15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

In the Bleach universe, the Soul Reaper’s power is not strong until they possess their special blades. These blades are referred to as partners and are called Zankapato. It is a special fighting weapon of the Soul Reapers containing extremely strong hidden evil powers called Bankai.

The Bankai powers range from medium-strength to extreme-strength in Bleach. The power strength depends on two things: Bankai’s strength and Shinigami’s capacity to handle that kind of strength. Bankai power has changing abilities that are switched according to use on the battlefield. Being a Bankai is unique and rare and only owned by Captain and Lieutenants.

In this article, I am going to rank the strongest Bankai you’ll see in Bleach.

Strongest Bankai In Bleach Ranked 

Here I have ranked some of the incredible Bankai based on their power level and skill level of Shinigami and how often they unleash these superpowers to destroy their enemies. 

The 15 strongest Bankai powers are ranked from the least to most powerful, so keep reading to find your favorite character from Bleach.

15. Soo Zabimaru 

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Renji Abarai

Renji is one of the most favorites and loved characters in the Bleach series. He is the Lieutenant of the 6th Division and former captain of the 11th Division. 

At the beginning of the show, he released his Bankai power Zabimaru for the first time during his battle with Byakuya. His debut of Bankai’s power showed his amazing skill, strength, and how capable he is with Bankai. 

But you will only see the true extent of his Soo Zabimaru demonic forces at the end of the arc when he fought against The Qunicy Mask De Masculine. This is because of the reason that Renji Bankai’s power always becomes hard to manage and mostly breaks down before any battle. 

Soo Zabimaru techniques are known as:

  • ‘Twin Kings Snake Tails’ snake-like worm and gauntlet on Renji’s wrist
  • ‘Baboon King’ is a giant skeletal arm

Renji Abarai powers are: 

  • He possesses tremendous spiritual power
  • He has an excessive practice in Kido

14. Kenpachi’s Bankai

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi is a powerful character and holds the position of the captain of the 11th Division in Gotei 13. 

His Bankai is unnamed, but in the Quincy war, he exposed his Bankai and showed its power. After the reveal, Kenpachi’s Bankai became a destroyer that ruined everything with incredible strength and power. His Bankai power overcomes his other shortcomings.  

He likes to conceal his power to have a surprise element at the end of the fight, but sometimes he also shows off his strengths. He is a master swordsman who makes use of unique techniques and skills during a fight. He is a big, muscular man with a complex and aggressive attitude. 

Kenpachi’s Bankai techniques involve:

  • ‘Weather-beaten’

Kenpachi Zaraki’s powers are

  • He has tremendous spiritual power
  • He possesses supernatural durability and endurance

13. Shirafude Ichimonji

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Ichibe Hyosube

Ichibe Hyosube is the leader of the Zero Division and holds the position and title of ‘Monk Who Calls The Real Name’ and ‘High Priest.’ 

Ichibe Bankai’s power is so immense that it could have defeated the Quincy King, but the King used his time-reversing boost, thus he survived. When Ichibe swings his Ichimonji, the ink spreads from its blade and removes the name and power of anything it falls upon. When he uses his weapon, it does not cut the flesh; instead, it changes words and names and steals the powers from his opponents. 

The power absorption of this Bankai is a very remarkable feature. Ichimonji can steal power from others, but Ichibe opponents can not use this power against him because he holds all the black in the world. 

Zanpakuto techniques are:

  • ‘One Written Character’ takes the shape of a giant calligraphy brush
  • ‘Conceal’ hides large objects
  • ‘Seal’ creates unseen boundaries

Ichibe Hyosube powers are:

  • He is an excellent Shuno practitioner
  • He makes decisions based on his great wisdom
  • He has an innate ability to identify names

12. Koko Gonryo Rikyu

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Chojiro Sasakibe

Chojiro is an extremely powerful Shinigami who has the position of Lieutenant of the 1st Division and kept the post for ten years. 

Chojiro is one of those characters who realize the degree of his true powers at the end of the arc. Chojiro Bankai, Koko Gonryo Rikyo changes its form pretty dramatically. The Bankai changes its clothes, and there are rings on his fingers and wrists. He uses gloves too that help to control the electric current shocks and direct this electric shock towards his enemy.  

The main strength of this Bankai is the terrific way it controls the weather conditions and influences it to its advantage. This Bankai also creates massive storms that help its user during fights. 

