15 Strongest DanMachi Characters Ranked

15 Strongest DanMachi Characters Ranked

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is a pretty decent name, don’t you think? This title is actually the official English title of the DanMachi franchise, one of the more popular fantasy series of the modern era. Now, DanMachi is full of intriguing characters, and the fantasy setting allows the characters to be even more epic as the plot evolves.

In this article, we are going to bring you the 15 strongest DanMachi characters. The list is going to contain a total of 15 powerful characters, ranked from 15th to 1st place. We are going to tell you a bit about each of the characters, so you’ll be able to deduce why we have ranked them as we have in this article.

15. Yamato Mikoto

Yamato Mikoto Anime S2

Having been trained by Takemikazuchi, Mikoto is a proficient hand-to-hand combat fighter who is proficient in multiple fighting styles, as well as knowing a vast number of different techniques.

Among the styles that she dominates, one of them is judo, which although it is useless against monsters, due to the great variety of shapes and sizes of these, is very useful against people, allowing her to manipulate the bodies of her opponents. She also excels in the use of weapons, and although she often prefers to fight using a katana, she is also skilled in the use of spears, axes, bows, short swords, and thrown weapons, such as shurikens and kunai.

In addition to that, she is skilled at teamwork, fighting efficiently alongside her other teammates. Takemikazuchi recognized that she was one of the best members of her Familia.

As part of her training, she was trained in the art of infiltration, in which she has shown remarkable skill, managing to hide and go unnoticed while moving around the Belit Babili despite the security of the building and a large number of enemies.

14. Riveria Ljos Alf

Riveria Ljos Alf

Riveria possesses a vast and advanced knowledge of magic which, in combination with her status, specialized to maximize her magical power, has earned her recognition as the best and most powerful mage in the world. The power of her magic is such that she can take down dozens of Deep Floor monsters in an instant with just one spell and even managed to destroy the Titan Alm Demi Spirit’s defenses.

Thanks to her mental attunement method, the Heart of the Great Tree, she is able to remain calm even if she is in the middle of a heated battle. Riveria is an expert at analyzing the flow of a battle, being able to accurately predict how a fight will unfold, which in turn allows her to anticipate and prepare the right spell in advance to use at the right time.

13. Liliruca Arde

Lili Temporada 2

As a Pallum, Lili boasts much better vision than most people, which even allows her to see in the dark. Her magic, Cinder Ella is transformation magic that allows Lili to transform into anything the same size as her, including monsters.

She is able to copy the physical abilities of whoever/whatever she transforms into, though limited by her own state, and can also harness natural abilities such as the Beastmen’s sense of smell and hearing. Before officially joining Bell’s group at the end of volume 2, she often used Cinder Ella to disguise herself as someone else after stealing from adventurers.


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12. Welf Crozzo

Welf Crozzo Anime

As a member of the Crozzo family, Welf has the Crozzo Blood ability, which allows him to create magic swords regardless of any training. The magic swords created by him are much stronger than normal magic swords, and have been known to “dry up the oceans” with his power. Unlike the other members of his family, Welf’s magic swords do not break when used.

Despite his lack of skill as a blacksmith in general, Tsubaki recognized that the magic swords created by Welf is superior to his own and have even been shown to vastly outperform those made by his ancestors. In the battle against the Black Goliath he managed to hold off the Monster Rex and deal a considerable amount of damage to it with a flaming sword.

11. Bell Cranel

Bell Cranel Anime

Bell is the protagonist of the story. He is described as a very friendly person with a big heart. Bell loves his friends very much and has great respect for the Goddess Hestia and Aiz Wallenstein. Being the first of the Familia of Hestia, he was made captain. Bell is a 14 year old boy, always smiling and happy.

At the beginning of the anime, he is presented as a cowardly and very shy character, especially towards girls. He aims to become a great adventurer, but it won’t be an easy task. After meeting Aiz, who will later become a mentor and will gradually develop feelings for her, he will aim to get closer to her level so that he can be by her side.

Thereafter, we can notice that Bell will go from level to level very quickly (level 2 in 1 month and a half while Aiz went up to level 2 in 1 year) and will become more confident and courageous. But this will cause him a lot of trouble and he will be targeted by many Familias, like that of Freya, the Goddess of Beauty.

Bell was raised by his grandfather in a rural farming village in the mountains. His grandfather often told him stories about the heroes and adventurers of Orario, which prompted him to settle there later, wanting to follow in their footsteps. His Chance ability his luck in general, allowing him for example to obtain Drop Items more frequently in the Dungeon.

On one occasion, it allowed him to win several times in a casino. According to Hestia’s speculation, this chance is close to blessing. He can nullify the effects of anomalies such as poison. He also has the ability that increased his speed when fleeing.

10. Asterius

Asterius Arte de Personaje

Like Xenos, Asterius is much more intelligent and powerful than a normal monster. He was referred to as the most powerful Xenos by Lyd and is strong enough to easily defeat high-level opponents like Shakti. He was also able to hold his own against a simultaneous assault from Tione, Tiona, and Bete. Finn noted that Asterius relied more on his ability than his technique, but added that he would be as powerful as Ottar if he properly trained his technique.

Asterius possesses devastating strength capable of overwhelming first-class adventurers. In his confrontations with Tione and Ais he was able to send both flying in one blow, breaking the weapons and several ribs of the former while stripping Ariel and leaving her hand numb from the impact of the latter. On top of that, he managed to completely destroy the gigantic and resilient stem of a Grand Treant Demi Spirit with a full charge.

9. Revis

Revis Anime

During her final battle with Ais, Revis acquired a red-green flesh armor created by the Demi Spirit and imbued with its magic which covered the right side of her body. The armor increased her abilities greatly, making her nearly on par with Ais using Ariel and Avenger, who had previously easily overwhelmed her.

