Bleach: Komamura’s Human Form Explained – How Powerful Is It?

Bleach: Komamura's Human Form Explained & How Powerful Is It?

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When talking about Sajin Komamura, we can only say that he is undoubtedly one of the best characters from Bleach. Not only was he unique in his appearance, but Sajin Komamura also became one of the best-developed characters in the series, and he was also one of the most powerful and durable Captains of the Gotei 13. And while he has several important moments throughout the series, Sajin Komamura has his big moment during the second Quincy invasion, when he defeated Bambietta Basterbine in his human form. This human form is special in many ways, and in this article, we will explain that form to you and tell you just how powerful it was.

Sajin Komamura’s human form is a much more powerful version of Komamura in which he takes on the form of a human. By sacrificing his heart, he can turn into a human for a certain time, but that human body is merely a shell since the “real” Komamura is dead. The human form gains additional power, is immune to taking damage, and even enhances Komamura’s Bankai to the point that it basically cannot be destroyed. The main flaw is that it actually has a time limit, after which Komamura transforms into a regular wolf and loses all of his powers.

Due to its specific evolution and all the changes that Komamura went through during the Thousand-Year Blood War, we have decided to write an article explaining all of these changes to you, i.e., we are going to focus on and explain his human form that appeared in the most recent episode of Bleach. Due to the changes affecting his story in a major way, we will tell you everything you need to know about this form. There will be spoilers, so you must be careful how you approach certain parts of the article.

Komamura’s Humanization Technique turns him into a powerful character

Now, before we actually tell you how powerful this form truly is, allow us to explain how Komamura can manifest it in the first place. It all started after Yhwach killed Yamamoto and some of the Captains had their Bankai stolen during the first invasion; after that, the Captains began training to be able to battle without their Bankai, and since Komamura lost his Bankai to Bambietta, he also underwent a special training regime.

He went and located the Grand Elder of his clan and asked him to teach him the clan’s secret technique. The Elder refused but told him that he would teach it to him if he defeated him in a fight, which Komamura ultimately did. Beaten, the Grand Elder, kept his promise and revealed the clan’s secret to Sajin.

The Humanization Technique is a secret technique known only to the werewolf clan, whose history – unfortunately – Kubo never explored in detail in the manga (the anime provided us with some additional details, but not too many). We had hoped that the anime could elaborate on this, but regrettably – it did not.


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We don’t know what the Clan members looked like or how they invented and used this technique, mostly since it was said that they were turned into animals due to their past crimes. As we’ve already stated, some information was revealed in the anime, but it wasn’t what we expected.

Whatever the case might be, Komamura managed to defeat the Grand Elder and uncover the secret of the Humanization Technique, one of the most potent skills in the Soul Society. After covering everything, we can now go into greater detail about the Jinka Technique.

The human form is merely a shell, not a real person

As a wolf (or dog, or fox, but you get the gist) belonging to the werewolf clan, Komamura had certain anthropomorphic characteristics and could stand on two feet, but at his core, he was a wolf. The secret technique we are discussing is known as the Humanization Technique since it allowed Komamura to transform from a wolf into a human. But that was only a ruse. Komamura could change into a human by cutting out his physical heart. But while appearing to be real, that was not the case.

In reality, the human was just a shell. Although it appeared to have a body, it was never a real person. The shell was immortal and invulnerable because all its wounds instantaneously healed. Also, it could use all of Komamura’s skills, including the Bankai, all of which were impervious to damage.

This strategy was so powerful because it practically made Komamura unbeatable. The human form also enhanced Komamura’s Bankai, unlocking the Kokujō Tengen Myō’ō: Dangai Jōe, which was an armorless, exceptionally powerful version of Komamura’s initial Bankai. As Komamura explained, the armor was the essence of Kokujō Tengen Myō’ō, but with Komamura sacrificing his core to become human, Dangai Jōe – the true form of the Bankai – appeared.

This means that his Bankai was now made solely out of Reishi and that it was only an illusion of a body, making him invulnerable to all damage, as he would instantly heal the moment he was injured.

Because Dangai Jōe was seen only once in the series, we don’t actually know the true extent of its powers and abilities, i.e., we don’t know how much stronger it is than Komamura’s regular Bankai, but since Komamura believed that he could singlehandedly take down Yhwach in this shape and was ready to charge at him (he had to return to protect Shinji and Momo from Bambietta), we assume that the human form provided Komamura with a significant boost in power.

Making him one of the strongest Captains in the Gotei 13, certainly somewhere near the top brass, including Kenpachi, Kyoraku, and Ukitake (we assume that he was somewhere near Urahara’s and Aizen’s level now, certainly above Byakuya).

And while it did seem like this was it, there was a vulnerability, and it was a very serious one: the cost of the transition. Namely, Komamura effectively sacrificed his former life by transforming into a human. Sure, he gained a significant boost in power, but the cost was very high, as the old Komamura was gone.

This means that once a clan member undergoes humanization, there is no way for him – at least as far as we know – to simply return to his previous state. Additionally, the human form was tied to a time limit – it wasn’t forever, and it could only last for a certain amount of time, which is why Komamura wanted to reach Yhwach quickly, and he would have done it had he not returned to protect his friends.


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Ultimately, after the time limit is over, Komamura starts losing energy. The Bankai disappears, and Komamura undergoes yet another transformation, this time from human to an ordinary wolf, losing his powers, as well as the ability to speak (he, actually, loses all of his anthropomorphic features), but retains his memories and his consciousness, as far as we’ve seen.

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