Star Wars: What Was Jabba the Hutt’s Pet, Salacious B. Crumb? 

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If you have ever watched Star Wars, you certainly remember Jabba the Hutt – the disgusting, giant slug-like crime lord from the desert planet of Tatooine. You might also remember that Jabba had a sort of pet named Salacious B. Crumb. So, who and what was Jabba the Hutt’s pet, and what happened to him after his master was killed?

Salacious B. Crumb was a monkey-lizard from the planet Kowak. He was a thief that struck a unique deal with Jabba; make him laugh at least once every day and eat as much as you can or be killed. Crumb succeeded for over a decade, becoming Jabba’s unofficial pet and court jester.

He remained at his master’s side until the very end when the Hutt was killed. Salacious met a similar fate not long after, though. If you want to learn more about Jabba the Hutt’s pet/jester and how he died, keep reading this article.

Who and what was Salacious B. Crumb?

Salacious B. Crumb was an unofficial court jester of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, aka Jabba the Hutt, the crime lord on Tatooine. Crumb is a Kowakian monkey-lizard, a species that is well-known for its sense of humor and cackling laughter, making them a perfect pet companion to many bad guys across the galaxy.

One of those baddies was, obviously, Jabba himself, but Salacious came into his service by chance. Crumb stowed away on Jabba the Hutt’s starship, trying to steal, when Bib Fortuna caught him.


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Fortuna took him to Jabba, who generally disposed of thieves quickly when catching them. However, the Kowakian’s keen sense of humor and his antics amused the Hutt, so they struck up a unique deal.

Salacious B. had to make Jabba laugh at least once every day. For as long as he could do that, Jabba would not just keep him alive but give him as much food and comfort as he could take. Should a day arrive when he failed, Salacious would be slain on the spot.

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Crumb agreed and has been amusing Jabba for over a decade. The others at Jabba’s court hated his crudeness and rudeness, but all his antics were tolerated simply because the Hutt found him amusing. Salacious did impersonations and all kinds of silly stuff, but the thing that made him the most recognizable was the crazy laughter.

Eventually, Crumb grew into somewhat of a pet for Jabba, as you could often see him curling up on the Hutt’s tail. He was insanely loyal to Jabba and almost never left his side. Salacious was there until the very end.

Compared to Jabba the Hutt, Salacious B. Crumb was tiny. He was just a bit over 2 feet (70 cm) tall and weighed no more than 20 lbs (9 kg). The most distinct feature of Crumb’s body has to be the beak-like mouth and bright yellow eyes. His head is triangle-shaped, with only a few hairs.


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Outside of being Jabba’s jester, Salacious was a bum – a petty thief who was tolerated simply due to his relationship with the Hutt. He has little respect for anyone, as he showed by disrespecting Darth Vader at one point.

Now, while Salacious might seem like a silly pet, he’s kind of scary in some ways – and dangerous, if you think about it. For instance, he knew all the secrets and conversations Jabba ever had with anyone. Crumb was always present.

He was just wicked and loved watching as Jabba tortured and tormented others – it made Salacious laugh like crazy. He had no moral compass, so, given such freedom and power by the Hutt, you bet he was dangerous.

Why did Jabba keep Salacious B. Crumb?

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If Salacious was just some ordinary thief, Jabba would likely just throw him in the Rancor pit or something. But Crumb was special – Jabba found his antics amusing. The only reason why Jabba chose to keep Salacious was to laugh at his silly behavior.

Still, their relationship grew all the way to the end of Jabba the Hutt when Princess Leia killed him with a chain while rescuing Han Solo with Luke.


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What happened to Salacious B. Crumb?

During the rescue of Han Solo, Jabba was taking his prisoners to the Sarlacc pit, using his vessel known as Khetanna. The Hutt was, of course, accompanied by Crumb. As they approached the pit, a fight ensued, and Jabba the Hutt was choked with a chain by none other than Princess Leia.

Following his master’s death, an enraged Salacious Crumb attacked C3PO, almost tearing off one of his photoreceptors. That’s when R2-D2 stepped in, sending an electroshock through Crumb, who escaped after the matter.

Eventually, the Rebels escaped Khetanna, but not before destroying it. In the process, everyone who was still on Khetanna was killed, including the cackling monkey-lizard.

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