‘Stranger Things’: All 4 LGBTQ Characters in the Show & the Books

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It is an understatement to say that ‘Stranger Things’ is one of the biggest shows that Netflix has ever had, and it is likely one of the shows that catapulted Netflix as one of the best when it comes to original shows. The show itself is a collection of unique and incredible young talents who were able to give life to their characters. However, LGBTQ representation was also a big thing in this series.

‘Stranger Things’ popularity lies in the fact that its characters are young and are still trying to make sense of the world while getting to know about it. While the characters grow up and learn more about their place in the world, they also end up learning what it means to love. That’s why there are some characters who actually ended up becoming LGBTQ representations. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the LGBTQ characters in the show and even in the books.

There are only four LGBTQ characters in ‘Stranger Things’

The best part about Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ is the growth of the different characters. We were introduced to this show when the main cast of kids was still very young and hadn’t even started high school yet. At that time, they were seemingly innocent about the world and were yet to dive into the world of romance and sexuality. Eventually, the characters started growing up and developing feelings for different people while learning more about their sexuality.

Set in the 80s, the storyline of ‘Stranger Things’ isn’t the most progressive, especially because the events take place in the small fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Nevertheless, some of the characters grow up and learn that they aren’t like any other people in terms of their preferences in life. That’s because some of the characters are actually LGBTQ representations.


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However, despite the fact that there are a lot of different prominent names in ‘Stranger Things,’ there are only three LGBTQ characters in the show itself. The other LGBTQ character can be found in the books entitled ‘Stranger Things: Rebel Robin’ and ‘Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins.’ 

Even though there are only four confirmed LGBTQ characters in ‘Stranger Things,’ the series was still able to give the LGBTQ community good representatives who were able to match the culture of the 80s era, which isn’t as accepting and as open as the era we live in. As such, it is quite understandable why there aren’t a lot of LGBTQ characters in ‘Stranger Things,’ given the fact that the 80s era wasn’t the most open in terms of homosexuality.

All LGBTQ in ‘Stranger Things’

1. Will Byers


Will Byers was introduced as one of the most important characters of ‘Stranger Things’ because the entire storyline was launched when he disappeared after he was taken to the Upside Down. He was one of the original four young characters, along with Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, and Dustin Henderson. Even though he was mostly offscreen in season 1, he ended up becoming a more important character in the next three seasons.


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As the storyline progressed, there were instances wherein Will was seemingly quite awkward with his relationship with Mike, with whom he had been best friends ever since they were still very young. At one point, he was seemingly about to tell Mike about his feelings toward him, but he ultimately kept it to himself. However, in season 4, it became clear that he was gay and that he had feelings for Mike. It is unknown whether or not the series will allow Mike to reciprocate Will’s feelings for him, considering that Mike has always been interested in girls.

2. Robin Buckley


Introduced in season 3 of ‘Stranger Things,’ Robin quickly became one of the main characters of the storyline, especially because she had good chemistry with Steve Harrington. At first, there were people who thought that she was going to be Steve’s next romantic interest because they seemingly worked well together. But it turned out that they were just really great friends and that Steve was seemingly aware of Robin’s sexuality.

Robin was actually interested in women as she had a crush on Vickie, a girl she goes to school with and was able to befriend because they were both part of the marching band. Throughout the events of season 4, Steven often pushes Robin to become true to herself and finally admit her feelings for Vickie. It is likely that the series is going to eventually push the two together, especially in the fifth season.

3. Vickie


Not much is known about Vickie because she was never one of the most important characters in the series. However, she became an important part of Robin’s character development in season 4 of ‘Stranger Things.’ Vickie was friends with Robin because they were both members of the marching band. However, Robin secretly had a crush on Vickie.


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Vickie, of course, had a boyfriend, and that was one of the reasons why Robin was kind of hesitant to try to confess her feelings for her. However, as the events of season 4 progressed, the two became closer, suggesting that Vickie might also be interested in Robin despite having a boyfriend. It is possible that Vickie is bisexual and is eventually going to get together with Robin at one point in the storyline of ‘Stranger Things.’

4. Tom Hauser

rebel robin

Tom Hauser is a character who was introduced in the books entitled ‘Stranger Things: Rebel Robin’ and ‘Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins.’ As the title of the books suggests, they focus on Robin as the central figure of the storyline. Robin met Tom Hauser in the books and was able to form a connection with him.

In the books, Tom is portrayed as a gay character. However, he had problems being open with his nature as a gay character because the 80s era wasn’t very open to the LGBTQ community. However, he was able to connect with Robin and befriend her, acting as one of her mentors, especially when it came to their similarities as LGBTQ representatives in the small town of Hawkins.

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