Star Wars: How Do Mandalorians Eat? (& Do They Have to Take Their Helmets Off?)

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One of the things that we know about the traditional Mandalorians in Star Wars is that they aren’t allowed to take their helmets off according to their creed. Of course, this is restricted to Din Djarin’s sect or tribe in The Mandalorian, as he was surprised to see other Mandalorians, such as Bo Katan Kryze, taking their helmet off. Then again, Mandalorians are still like any other people because they need nutrients to survive. So, how do Mandalorians eat?

Mandalorians eat in the same way that normal people do: they eat through their mouths. However, they can’t eat or take their helmets off before other living beings.

Of course, Mandalorians are still just like other living beings because they need to eat and drink to survive. Although there are advanced suits that allow real-life astronauts to consume nutrients without taking their suits off, the armor of a Mandalorian is not as advanced and is mainly for combat purposes than for any other reason. So, with that, let’s look at how Mandalorians eat.

How Do Mandalorians Eat?

In the first season of The Mandalorian, we met the titular character in the form of Din Djarin, who worked as a bounty hunter and was part of a Mandalorian tribe that mostly kept themselves out of the peering eyes of the public and would rather stay hidden from common society. And one of the things that we learned from those Mandalorians is that they are prohibited from ever removing their helmets.

The Mandalorian and the children of the watch

That is why we hardly ever saw Din Djarin’s face during the entirety of The Mandalorian, as he wasn’t allowed to take his helmet off due to the creed of his people. But we also met Mandalorians during the Star Wars: Clone Wars events, as these people were allowed to show their faces in public without worrying about whether or not they could take their helmets off. And we learned in season 2 of The Mandalorian that this rule was restricted to a minority sect of Mandalorians called the Children of the Watch, as these Mandalorians were different from mainstream Mandalorian society.


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Of course, we know that Mandalorians are living people that still need to sustain their bodies. Most Mandalorians are humans, as we saw that fact during the Clone Wars, meaning they still need to eat as regular humans do. So, how do Mandalorians eat?

For starters, Mandalorians eat the same way that regular people eat because they have to take in their nutrients through their mouths. This means they don’t have any special methods of eating their food as they have to do so by consuming food and drinking water through their mouths.

Can Mandalorians Take Their Helmets Off When Eating?

As mentioned, Mandalorians eat like regular people do: they have to take their nutrients by eating and drinking using their mouths. But we know that Mandalorians are prohibited from removing their helmets. So, can Mandalorians take their helmets off when eating?

It is important to note that the rule regarding the Children of the Watch’s inability to remove their helmets extends only to show their faces in front of living people. That means they can safely remove their helmets without fearing getting excommunicated from the tribe if they do so when no one is around.

This was made clear in season 1 of The Mandalorian when Din Djarin was badly wounded and needed medical attention. IG-11 wanted to treat his wounds but told him to take his helmet off to get proper medical attention. Din said he wasn’t allowed to take his helmet off, but IG-11 understood that the Mandalorians were only prohibited from taking their helmets off in front of living people.


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That means that droids are exceptions to the rule, as IG-11 removed Din Djarin’s helmet with his consent so that he could treat his wounds. And Din understood that he didn’t break the code of the Mandalorians when he removed his helmet in front of IG-11.

Din Djarin can safely remove his helmet and eat his food when no one is around. We saw this early in season 1 when he removed his helmet off-camera so that he could eat his breakfast. As such, Mandalorians are allowed to eat in the same manner that normal people use whenever they are eating. The only rule is that they shouldn’t do so whenever living beings can see their faces.

din djarin eating

So, if Din Djarin or any other Mandalorian is alone and needs to eat, they can remove their helmets to eat food or drink water. The only important part of taking note is that they shouldn’t do so whenever they are around living beings as it is the fact that they show their faces to other people that is prohibited by their Mandalorian creed.

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