Koko Gonryo Riko techniques are:

  • ‘Golden Lightning Palace’ produces a bolt of lightning
  • ‘Reiatsu’ affects the weather

Chojiro Sasakibe powers are:

  • He has excellent Shunpo practice 
  • He has an immense amount of spiritual strength

11. Katen Kyokotsu: Karamatsu Shinju

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Shunsui Kyoraku

Shunsui is the captain of 1st Division and also a Captain-Commander of Gotei 13. He is a forceful character with a strong Bankai. He made his Bankai power public during the time of the Qunicy war.

Shunsui’s Bankai makes a black surrounding around him and spreads in a vast area.  The Bankai functions in four stages. First, she inflicts wound on Shunsui’s enemies. After that, black spots appear on the enemy’s skin resulting in massive blood loss. The third stage involves water surrounding both fighters, and eventually, it drowns the enemy with Reiatsu. After that, Shunsui uses white thread that explodes his opponent’s head. 

Shunsui Bankao makes a pitiful condition of his fighters.

Katen Kyokotsu techniques involve:

  • First: Hesitance and Apportionment of Wounds function as it will form the same wound on Shunsui enemy that Shunsui got from that enemy
  • Act the Second: The Pillow of Shame helps Shunsui form a black spot on his opponent’s body

Shunsui Kyoraku powers are:

  • He has enhanced durability and strength
  • He is excellent combat in Hakuda

10. Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Mayuri is the second president of Shinigami Research Institute and captain of the 12th Division. Mayuri Bankai has two versions Matai Fukuin Shota and Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo.

Konjiki is a repulsive creature that releases a deadly poison that does not affect Mayuri. Mayuri second Bankai creates equal trouble for his opponents. It produces the same capabilities in Mayuri as his enemies in the battle. The result is a wicked mixture of demonic powers that are enough to beat any Shikai or Bankai.

Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo techniques involve:

  • Transform into a giant caterpillar

Mayuri Kurotsuchi powers are:

  • He is a genius intellectual scientist
  • He is an expert on body modification
  • He can modify his Zanpakuto abilities and strengths

9. Kinshara Butodan

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Rojuro Otoribashi

Rojuro is commonly known as Rose, and he is the captain of the 3rd Divison in Gotei 13. He served hundred years as a captain, but later, he was banished. After that, he became a Visored. 

Kinshara Butodan allows its owner to transform into an unnatural and odd conductor. It forms pair of two golden hands holding a baton on Rojuro. The hands have dancing petals like protrusions that are always ready to strike on Rojuru’s command. The power of his Bankai is called ‘Prometheus’ because it fires up his hands before he attacks his enemies.

Kinshara Butodan techniques involved:

  • ‘Golden Shala Dance Troupe’ are the floating hands and create music to form physical illusions

Rojoru powers are:

  • He has immense spiritual strength
  • He is a Kido expert
  • His unique skills in Shunpo keep his status up with other Visored

8. Minazuki

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Retsu Unohana

Retsu is the former captain of the 4th Division. She is one of the most dominant characters of this series and she is also an old captain. She was the best healer of Soul Society. She made her debut in the arc of the manga.

Retsu became a significant character at the end of the arcs in Bleach, and during a fight with  Zaraki Kenpachi. During that war, she uncovers some parts of her past. In the same battle, she finally exposed her Bankai’s true powers that created emotions of awe in everyone. Her blade releases a dark red liquid that covers her and helps her in combat.

Minazuki techniques are:

  • ‘All Things End’ is a vicious blade that can fight against Kenpachi’s blade
  • The healing red liquid of the blade reduces the opponent’s power and kills instantly

Retsu Unohana powers are:

  • She is a master healer
  • She is best in Hakuda combat

7. Kamishini no Yari

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Gin Ichimaru

Gin used to be the captain of the 3rd Divison, but then he betrayed the Soul Society with some other people. 

Kamishini is a double-faced Bankai that has extreme powers and can be extended to several kilometers. The size of this blade does not pose any problem, but the speed with which it expands is the real issue for his opponents. The poisonous substance kills cells at a molecular level and instantly finishes the enemy. 

By using the Buto (null Step), Gin can expand his blade simultaneously with an increase in Kimishini power.

Kamishino techniques are:

  • Kill, God-Killing Spear has a unique substance in its blade that dissolves cells

Gin powers are

  • He has the psychological ability to mess with his opponents’ minds
  • His knowledge has no limits
  • His Reiatsu power is brilliant as well as violent

6. Daiguren Hyorinmaru

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Toshiro Hitsugaya

Toshiro Hitsugaya is the captain of the 10th Division, and he is the owner of one of the strongest Bankai in the Bleach series. He is also known as Dragon Ice.

