15 Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters (RANKED)

15 Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters (RANKED)

Despite its overly short run, Cowboy Bebop has managed to become one of the most popular manga in history. The futuristic setting and the genre-blending that Yatata’s presented, along with its mature topics and style, attracted the attention of a lot of fans around the world and became a cult classic. Cowboy Bebop is not a superhero show so its characters might seem a bit odd, but they’re still among the best characters in the history of anime.

In order to honor these great characters, this list is going to contain the 15 strongest Cowboy Bebop characters so far. The characters will be taken from both the anime and the movie. You’ll find out some basic information about them, from which you will be able to deduce why we have positioned them as we have on our list. So who are the strongest characters in Cowboy Bebop?

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters

The list is going to include a total of the 15 strongest Cowboy Bebop characters. They are going to be ranked from 15th to 1st place, with the 15th being the weakest on this list, and the 1st one being the strongest.

15. Chessmaster Hex


Chessmaster Hex is a brilliant computer programmer who won the CosmoNet Chess Tournament for decades. When he was barely thirty, he took part in the hyperspace gate project and ended up playing a key role in the development operations of the aforementioned system.

Later, however, he realizes that the Gate Corporation has deliberately inserted defects in the program in order to further guarantee its economic income with maintenance and, disappointed, develops a program to be implemented 50 years in the future to allow criminals to hijack the toll booths of the astral gates. Terrified by this, the executives of the Gate Corporation put a price on his head making him the most wanted criminal in the solar system.

However, the genius of Hex is such that he manages to go into hiding and actually disappear into thin air for decades.

14. Teddy Bomber

Teddy Bomber edited

Bower began his bombardment in 2071, offering a bounty of 3 million Woolong. As he was leaving one of his bombing sites, one of the tallest buildings on Mars, he was stopped by Spike on the escalator. Spike had rendered one of his bombs useless and was ready to be captured. However, just before his arrest, Andy rushed into the building, thinking Spike was the bomber.

While they argued, Bower escaped and set off two more bombs. A large section of the building collapsed while Spike and Andy ran away. Bower’s next target was another skyscraper, where a costume party of the highest order was taking place. Bower donned a large teddy bear costume as a disguise and placed his bombs. However, before he could carry out his plan, Spike and Jet tracked him down using the firing pin from one of the previous bombs.

Once again, Andy interrupted them and ruined the chance of an arrest. Frustrated at not being heard again, he detonated his bombs after loudly proclaiming that he hated being ignored. He fled into a parking garage to his car, but Andy was hot on his heels.

13. The Fridge Monster

Cowboy bebop fridge 1

The Fridge Monster was an alien creature that attacked the Bebop crew.

It was a small, black blob that slithered around on the floor, walls, and ceiling. It moved very fast and could change shape as it moved. It could incapacitate a living creature with a bite by secreting a poison, though it was unknown if the bite was fatal or not.

It attacked Jet Black first, then Faye Valentine, Ein, and Spike. They all got a purple rash and passed out. Spike was the only one left. Using a heat sensor, nets, and gas grenades, he tried to kill it, but to no avail. Instead, he pushed the entire refrigerator out into space. In the process, he was attacked by the creature and knocked unconscious in its final moments.

The creature later approached Ed, who was dreaming of pudding. It mistook the creature for pudding, ate it, and eventually killed it.

12. Abdul Hakim

Abdul Hakim

Abdul Hakim was a criminal and notorious serial animal thief who had a bounty on his head. Hakim was skilled in hand-to-hand combat and carried a gun. In 2071, Hakim stole a “data dog” named Ein from an illegal research facility with the intention of selling it to a buyer. A bounty of 8 million Woolongs was placed on his head.

He then had a doctor operate on him to change his appearance and even his size. After the surgery, he appeared much larger than the size Big Shot had given. However, instead of paying the doctor, he beat him up and disappeared.

Bounty hunters Jet Black and Spike Spiegel took up pursuit of Hakim as he put Ein in a briefcase and waited for the rendezvous with the buyer. However, at a coffee shop, a petty thief stole his briefcase and escaped shortly after. Hakim caught up with the thief at Animal Treasure, but the briefcase had already been opened and Hakim was unable to grab Ein.

11. Victoria “V.T.” Terpsichore

Victoria Terpsichore

Victoria Terpsichore, known as “VT”, is a fiery and determined space transporter considered one of the best in the field.

Distinguished by her great passion for heavy metal and her constant company with her cat, Zero; VT also owes her fame to the mystery around which her name is wrapped: in fact, no one, except for her late husband, knows what the two initials with which she usually introduces herself stand.

This secret has given birth to a game between space transporters: over the years many have tried to guess it by betting money against her but, the only result was the constant accumulation by the woman of a considerable sum thanks to the numerous failures.

10. Maria Murdock

Maria Murdock

“Twinkle” Maria Murdock was the leader of an eco-terrorist organization, the Space Warriors.

Murdock led the members of the once peaceful environmental group in a more radical direction, believing humans had no right to interfere with nature. Eventually, she spearheaded a plan to infect the moon Ganymede with a virus that would alter its genes. Because of this, a bounty of 25 million Woolong was placed on her head.

Murdock was briefly captured by the crew of the Bebop in a restaurant near Ganymede. Knowing that her group could take back the bounty by threatening the virus, she played along and was held on the ship.

Jet eventually found out that the bounty had been canceled and was forced to release her. During her time there, she found out that the group had somehow stumbled upon one of the vials containing the virus, but she did not disclose that she knew what it was.

9. Julia

Julia smiles

Julia is the mysterious and beautiful woman that Spike is constantly looking for, and who has been linked to both him and Vicious in the past.

