‘Spy x Family Episode 6’ Review: Anya Executes The Friendship Scheme

Spy x Family

Another week, and another episode of Spy x Family. The show has now become a true phenomenon, and every seems to be watching the Forger family journey to save their country from annihilation. In the last few episodes, the Forgers manages to get Anya inside the Eden Academy, the utmost elite school in the country. For a moment, the mission seem to have failed, but thanks to the family’s overwhelming charm and skills, they accomplished their goals.

The mission is far from over, though. Phase 1 is over but now Loid, Yor and Anya will need to succeed at Phase 2. The episode spends quite a bit of time explaining what the next phase of the mission looks like, and let me tell you, it doesn’t look easy at all. We open with the family buying Anya’s her new uniform. Anya is really proud that she got in and displays her new uniform to everybody who can hear her talking about it. It is quite funny, as it displays a new side to Anya, one where she is proud of her accomplishments, as it should be.

Anya gets warmed by the seamstress that Eden Academy is a tough school. Apparently, there is a lot of bullying in the school. The rich people doesn’t seem to go well with those who come from humbler origins. Anya is scared, but she listens to her parents and toughen her resolve.

Spy x Family

Loid on the other hand receives summons from WISE, the secret organization he works for. When he arrives at the meeting, we are introduced to Sylvia Sherwood. Sylvia is Twilight’s handler, and she complains about Twilight’s expenses from the previous episode. Twilight confesses that all expenses are necessary as he gives her the receipt for Anya’s uniform. Sylvia then explains the second phase of the mission.

Apparently the only way to get near Desmond is to get into a special party where only the top students in the school and their families are invited. Anya needs to collect eight stars, that would be given to her after accomplishing several milestones inside the school. If he gets the eight stars she will be named, an Imperial Scholar, and she would get invited to the party. In the same way, if Anya collects eight dark stars, then she would be expelled forever from the school.

Loid has no faith in her daughter’s academic skills, so the eight stars route is a no no, for him. Instead, he and the family have chosen to do something called, the Friendship Scheme, where Anya will try to establish a friendship with Desmond’s son and get invited to their house. What could be wrong with that plan?

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Meanwhile, Anya gets kidnapped while being with Yor, but she defends her daughter, eliminating the criminals. Yor knows she isn’t Anya’s real mother, but she really wants to be a mother figure for Anya. She gets overwhelmed when Anya says she wants to be strong like her, and wants to be trained to fight like Yor. Yor accepts, and they begin their training that same day. Yor cannot cook, but she can teach Anya many other things.

The first day of school arrives. Thanks to Loid’s manipulation, Anya gets in the same class as Anderson’s son, Damian. Damian is cocky, arrogant, and quite annoying, he is the prime definition of a rich kid. Anya knows she needs to get closer to him and become friends, but Damian’s attitude will make it difficult.

Anya makes a friend that first day. A girl, named, Becky Blackwell. Becky is the daughter of the owner of a private military company. Becky thinks that she can take advantage of Anya, but when Anya reads her mind, she avoids her at first. Then Anya uses her mind reading abilities and Becky stars thinking that Anya is the coolest girl ever. She is now on Anya’s side no matter what.

Damian’s is a different story. The kid is perplexed as Anya doesn’t treat him like all the other kids. Damian thinks she can bully her, but Anya decides to just smile, after remembering some of Yor’s advice. Damian keeps trying to bully her, however, and she ends up punching him in the face. Making him cry.

Spy x Family

Henry Henderson, who is now Anya’s home teacher, call her parents and let them know she punched a kid on her first day. Anya has also received her first dark star for the incident, and she is closer than anyone else in the school to be expelled. Yor and Loid feels responsible. One dark star and now Damian as an enemy. Phase 2 of the mission, might really be impossible.

This was a less uneventful episode in terms of action, but the episode really shows how closer the Forgers are becoming. Yor really wants to be a mother figure to Anya, and she is willing to protect her at any cost. The same happens with Loid. He seems to be more preoccupied about the progress of the mission, but it is clear he also wants the best for Anya. From outside looking in, the Forgers really look like a normal family.

On the next episode, Anya will try to fix her relationship with Damian, but of course, things will get complicated. Each new episode shows just how fun this story is. Spy x Family is without a doubt the anime of the year.

SCORE: 9/10

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