15 Strongest DanMachi Characters, Ranked

15 Strongest DanMachi Characters Ranked 1

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is a pretty decent name, don’t you think? This title is actually the official English title of the DanMachi franchise, one of the more popular fantasy series of the modern era. Now, DanMachi is full of intriguing characters, and the fantasy setting allows the characters to be even more epic as the plot evolves. In this article, we are going to bring you the 15 strongest DanMachi characters. The list is going to contain a total of 15 powerful characters, ranked from 15th to 1st place.

15. Yamato Mikoto

Yamato Mikoto Anime S2

Mikoto, trained by Takemikazuchi, is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant proficient in various fighting styles and techniques. Her expertise includes judo, which is effective against human opponents, allowing her to manipulate their bodies. She is a versatile warrior who excels in wielding katanas, spears, axes, bows, short swords, and thrown weapons like shurikens and kunai.

Mikoto showcases strong teamwork abilities, efficiently fighting alongside her teammates. Recognized by Takemikazuchi as one of the best in her Familia, she undergoes specialized training in infiltration, displaying remarkable skill in moving unnoticed through secure locations like Belit Babili despite numerous adversaries.

14. Riveria Ljos Alf

Riveria Ljos Alf

Riveria is recognized as the world’s best and most powerful mage, possessing vast and advanced magical knowledge. Her specialized status maximizes her magical power, enabling her to effortlessly defeat numerous Deep Floor monsters with a single spell and even overcome the Titan Alm Demi Spirit’s defenses. Utilizing the mental attunement method, Heart of the Great Tree, Riveria remains calm in intense battles. She excels at analyzing the flow of combat, accurately predicting its unfolding, and strategically preparing spells in advance for precise and effective use.

13. Liliruca Arde

Lili Temporada 2

As a Pallum, Lili possesses enhanced vision, including the ability to see in the dark. Her magic, Cinder Ella, enables transformation into beings or objects of similar size, including monsters, allowing her to copy their physical abilities. However, her transformations are influenced by her own condition. Lili can also utilize natural abilities, such as Beastmen’s heightened senses. Prior to formally joining Bell’s group, she frequently used Cinder Ella to disguise herself as someone else, often after pilfering from adventurers.


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12. Welf Crozzo

Welf Crozzo Anime

Welf, a member of the Crozzo family, possesses the unique Crozzo Blood ability, enabling him to effortlessly create powerful magic swords without formal training. His magic swords surpass regular ones in strength and durability, capable of achieving feats like “drying up the oceans.” Unlike his family members, Welf’s creations do not shatter during use. Despite lacking general blacksmithing skills, Tsubaki acknowledges Welf’s superior magic swords, outperforming even those crafted by his ancestors. In a battle against the Black Goliath, Welf fended off the Monster Rex and inflicted significant damage using a flaming sword.

11. Bell Cranel

Bell Cranel Anime

Bell, the protagonist, is a 14-year-old adventurer known for his friendly and compassionate nature, especially towards Goddess Hestia and Aiz Wallenstein. Initially timid, he aspires to become a great adventurer, particularly inspired by his grandfather’s tales. Possessing the Chance ability, Bell’s rapid level progression and growing confidence attract attention, leading to challenges from various Familias, including Freya’s. His luck-oriented abilities, such as nullifying poison and increased speed when fleeing, contribute to his unique journey in the city of Orario.


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10. Asterius

Asterius Arte de Personaje

Asterius, the powerful Xenos, surpasses normal monsters in intelligence and strength, earning recognition as the most formidable among them. His strength is demonstrated by easily defeating high-level opponents like Shakti and simultaneously holding his own against multiple skilled adventurers. Finn notes that Asterius relies more on his innate abilities but could rival Ottar’s power with proper technique training. He overwhelms first-class adventurers with devastating strength and showcases his destructive prowess by effortlessly destroying formidable opponents and structures.

9. Revis

Revis Anime

In her final battle with Ais, Revis acquires a potent red-green flesh armor crafted by a Demi Spirit, covering the right side of her body. This armor significantly enhances her abilities, bringing her close to Ais’s level using Ariel and Avenger, which had previously overwhelmed her. The armor is highly resistant, effectively blocking Ais’s attacks, and comes with a protective eye to react to blind spot attacks, showcasing its defensive capabilities.

8. Ais Wallenstein

Ais Wallenstein Anime 4

Ais, a highly skilled swordswoman in the Loki Familia, has honed her abilities through constant training, both individually and under the guidance of Finn and Gareth. Influenced by her father’s teachings, her technique often surprises her mentors. While her swordsmanship is exceptional and brutal, she lacks proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, as Revis noted after removing her sword, Desperate.

7. Ottar

Ottar Anime

Ottar, a top Level 7 adventurer, boasts unmatched raw physical abilities, surpassing all current first-class adventurers in strength. His superior stats, surpassing even Zald, make him a formidable opponent in combat, effortlessly overpowering monsters and high-level adventurers alike. Ottar’s tremendous strength enables him to withstand attacks from multiple first-class adventurers, nullifying their efforts and showcasing his unrivaled combat prowess.

6. Alfia

Alfia DanMemo

Alfia, an exceptionally talented magician, demonstrated her prowess by easily overpowering Level 5 adventurers like Riveria and Gareth. Despite the short chants of her powerful magics, the constant use of Silentium Eden reduced their effectiveness, yet she could still inflict serious injuries on first-class adventurers. Riveria acknowledged that Alfia had the potential to reach Level 7 if not for her incurable disease. Unconventional within the Hera Familia, Alfia excelled in both magic and hand-to-hand combat, surpassing even magical swordsmen in skill.


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5. Maxim

Maxim recognized and appreciated Ottar’s tenacity, maintaining interest in the younger generation. Despite his harsh support, especially towards weaker Families, Maxim aimed to encourage them to become stronger. He wasn’t afraid to use extreme methods to push others to their limits, drawing parallels between his actions and Zald’s motivations during the Great Conflict.

4. Finn Deimne

Finn Deimne SO Anime

Before obtaining his falna, Finn trained for four years in the mountains, mastering hand-to-hand combat. His small build and dexterity allow him to dodge attacks, study opponents for openings, and strike accurately with his spear. Proficient with both single and dual spear-wielding, Finn is equally skilled with swords, demonstrating efficiency with Desperate and showcasing teamwork with Loki Familia members to retain formidable foes.

3. Zald

Zald DanMemo

Zald was a highly skilled warrior, surpassing the barrier between levels and exhibiting power above Level 7. Capable of easily dealing with a higher Level 6 Ottar, Zald’s strength included breaking through adamantite walls effortlessly and defeating legendary monsters like the Behemoth in a single hit. His response speed surpassed even a Juggernaut born on the 70th Floor, highlighting his formidable combat prowess.


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2. Albert Waldstein

Albert Waldstein Anime

Albert, known as the Champion of the Sword, was a highly skilled swordsman and the most powerful character in the franchise, surpassing even Alfia and Zald. His exceptional swordsmanship, described as beautiful by Ais, involved strategic movement and powerful sword swings. While not shown in combat, his formidable technique left seasoned adventurers like Finn and Gareth amazed, showcasing his unparalleled skill with a sword.

1. One-Eyed Black Dragon (OEBD)

The One-Eyed Black Dragon is an ancient and powerful monster that escaped from the dungeon, defeating the Zeus and Hera Familias. It is considered the strongest creature in the world of DanMachi. Little is known about it, but it is noteworthy for killing Albert, showcasing its formidable and dangerous nature.

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