Likewise, it was very resistant, being able to block Ais’s attacks. In addition to this, she had an eye that allowed Revis to react to attacks from her blind spot. Her arm also instinctively protected her from attacks that were too fast for her to react to.

8. Ais Wallenstein

Ais Wallenstein Anime 4

Having trained since joining the Loki Familia, Ais is a skilled swordswoman and is usually recognized as the most powerful in the city. Her ability comes from her constant training both individually by her and by Finn and Gareth when she was a new member of the Family. Even back then, her technique sometimes surprised them, which was a result of her father’s techniques that she remembered and practiced.

While her swordsmanship is amazing, her fighting style is very brutal and aggressive, which is why few weapons are capable of withstanding it. On the other hand, her reliance on her sword for combat has caused her to lack hand-to-hand combat prowess. Upon removing Desperate, Revis noted that her attacks paled greatly in comparison to her abilities when wielding a sword.

7. Ottar

Ottar Anime

As a top Level 7, Ottar boasts unparalleled raw physical ability far above that of any current first-class adventurer in all respects, making him an exceptionally fearsome opponent in combat. Currently, Ottar’s stats are higher than Zald’s, making him more powerful than him, not counting effects like abilities.

Ottar possesses physical strength capable of overpowering huge monsters and high-level adventurers with minimal effort, such as when he cut a Grand Treant Demi Spirit’s fire magic in half and easily overwhelmed the Demi Spirit. His tremendous strength has allowed him to withstand the assault of numerous first-class adventurers without any being able to push him back or move in the slightest, having completely nullified the power of all of his attacks, including Ais’s Lil Rafaga.

6. Alfia

Alfia DanMemo

It was mentioned that Alfia was extremely talented, being able to easily overpower Riveria and Gareth, who were Level 5s at the time. Two of her magics were super short chanted, and despite the lack of a chant, they were incredibly powerful. Because she used Silentium Eden all the time, the power of the magic she used was significantly reduced, however, she could still seriously injure and send first-class adventurers flying.

According to Riveria, Alfia would have been able to break through Level 7 if it weren’t for her incurable disease. Despite being a magician, she was part of the vanguard, being able to fight with both magic and hand-to-hand combat, with a prowess superior even to that of a magical swordsman; and she was considered unorthodox even within the Hera Familia.

5. Maxim

Maxim recognized the positive qualities in others, finding Ottar’s tenacity interesting when it didn’t wear off even after his crushing defeat. He seemed to take a keen interest in the younger generation, as well as being harsh in his manner of supporting them. On occasions when he was challenged by members of weaker Families, Maxim used to humiliate them in their confrontations in order to encourage them to become stronger.

He was apparently willing to resort to extreme methods to help them become stronger, as Ottar pointed out a parallel between his actions and motivations and those of Zald during the Great Conflict.

4. Finn Deimne

Finn Deimne SO Anime

Before obtaining his falna, Finn trained for four years with an apprentice monk in a remote location in the mountains, becoming skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He often takes advantage of his small build coupled with his great dexterity to deftly dodge his opponents’ attacks while studying them for an opening and accurately attacking with his spear.

While he fights most of the time using a single spear, he has also shown great dexterity by wielding two at the same time. On the other hand, although he often uses spears, he is equally adept at wielding swords, wielding Desperate efficiently. Similarly, he made brief but skillful use of his knife in his battle with Revis.

His fighting style was described as beautiful by Loki and even Ais is often in awe of his fighting ability. In addition to this, he is very skilled in teamwork with the other members of his Family, managing together with Riveria and Gareth to momentarily retain Revis, who was Level 7 in terms of power.

3. Zald

Zald DanMemo

Zald was a highly capable and proficient warrior, having been a powerful member of the vanguard and being able to easily deal with a higher Level 6 Ottar. He was able to overcome the barrier between levels, having a power above Level 7. His power was such that he would have had a chance of defeating the captain of the Zeus Familia, who was Level 8, as well as being able to face a Juggernaut of the Floor 70 and, in case the monster did not defeat it in the first 20 seconds of the fight, be the winner of the fight.

Along with Alfia, they were the most powerful characters in the entire franchise after Albert. Zald possessed titanic strength capable of breaking through adamantite walls with ease. Also, he was able to defeat the Behemoth, a legendary gigantic monster, in one hit. Zald’s response speed would have been faster than the speed of a Juggernaut born on the 70th Floor.

2. Albert Waldstein

Albert Waldstein Anime

Albert lived with Aria and Ais long before the beginning of the story until his battle against the One-Eyed Black Dragon, during which he lost his life from damaging his eye and driving it away. Although most of his abilities are unknown, Albert is the most powerful character to appear in the franchise, surpassing even Alfia and Zald.

Albert was incredibly skilled with a sword, enough to be nicknamed Champion of the Sword. Ais described his swordsmanship as beautiful and compared it to using a takt as he kept moving with the lower half of his body to a minimum as he freely swung his sword.

Although he has not been shown in combat, it has been shown that he possessed a formidable technique capable of astounding even seasoned adventurers like Finn and Gareth, who were amazed to see Ais replicate his moves.

1. One-Eyed Black Dragon (OEBD)

A monster that escaped from the dungeon in ancient times, defeated the Zeus and Hera Familias and is still alive. One of his eyes was destroyed during the Ancient Times and thus is also called the One-Eyed Black Dragon. As far as it is known, the One-Eyed Black Dragon is the strongest creature in the world of DanMachi, but since he was only mentioned, we still don’t know much about him at this time. He did kill Albert, though, which says a lot.