Who Is Nacht Faust in Black Clover?

Who Is Nacht Faust in Black Clover?

As far as characters go, Black Clover is a very intriguing anime series that offers a variety of different characters. Diversity is definitely a forte for this popular manga and anime series, as you can really meet various personalities and personas. One such character is Nacht Faust.

Nacht Faust is a character from Black Clover. He is the vice-captain of the Black Bull, he is the host of Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and Walgner. He spent several years working as a spy in the Spade Kingdom. In the past, Nacht was a selfish delinquent who became distant from his twin brother. When Nacht learned of his family’s history of studying devils, he eagerly showed a talent as he forged contracts with four animal-masked devils.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Nacht Faust and all of the aspects related to his character, including his role in the Black Clover manga and anime, his history, his powers and abilities, and more.

The history of Nacht Faust

Nacht and his twin, Morgen, were born at House Faust. After the twins turned 15 and received their grimoire, Nacht heard about a stranger with strange magic, so he decided to investigate. That is how he meets Yami Sukehiro. The two get along and have fun committing petty crimes together. Later that year, Morgen and Yami join the company of the Grey Deer. Morgen also befriends Yami and encourages Nacht to join as well, but he refuses.

When Nacht turned 18, his parents told him the family’s history of studying demons and brought him to the underground training chamber. Nacht was delighted with this prospect and, in a short time, successfully bound four demons: Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and Walgner, and mastered their powers.

One day, Nacht’s father gave Nacht a bracelet related to Lucifugus. Morgen, who has snuck into the bedroom, tries to talk his brother out of it, but Nacht likes the danger and declares that he will exceed his limits, all the while summoning the devil. Nacht watches in terror as Lucifugus proves too powerful and kills most of the family. Morgen jumps into the magic circle and breaks the bracelet, undoing the ritual and sending the Devil back to the Underworld.

Nacht27s four devils

As he dies in Nacht’s arm, Morgen recounts his dream for them to protect the Clover Kingdom together as magic knights. Nacht screams in anguish and begs the gods to save his brother. He then berates himself and decides never to forgive himself. After Morgen’s burial, Nacht sits in front of the tombstone and cries. Yami wanders off and promises to make Nacht his vice-captain once he becomes captain. As he leaves, he takes Nacht’s discarded cigarette pack.

As promised, Yami appoints Nacht Vice-Captain of the new Black Bull company. Nacht visits the base once before going undercover in the Spade Kingdom. While the Dark Triad has gone to attack the Clover Kingdom and the Heart Kingdom, Nacht infiltrates the royal palace and searches the documents in Dante Zogratis’ room. One of the Dark Disciples finds out, so Nacht disappears into a shadow and then drags the Disciple into his shadow. Nacht steps out of the shadows and walks away.

That night, Nacht returns to Clover Kingdom and catches Asta leaving the infirmary. Nacht restrains him and dissuades him from chasing after the captured Yami Sukehiro, then shows up, revealing that he knows how to use a demon’s power. He also introduces his demon, Gimodelo, before releasing his spell and letting Asta get back up.

Nacht explains that he’s been undercover in Spade’s realm the whole time. Asta demands to learn how to use his demon’s power, but Nacht refuses and instead insists that he rested. The next day, Nacht slips into the captains’ meeting and interrupts them, complimenting their motivation but criticizing the mess they made of the meeting. He gets up from a shadow with Asta under his arm.

The captains move to attack the intruder, but Nacht uses his evil power to summon four masked beasts to stop them. Julius vouches for Nacht’s identity, and Jack notes that Nacht’s magic has changed (Jack confuses Nacht and his brother Morgen). Nacht hands over the documents from Dante’s room and explains the process for the Tree of Qliphoth.


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Rill Boismortier questions why the Dark Triad is doing this, and Nacht claims they are evil and their motives are incomprehensible. In order to get Yami and William back and to destroy the Tree of Qliphoth, Nacht wants to train Asta and his Anti Magic and build a team around Asta. Nacht explains his plan to sneak into the castle, lists the names and magics of the Dark Triad, and adds that the team will have to be limited in size.

When Yuno asks to be part of the team, Nacht asks who Yuno really is since he was visited by a certain Ralph Niaflem, a resistance member from the Spade Kingdom. Yuno reveals that he is the supposed prince of the Spade Kingdom; however, he wishes for revenge against Zenon Zogratis for the sake of William Vengeance and the company of the Golden Dawn. Nacht likes the tenacity and power of Yuno and Sylph.

Nacht announces that he will leave on the morning of the third day. Fuegoleon Vermillion suggests seeking help from the Kingdom of Heart, but when Charlotte Roselei mentions losing contact with the Kingdom, Nacht reveals that Vanica Zogratis was out of the castle the day before and may have attacked the Heart Kingdom.

Nacht Faust’s powers and abilities

Nacht uses this magical attribute to manipulate shadows. He is able to slip in and out of the shadows of other people and things, immobilize people who walk into shadows, and physically restrain people with shadows. Nacht possesses enormous levels of physical stamina, as shown when he continues to fight two higher-ranking demons after being pierced with multiple Fire and Ice needles.

Nacht relics

As a nobleman and vice-captain of the Black Bull, Nacht possesses a great amount of magical power. He can increase his magical power by using the power of his demons. Nacht can control all mana in an area around him to increase the power and range of his spells. He can also create shadow dogs and form a union with his demons.

Nacht has a grimoire that contains various shadow-based magic spells. Nacht also carries four relics connected to his four demons: a feather, two claws or fangs, and a braid of hair.

Is Nacht a Black Bull member?

Black Bull is one of the nine squads that make up the magic knights. The squad is known for its destructive behavior and has been regarded as the worst squad in the order. The question of whether Nacht Faust is a member of Black Bull or not has a very simple answer. Namely, Nacht Faust is a member of Black Bull, and not only that – he is the squad’s vice-captain, serving under captain Yami Sukehiro.

How many devils does Nacht host?

Nacht is host to four mid-tier demons who grant him power: Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and Walgner. He uses four demon-related relics to temporarily summon them into the living world, either as large masked beasts or as small familiars. He can also merge with their larger forms, allowing him to access the power of Demonic Union.

As he has four demons to perform Unite with, he has at least four different Unite Modes, with each Mode giving his magic an additional effect or ability to use in battle.

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