This Bankai has several functions, and it freezes the enemy where they are standing by using the moisture present in the air. Toshiro can freeze big objects at more distance and null their powers with the help of this amazing Daiguren Bankai. 

Daiguren techniques are:

  • ‘Grand Crimson Lotus Ice Ring’ forms dynamic ice limbs on Toshiro and instantly kills the enemies. 

Toshiro powers are:

  • He makes powerful strategies and cunning tactics
  • He is naturally talented and brilliant

5. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya belongs to the fourth most noble clan in Soul Society, and he is the 28th leader of the Kuchiki clan.

Byakuya has the most multi-tasking Bankai in the series; he can turn his blade into a smaller one by controlling it with his mind. He alters his sword according to his needs and advantages. Byakuya uses his Bankai technique of ‘One Bite’, ‘Thousand Bladed Flower’ to focus on his opponent for an instant kill.

Senbonzakura tenchniques are:

  • ‘Vibrant Display of a Thousand Cherry Blossoms’ sword scatter and pierce the enemy
  • ‘Slaughterscape petal-like blades’ attack the enemy from all sides

Byakuya powers are:

  • He comes up with ideal tactics and has excellent endurance
  • He is an expert in Senka and Utsusemi skills of Shunpo

4. Hakka No Togame

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia served as the Lieutenant of the 13th Division, but currently, she is the captain of the same Division in Gotei 13. 

In the Hueco Mundo arc, Rukia becomes a vital character when she released her amazing freezing white Bankai powers. Hakka transforms Rukia into an Ice Princess who freezes her combatant to death. Her surroundings fill with white mist, and the temperature turns freezingly cold. She is a mighty and terrifying enemy to her opponents.

Hakka No Togame techniques involve:

  • ‘White Haze Punishment’: Rukia’s outfit dramatically turns white and her blade turns into ice
  • Hakka drops the temperature to zero around Rukia’s surroundings and forms a mist to attack the adversary

Rukia Kuchiki powers are:

  • She is an intellectual girl with remarkable strengths
  • She is an expert in Zanjutsu skills

3. Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke used to be the captain of the 12th Division, and he was the founder of Shinigami Research and Development Institute.

Kisuke shows his terrifying Bankai near the end of the manga; his Bankai is a giant woman who reunifies things to help Kisuke and kill opponents. Kannonbiraki can make Kisuke’s strength much more powerful and evil than before. That is why this Bankai is one of the best Bankai in this series. The Bankai sword has many uses, including dissecting the enemy.

Kannonbiraki techniques are:

  • ‘Opened Red Princess Neo’ has the power to restructure anything for beneficial and destructive purposes and
  • Kisuke restructured his eyes and arms and added great strength from this blade into them

Kisuke powers are:

  • he has extreme Rieatsu powers and controls them with strategy
  • he is a brilliant scientist and inventor

2. (True) Tensa Zangetsu

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo is a Human but also a Substitute Shinigami. He has the second strongest Bankai in the Bleach series and the topmost vigorous character in anime history.

Ichigo can transform and strengthen his power with the help of his Bankai. Ichigo’s Bankai is mute like Renji. You came to know the full strength of his Bankai’s power during the war with Yhwach. His Bankai form is the esteemed Shikai form with more intense controls and enhanced sword size. 

Ichigo, with his Bankai, fired a massively strong, golden-colored ‘Getsuga Tensho’ that nearly killed Soul King of Yhwach.

Tensa techniques include:

  • Heaven Chain Slaying Moon instantly kills Ichigo’s nemesis

Ichigo powers are:

  • He is an expert in hand-to-hand combat
  • He has quick reflexes and intensifying strength

1. Zanka no Tachi

15 Strongest Bankai In Bleach (Ranked)

User: Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Genryusai is the captain of the 13th Division and owner of the most powerful Shinigami. Yamamoto’s Bankai can combine all the Shikai powers in Bankai’s sword to kill the enemies on spot. The fire that comes out of this Bankai is hotter than the sun and cuts through anything and everything. 

The Bankai is so powerful that enemies turn into nothing in just moments. Genryyusai’s body temperature intensifies to kill his enemies with just a simple touch. He can also make undead-on-fire versions of the people he has killed. 

All in all, he is a powerful rival with unbeatable abilities. 

Zanka no Tachi techniques include:

  • ‘Blade of Ember’: more potent than the sun that turns enemies into nothingness
  • ‘Longsword of the Remnant Flame’: slashes anything it touches with fire

Genryusai powers are:

  • He is a master swordsman
  • He is an expert in the art of Kido and Shunpo
  • Masterful in Spiritual as well as Rieatsu capacities