a small village located in the nearby badlands biome. You’ve got everything you need to start your own estate, funded by plundering long-forgotten ocean treasures. 

18. Badlands Island 

Badlands island

Seed: -6428060563412817975

Biome: river, eroded badlands 

Just to change the scenery a little, I’m presenting you with this Badlands island. As you can see this small island is a perfect place to build a fortified fortress, it has sinister jagged peaks and everything. There’s a single ravine nearby and a few amethysts geodes, besides that there’s literally nothing else. To reach a single ruined portal, you’re going to have to travel farther west until you reach almost the edge of the badlands. Civilization, mineshafts, and the rest of the valuable points of interest are even farther west, situated in the various forest biomes. 

19. Snowy Plains Island

snowy plains island

Seed: 4419775871458446239

Biome: snowy plains, frozen ocean, windswept hills

This next seed is a group of islands situated in the middle of the frozen ocean, you spawn right next to the village overlooked by a majestic mountain. When it comes to exploration, there are plenty of mineshafts to explore, a single ruined temple nearby as well as a couple of treasure chests once you reach the beach overlooking the ocean. The area is rich in amethyst geodes as well as other ores. Plenty of ravines around so be prepared to get jumped by a skeleton or two. 


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20. Cold Ocean Island 

Cold ocean island

Seed: -3795557079766833620

Biome: taiga, forest, cold ocean, stony shore

Number 20 on our list of best island seeds is this rather large cold ocean island. The most striking feature of this island is the various small lakes dotting its surface of it as well as its stony shore. This island is surrounded by cold oceans, mineshafts, and various resource-rich spots. The nearby village is not as close as I would like, it’s in the nearby taiga biome and you’re going to have to cover a pretty large area to reach it. 

21. Savana Island

savanna island

Seed: -5911870814066574510
Biome: river, plains, savanna

Our next seed is a perfect location for a castle, it’s surrounded by cliffs and the area is pretty open with a raised part perfect for a fort overlooking the area. The area is pretty rich when it comes to resources, there are many ravines, mineshafts, and ores around. If you’re up to some adventuring, 2 Ancient Cities are nearby as well. If you’re up to some trading, simply head towards the east and you should come across a savanna village in no time.

22. Amethyst Islands

Amethys Island

Seed: 6574902713584935340

Biome: savanna, beach, lukewarm ocean, river

I’ve named this seed amethyst island due to the high concentration of amethyst geodes in the area, and yes I’m referring to these islands. You could never tell but this area is pretty rich in resources. There are dangers, however, in the form of a pillager outpost. Pillager outpost is relatively near these islands as well as a nearby savanna village. The lukewarm ocean surrounding these islands is filled with ravines and a nearby beach has some buried treasures for you to uncover.

23. Sunflower Island

Sunflower Island

Seed: -4285314951786038216

Biome: plains, sunflower plains, river

As you can see from the image above, this moderately big stretch of land surrounded by rivers is a pretty fertile area perfect for a farm. There are animals already on the island, two patches of pumpkin crops, as well as sunflowers. As soon as you move away from the island and reach the open ocean you will come across numerous shipwrecked and ocean ruins. There’s even an ocean monument nearby if you decide to hit the deep ocean. If you decide to head toward the north, you will come across a village and a pillager outpost.

24. Tropical Island

Tropical Island

Seed: -9215875204578057775

Biome: beach, stony shore, jungle, lukewarm ocean, deep lukewarm ocean

I was saving the name “tropical island” for when I run out of biomes to name my islands after. Anyway, this tropical island seed spawns you in the middle of a sandy beach. A jungle is a nice addition as well. This stretch of sand is a perfect opportunity for ambitious treasure hunters since it’s surrounded by ocean ruins, shipwrecks, and ruined portals. If you decide to head east, you will come across badlands and desserts and a single desert ruin as well.


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25. Ocean Cave Island

Seed: 4797865140244406255

Biome: stony shore, forest, ocean, deep cold ocean

Ocean Cave

I don’t think I have to explain the name of this island. It’s practically a giant ocean cave brimming with danger. On the upside, you get your own personal lavafall. Lavafall is not the only interesting thing around, practically next to this cave are several ocean ruins, shipwrecks, and ruined portals. If you head up north and venture deeper into the plains you will come across a single village with a pillager outpost nearby. All in all a good location for a treasure hunter.

And that would be all, if you’re interested in more Minecraft-related content check out our Tower blueprints & shader guide posts!

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