10 Most Beautiful DanMachi Female Characters Ranked

10 Most Beautiful DanMachi Female Characters Ranked

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The female characters of DanMachi are not just powerful, they are also extremely beautiful. Anime does tend to have a specific way of portraying its female characters, but the female characters from DanMachi are pretty badass.

In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the 10 most beautiful female characters from DanMachi. We are going to provide you with some basic information on each of them, so you know everything you need about these beautiful girls.

10. Filvis Challia

Filvis Challia Anime 2

Like most Elves, Filvis did not allow anyone to touch her except those she allowed, which included other Elves. However, it was later revealed that her attitude towards the Elves was because she didn’t want to dirty them because she thought she was impure. However, her distance from all those who were not of her race seemed to be due to a genuine disinterest in meeting them or forming ties of any kind.

She was also quite direct and clear about her intentions and thoughts on the subject. Her lack of concern for the impression she made and lack of care in her words caused her attitude to give the impression that she was impolite and quickly earned the displeasure of others. As soon as she met up with the Loki Familia girls to explore Daedalus Street, she explicitly mentioned that she did not plan to forge a friendship with any of them.

Despite this, Ella Filvis was a faithful friend who sternly cared for others once she formed a true friendship with them. After getting to know Lefiya better, she began to repeatedly support her in whatever way she could, teaching her to perform Concurrent Chant and using her Dio Grail’s magic.

9. Artemis


Because she presided over chastity, Artemis was strict about love, forbidding her Familia members from having relationships and telling them to leave if they wanted to be in one. However, she did care about her Familia members. Because Lante explained to her that love was good, she began to wonder if she could change.

8. Dia

Dia Orario Rhapsodia Arte de Personaje

Dia has a kind demeanor and is caring; because of this, members of the Player Family consider her to be a kind of older sister. She helps the player from time to time and is responsible for the creation of the Familia. She also meets Hestia and introduces the Player Familia to the Hestia Familia.

7. Freya

Freya Anime 3

Freya is flirty, loves to tease, and has an endless appetite for talented adventurers. She seeks out the best and most talented adventurers and will get them no matter the cost. She has an obsession with Bell and actively does everything in her power to see him grow as an adventurer. She doesn’t like to be bound by anyone, though she doesn’t want to become an arrogant ruler either.

However, as her love for Bell grew more obsessive, he finally decided to let her selfishness get the better of her and attack her Familia, kidnapping and enchanting all of Orario in the process so he could have him unhindered.

She is very impatient, as she constantly interferes with Bell’s activities knowing that she might kill him in her attempt to want to see him grow up as fast as possible, but at the same time she is just as willing to help Bell to see him grow up as when she gave a grimoire alone. to speed up your progress. She is intrigued by his resistance to being hexed, making her want him even more.

She doesn’t take kindly to others trying to claim what she wants, as she invaded the Entertainment District when Ishtar tried to claim Bell and ended up sending her to heaven. She was also shown to show a bit of jealousy when Bell trained with Ais the first time and when they danced at the Banquet of Apollo.

Despite her usual straightforward method of acquiring those she likes from her, in Bell’s case, she Freya has decided to just keep an eye on him, stating that she could claim him whenever she wants. Usually she stays in her room in Babel, not making any public appearances, but she has recently started looking for information about Bell or seeing him in person at Banquets and Denatus of the Gods.

6. Riveria Ljos Alf

Riveria Ljos Alf Anime 3

Riveria has a serious personality. She is one of the few people who didn’t laugh at Bell and condemned the others for laughing at him. Characteristic of her race, she is a strict mentor who constantly pressures her students to force them to improve, even making them spend entire nights without sleep and not tolerating any distraction during their study sessions, training Lefiya in her studies as a mage and Ais when was a girl.

She remains calm and collected during the heat of battle, dealing with unexpected events as a leader would, as shown in the case of the Loki Familia being attacked by a large number of Virga on the 50th Floor. Despite this, Riveria is kind and understanding towards others, especially her fellow Loki Familia members.

She cares about them and constantly supports them to help them get stronger while making sure they don’t overexert themselves. After the assault on Knossos she was shown to have a strong attachment towards her fellow Familia, feeling guilty for the deaths of their lower ranking members. Due to her gentle treatment of the young members of the Familia, Ais in particular, she earned the nickname Loki’s mom.

5. Alfia

Alfia DanMemo 1

Alfia was a composed woman, almost always with a calm expression. Despite her calm demeanor, she could be aggressive if provoked. She was an extremely insightful person as she noticed Ais’s true nature soon after seeing her for the first time. She seemed to have a certain bond with her sister, visiting a church because it was a place she liked and had a certain self-hatred for having lived so long with her illness compared to her dying.


