Top 12 Strongest Devils in Black Clover (Ranked)

strongest black clover devils

Black Clover is one of those series that has a lot of epic and powerful characters. And while the protagonists are certainly interesting, the Devil characters in the series are also quite intriguing, especially since they are an important source of power for a lot of other characters. There aren’t many powerful Devils in the series, but we have still decided to rank the 12 strongest ones in this article. What follows is a list of the top 12 strongest devils in the Black Clover series.

12. Lolopechka

Demone Lolopechka

Contract: Lolopechka (transformation)

Lolopechka utilizes a unique form of magic to summon the water spirit Udine for battle. Endowed with an immense inherited magical power from past princesses, she can rival an entire squad of Magic Knights single-handedly, with Noelle noting her immeasurable magical strength. Lolopechka can sense mana across her surroundings and her entire country, allowing her to monitor and oversee everything. Having inherited the power, experience, and knowledge of past princesses, she is considered a living encyclopedia, earning her the title of the Omniscient Princess.

11. Zenon

D3Fmon Zenon

Contract: Zenon Zogratis (transformation)

Zenon employs a unique magical attribute to control and generate his own bones, creating formidable weapons such as tangles of sharp, spear-like bones or hand-wielding swords. His bone manipulation extends to defensive regeneration, allowing him to repair bones faster than they can be destroyed. At 100% devil’s power, he switches to powerful and fast bone whips with enhanced attack power and regeneration speed. Additionally, Zenon uses his rare magical attribute to manipulate space through Beelzebub, creating space cubes that enable him to dominate and nullify trapped mana within them.


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10. Nahamah

Nahamah profile

Contract: N/A

Nahamah is a demon with a playful demeanor, enjoying interaction with humans while sipping mana from the material world. He engages in battles without taking opponents seriously, communicating in brief sentences. With a special relationship with Lilith, Nahamah first appears in the room where Nacht, Jack, and Dante are fighting, launching a pure mana attack that misses Nacht. Later, he fights Dante alongside Lilith in a totally black world. As a higher-ranking demon ruling the Underworld, Nahamah possesses immense power, causing serious damage with pure mana attacks and wreaking havoc with Demonic Fire Magic. Even using his magic to the maximum, he can burn intangible concepts.

9. Lilith

Lilith profile

Contract: N/A

Lilith is a sadistic and cruel demon who enjoys tormenting the weakest, treating them as toys, and causing both physical and mental suffering, similar to her brother Nahamah. Despite their sibling relationship, Lilith feels little for Nahamah, even laughing when Asta splits him in half. She utilizes demonic ice manipulation, a more potent form of Ice Magic. Despite possessing abysmal magical power, Lilith easily destroys Nacht’s powerful spell with Nahamah’s assistance. When fused with Nahamah, their combined powers create a demon with merged abilities and a personality equal to both.

8. Lucifugus

Lucifugus profile

Contract: N/A

Nacht Faust, after successfully binding four demons, attempts to bind the highest-ranking demon, Lucifugus, using a bracelet passed down in Familia Faust. Despite the ritual’s attempt to suppress Lucifugus’s power, the demon easily kills bystanders. Nacht’s twin brother, Morgen Faust, intervenes by breaking the bracelet, canceling the ritual, and sending Lucifugus back to the underworld. Lucifugus, possessing immense magical power as the highest-ranking demon, remains intimidating even when suppressed by the Devil Binding Ritual, capable of causing harm to onlookers.


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7. Adrammelech

Adrammelech profile

Contract: N/A

Adrammelech, like most Devils, harbors disdain for humans and their abilities. Rather listless, he opts to warn rather than attack, even defying the Devil King’s demand to take over. Impressed by Asta and Liebe’s resistance to Lucifero’s gravity magic, Adrammelech acknowledges their exceptional abilities.

While observing the battle between Lucifero and the Magic Knight captains, he believes the fight is over when Twilight of Valhalla is destroyed. However, after Asta and Liebe’s victory, Adrammelech applauds and unexpectedly rips Lucifero’s heart out, stating it is what he desires. As the main Devil of the Tree of Qliphoth, Adrammelech possesses immense magical power, easily tolerating Lucifero’s gravity magic, and can fly using his wings.

6. Astaroth


Contract: N/A

Astaroth was the highest-ranking demon associated with the Tree of Qliphoth and one of the Three Rulers of the Underworld, living at the lowest level until the devil’s mysterious disappearance. Astaroth ruled the underworld from the lowest level alongside Lucifero and Beelzebub. At some point, Astaroth disappeared from the Underworld, and Megicula took his place. Astaroth used this magical attribute to manipulate time.

5. Liebe

Liebe profile

Contract: Asta

Liebe uses this unique energy to nullify magic, which is called Anti-Magic. By manipulating the Anti-Magic in the Sword of Danma, the demon is able to summon the sword out of the grimoire and control it remotely, as well as make it larger with a covering of Anti-Magic. Being a demon, Liebe possesses great destructive power with her Anti-Magic, this being reflected in Asta’s transformations.

4. Zagred

Zagred profile

Contract: N/A

Zagred possesses Kotodama Magic, enabling the realization of whatever he utters, granting limitless possibilities. His main abilities include creating physical objects, manipulating the mind and space, and controlling everything he creates, whether it’s an attack or material. However, there are limitations to his powers—he cannot make certain things or actions real, such as instant death or stopping the heart. Additionally, he cannot create the material that Anti-Magic swords are made of, as it would cancel itself. While there are limits, Zagred can still control specific aspects, like eliminating certain magical constructs while having restrictions against harming humans or different races.


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3. Beelzebub

Beelzebub profile

Contract: Zenon Zogratis

Beelzebub uses the rare Sšatial Magic e to manipulate space. As a devil, Beelzebub possesses tremendous magic power and is so strong that a portion of its power can easily overwhelm a Stage Zero-ranked, spirit-possessed mage of the Clover Kingdom.

2. Lucifero

Lucifero profile

Contract: Dante Zogratis, Moris Libardirt

Lucifero utilizes gravity manipulation as his magical attribute, wielding immense power and threatening the world if released. As the most powerful demon linked to the Qliphoth Tree, he poses a significant threat. Lucifero can manifest in low-ranking demons and merge with the Qliphoth by opening gates, generating a giant monster with considerable power. His strength is formidable, demonstrated by stopping Asta’s sword attack with one hand and injuring him significantly. In his incomplete power state, Lucifero showcases great speed, covering several tens of meters in an instant.

1. Megicula

Megicula profile

Contract: Vanica Zogratis

Megicula uses Curse-Warding Magic attribute to create powerful curses. Her power can surpass even arcane magic and affect spirits. Being a demon, Megicula possesses a large amount of magical power and is so strong that a level zero mage from the Heart Kingdom cannot kill him. Lolopechka considers Megicula to be more powerful than Zagred, a demon with more mana than the most powerful elves and Magic Knight captains.

Megicula is able to manifest in the human world by gathering three souls of mages of the same sex with great magical power and by killing them Megicula will be able to fully manifest.

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