Almost nothing is known about her past about her except that three years before the start of the series she was a member of the Red Dragon in some way submissive to the ambiguous Vicious and forced to obey him, although some elements reveal she had with him. also ties of a sexual nature. However Vicious himself calls her a dangerous woman who needs to be watched over.

In a flashback, Julia’s voice calls all the women (probably pointing to herself) liars. Presumably, it was Vicious himself who pushed the woman into Spike’s arms in order to keep an eye on him, without imagining, however, that genuine love could arise between the two.

8. Alisa

Alisa CB

Alisa is a shopkeeper on Ganymede. Alisa had a long relationship with Jet Black in the early 2060s when he worked for the ISSP. However, she became increasingly dissatisfied as she felt she had no independence outside of her relationship.

One day, she decided to end the relationship and left Jet. She left him a watch and a note that simply said “goodbye”. Later, Alisa started a relationship with Rhint Celonias. Rhint was very protective of her and they had a good relationship.

Alisa started running a bar called La Fin in 2071. However, business was slow as the area was much less frequented than before.

7. Doctor Londes

Doctor Londes

Dr. Londes is the enigmatic spiritual leader of a religious sect called SCRATCH, whose adepts seek eternal life by downloading their brain functions to the web through a kind of video game called “Brain Dream”.

Due to the large number of deaths caused by his doctrine, the man is wanted for inciting suicide. Londes appears in Episode 23, where the crew of the Bebop sets out on his trail discovering that all the information on his past, which they want him to be a former neurology researcher who became a preacher because “touched by the divine word”, are all false.

In order to capture him, Faye pretends to join the movement but she is discovered and almost killed were it not for the intervention of Spike who, having entered the temple of the SCRATCH, discovers the apparently elusive man does not exist in the physical plane.

6. Mad Pierrot

Mad Pierrot

Mad Pierrot is the alias of the man formerly known as Tongpu who years before the series began he was selected by an organization known only as “Section 13” to become a genetically modified human weapon.

The experiments were, in fact, successful, making man a perfect assassin endowed with largely superhuman abilities such as increased strength and speed, flight, and a force field capable of repelling bullets; however, they also had numerous side effects such as reddening of the irises, premature graying of mustache, beard and hair, the change of the body into an almost spherical shape and evident and violent schizophrenia with infantile regression of the psyche.

Considered a failed experiment, Tongpu was therefore transported to a secret facility to be placed under observation but, unfortunately, during the displacement operation, he managed to escape and, in the years to come, one by one kills all those responsible for the experiments carried out on him.

5. Vincent Volaju

Vincent Volaju

Vincent Volaju is the main antagonist of the 2001 film. He is a veteran of the Titan war who, together with a group of fellow soldiers, was subjected to experiments aimed at obtaining immunity to the lethal nanomachines built by the army as a weapon of mass destruction.

Of the whole group, Vincent was the only one to survive the experiments but, as a side effect, he almost completely lost his memory and began to live in a hallucinatory-like state, maintaining, as the only one with the real world, the permanent image of myriads of butterflies, with light created in the brain when nanomachines come into circulation.

Given up for missing on the battlefield and consequentially declared dead, Vincent, thanks to this anonymity, begins to plan to spread the nanomachines on all the inhabited planets of the solar system to exterminate the human race.

4. Faye Valentine

faye valentine Cropped

Born on August 14, 1994, into a wealthy family, Faye (See on Wikidata) lived her childhood in Singapore. It is the Merlion statue that appears several times, especially in his childhood video, which suggests it. During the early 2000s, she had recorded a Betamax videotape of her with her childhood friends. This video will be sent to him by parcel after he wakes up.

When she was twenty years old, Faye was aboard a spaceplane when it suffered an explosive decompression. Seriously injured, she was put into a cryogenic state immediately after the accident, in 2014.

3. Jet Black

Jet Black scaled

Jet Black, known on his native satellite as Black Dog for his tenacity, is a 36-year-old former police officer from Ganymede. Physically, Jet is very tall and very muscular. He wears a beard without a mustache and he is completely bald except the back of his head.

Spike is lazy and selfless while Jet is a brave man with an interest in many subjects. Jet was formerly an inspector with the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) for many years until he lost his left arm in an investigation that went wrong when his corrupt partner (and friend at the era) betrayed him.

His arm was replaced by a cybernetic limb, despite the possible biological prostheses, which he kept so as not to forget what happened. This injury and the corruption that rotted the ISSP ended up disgusting Jet, who became a freelance bounty hunter. Jet considers himself a “renaissance man”.

2. Vicious

Cowboy Bebop Vicious.0

Vicious, as the name suggests, is ruthless, bloodthirsty, skillful, and ambitious, able to do anything for power. He is a member of the Red Dragons criminal organization in Tharsis and is often compared to a poisonous snake.

According to the series and different guides, he was not always the monster he is but it was the betrayal of Spike, his friend, and of Julia, his beloved, that changed him. His favorite weapon is not a gun but a katana which he skillfully uses, even against guns.

He was a rifleman during the War on Titan and carried an automatic pistol at the time as well as when teamed up with Spike.

1. Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel is a 27-year-old bounty hunter, born June 26, 2044 on Mars. He is a tall, thin young man. The major inspirations for his character are actor Yūsaku Matsuda for his charismatic physique and taciturn personality, and Bruce Lee for his fighting technique, using the same martial art, Jeet Kune Do.

He has brown and red eyes, one of which is artificial and paler than the other. He usually wears a blue tuxedo, with a yellow shirt and boots inspired by Lupine III. He is a former member of the Red Dragons criminal organization.

He pretends to be dead for being with Julia, but his plan goes awry and Spike will eventually find himself as a bounty hunter with former cop Jet Black. He will go in search of his beloved, but to find her he will have to face Vicious, an old friend who has become his main enemy.

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