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As a result of the wide gap in their combat fitness, Alfia believed that she “stole” her sister’s talent while they were in her mother’s womb and considered it her “sin”. . Because of it, she cursed her own abilities and hated them more than anything. Her disgust was such that she even developed magic with the peculiarity of greatly reducing the power of her other magics. Although she was aware of her sister’s son, she let him give it to Zeus to take care of her.

She considered herself unworthy to do so, claiming that she had no right to care for him because she chose her own interests over him. She still cared for him a lot, wishing that by strengthening Orario she could create a world where she didn’t need to wield a weapon. In her final moments, she willingly fell several stories into the Deep Floors of the dungeon to be consumed by flames and turn to ash like her sister.

4. Ais Wallenstein

Ais Wallenstein Anime 5

Ais is a mostly calm person who has trouble expressing her feelings through words. Because of this, she is believed to be mysterious; however, she is actually mentally young and even visualizes a younger version of herself in certain situations, such as when she made Bell sleep with his head resting on her lap like a pillow.

Unlike her partner and Loki Familia member Bete, Ais does not look down on the weak despite being a top-class adventurer. She is also believed to be an airhead, mainly due to her calm nature. She is very strong, going to great lengths to achieve her goal of becoming even stronger, even offering to train Bell just so she can determine the key to her rapid growth.

She also tends to react violently whenever someone does something remotely perverted to her (like Loki). Ais exhibits a great interest in Bell, mainly because of her rabbit-like appearance. However, she helps him whenever he can, such as when she immediately moved to rescue him when she heard he was being attacked by the Minotaur, even using Ariel against Ottar despite swearing not to use it against another person.

During the time she trained Bell, Tiona noted that she seemed happy, an emotion that she had never seen in her before. She interacts with Bell very favorably, such as taking care of Bell on the 18th Floor and accepting his request to dance at Apollo’s ball even though it was her first time.

3. Horn


Horn is extremely loyal to Freya. Seeing her as a totally different existence from his own, Horn ended up idealizing Freya and developing a devotion that rose to her fanaticism, feeling immeasurable joy at the idea that he could become her through her magic. He has a great hatred towards Bell due to the fact that he has changed her.

However, he loves him too, having fallen in love with him due to her seeing and feeling what Freya did when she was with him due to her magic. Although he prioritizes Freya over nothing, Horn differs from the rest of his family in that he cares about others as well. During Ais’s training with Ottar, he gave her a change of clothes and a towel for the young swordswoman to clean up with, being the only one to express some concern for her.

2. Hestia

Hestia Evento

Hestia is an energetic and kind Goddess. She is always seen in high spirits and she is very passionate about her feelings. This in turn makes her surprisingly determined, willing to spend three whole days to get a weapon for Bell until Hephaestus finally relented. On several occasions, it has been pointed out that she is gentle with others.

She does not discriminate against anyone and she is fair to everyone, even Hera. Both Hephaestus and Penia have mentioned that she was the only one who didn’t make fun of them due to her flaws, her friend’s deformed eye, and the other’s status as Goddess of Poverty. Hestia is well known for it, which caused Loki to be surprised when he referred to Dionysus as terrifying.

On the other hand, she is compassionate and understanding since she accepted Wiene and let her stay in her home even though he was a monster seeing that she was just like a child. Although they have a serious enmity for each other, Loki has recognized her kindness as one of her greatest qualities. She is a pacifist so she tends to avoid conflict if possible.

In Heaven, she came to give Dionysus his place among the 12 main Gods of Olympus to prevent a conflict between him and the other Gods. Freya noted that she possesses a strong sense of justice, noting that she would be upset to see a slave market.

1. Sanjouno Haruhime

Haruhime Anime

Haruhime is a sweet, shy, polite, and extremely kind girl. She is respectful of everyone she meets and is eager to help when she gets the chance. Having grown up isolated in her mansion and later kept hidden under the Ishtar Familia, Haruhime has experienced a fairly sheltered life. As such, even minor things turn her on. Haruhime developed a love for reading at a young age, as it was her way of escaping her loneliness.

She has a fondness for fairy tales, especially in which a hero saves a damsel in distress. When she was forced to work as a prostitute, she wished that a hero would come to save her as she does in those stories. As time passed, she convinced herself that she would not be saved, as she believed that her profession made her unworthy of being rescued. Haruhime’s opinion on this changed after Bell saved her despite everything.

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