20 Strongest ‘Fairy Tail’ Characters, Ranked


The world of Fairy Tail is truly amazing and home to some of the most powerful fictional characters imaginable. From skilled swordsmen to mages, each class adds something new to the table. Today we’re going analyze everything from wizards, dragons and guilds to discover 20 characters who can brag with the title of being the strongest, with the most potential to shape the destiny of this fantastic universe.

20. Rogue Cheney

Rogue Cheney, a powerful Dragon Slayer from the Sabertooth guild, wields the power of third-generation Shadow Dragon Slayer magic. Adopted by Skiadrum, he hails from an era 400 years past, sent into the future to confront the menacing Acnologia. His swift and elusive abilities allow him to merge with shadows, executing sneak attacks with unparalleled speed. With access to Dragon Force, Rogue stands shoulder to shoulder with the strongest, contributing to the defeat of the formidable Acnologia alongside his counterpart, Sting.

19. Sting Eucliffe

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

Sting, the other member of the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth, ascended to become the guild’s master, solidifying his status as one of its strongest members. As a third-generation Dragon Slayer sent 400 years into the future, Sting wields White Dragon Slayer Magic bestowed upon him by his adoptive father, Weisslogia. This unique magic allows him to manipulate light, unleashing powerful blasts, orbs, and beams, while also employing light for strategic blinding effects. Sting’s exceptional abilities extend to activating Dragon Force at will, evident in his formidable battles against Larcade Dragneel and his crucial role in defeating the formidable Acnologia.

18. Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell, the Sky Dragon Slayer, harnesses the power of air to execute her unique form of Dragon Slayer Magic. Not only can she unleash a potent Sky Dragon’s Roar, breathing a hurricane-like blast capable of destroying formidable Lacrima crystals and matching powerful opponents like Sherria’s Sky God’s Bellow, but she also possesses remarkable healing abilities. Wendy’s proficiency in healing enables her to mend severe injuries caused by Dragons, utilizing even a simple kiss to restore others. Additionally, her magical prowess extends to support spells, enhancing attack power and speed for both herself and her allies. Wendy’s connection to air allows her to sense air currents, enabling her to predict the weather and navigate her surroundings effectively.


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17. Gajeel Redfox

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

Gajeel Redfox wields Iron Dragon Slayer Magic, a powerful form of Dragon Slayer Magic imparted by his mentor, Metalicana, The Iron Dragon. This magic revolves around the manipulation of iron, and Gajeel replenishes his strength by consuming iron. His powerful teeth and jaw muscles enable him to effortlessly chew through solid metal, including the Magic-canceling metal of the Dorma Anim.

Gajeel’s versatile magic allows him to produce various-sized iron rods, transform parts of his body into steel, and morph his arms into formidable, blunt, metallic weapons at will. Additionally, Gajeel can turn his iron into steel, incorporating trace amounts of carbon to enhance the damage and break through defenses that regular iron cannot achieve.

16. Dimaria Yesta

The Spriggan 12 are regarded as some of the most powerful characters in the entire series, establishing their worth as the ultimate adversaries in the storyline. Dimaria Yesta, a prominent member of this elite group, stands out as one of the fiercest female combatants in the series, akin to Erza, who is also adept in swordsmanship.

In addition to her superhuman strength and speed in sword combat, Dimaria possesses a formidable variant of Time Magic. Her mastery of Time Magic enables her to manipulate time, creating the illusion of superhuman speed. This characteristic makes her an exceptionally perilous adversary, necessitating the combined efforts of Wendy and Sheria to overcome her.

15. Gray Fullbuster

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

Gray Fullbuster is a highly skilled Ice-Make wizard, proficient in Static Ice-Make, allowing him to create various inanimate objects and weapons at will. Possessing extreme mastery over this versatile form of magic, Gray is resistant to cold, making him immune to snow-based attacks, and can freeze even powerful elemental entities like Juvia, showcasing his exceptional control over ice manipulation.

14. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane is a proficient user of Take Over magic, enabling her to assume the powers and appearances of creatures she deeply understands, particularly known for her signature spell, Satan Soul. As one of the “Take Over Siblings” alongside Elfman and Lisanna, Mirajane can control demons and manipulate them, showcasing her ability to make them explode and take over those on the brink of death, albeit at the cost of losing control over their bodies.


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13. Kagura Mikazuchi

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

Kagura possesses Gravity Magic, enabling her to manipulate gravity, affecting herself or her enemies. Although she made marginal use of it during a battle with Yukino Agria, countering the effects of Libra’s Gravity Magic, it can be assumed that Kagura is highly adept at Gravity Magic, having taught a variation of it to Risley Law in the past.

12. Laxus Dreyar

Laxus, initially a rebellious member of Fairy Tail, is the grandson of Makarov, the guild master, and a second-generation Dragon Slayer with lightning powers. After reforming and proving himself, Laxus is considered a worthy candidate to become the next master of the guild, displaying immense destructive capabilities in battles.

11. God Serena

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

God Serena, titled “Eight Dragon-God Serena,” possesses mastery over eight Dragon Slayer Magics, including fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, diamond, light, and darkness, making him a Second Generation Dragon Slayer. His ability to wield multiple elements simultaneously and unleash powerful spells with diverse elemental combinations earned him the moniker and recognition as a formidable force within the Alvarez Empire.


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10. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet possesses great mastery over Requip: The Knight, a form of Spatial Magic that enables her to swap weapons, armor, and clothes at will. Known for her remarkable speed in Requipping, she has over 100 different armors, earning her the epithet “Titania” and widespread recognition for her immense strength in Magnolia Town and the Kingdom of Fiore.

9. Makarov Dreyar

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

Makarov’s signature Magic, Giant, allows him to enlarge his body to colossal proportions, even reaching the size of Tenrou Island. This versatile Magic can selectively elongate specific body parts, enhancing Makarov’s physical prowess exponentially, enabling feats like crushing Natsu with enlarged arms and resisting powerful attacks, such as Grimoire Heart’s Jupiter cannon and Acnologia’s onslaught, showcasing both offensive and defensive capabilities in his giant form.

8. Brandish μ

Brandish’s Command T Magic grants her the extraordinary ability to manipulate matter on a colossal scale, earning her the title “Country Demolisher.” She effortlessly alters the size and shape of vast entities, like Caracole Island, showcasing the versatility of her Magic in resizing anything from weapons to intricate biological anatomy. However, her formidable powers prove ineffective against Neinhart, who, enhanced by Irene’s enchantment, renders her Magic powerless.

7. August

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

August, known as the “Wizard King,” possesses the Copy Magic that enables him to instantly replicate, master, and subsequently nullify any opponent’s Magic upon encountering them. Notably, he cannot copy Holder Magic, as it requires physical tools for activation, which limits his replication capabilities.


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6. Mavis Vermilion

Mavis, self-taught in Illusion Magic during her time at Tenrou Island, possesses detailed illusions that convincingly mimic reality, such as creating fearsome beasts and summoning an army of knights to intimidate others. Among her illusions is the “Heavenly Wolf,” a colossal wolf with a frightening appearance, and the “Tenrou Soldier,” an illusionary army equipped with swords and shields. Additionally, Mavis can summon a realistic and massive eagle-like creature called the “Guardian Eagle” through her Illusion Magic.

5. Irene Belserion

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

Irene, classified as a High Enchanter, demonstrates exceptional proficiency in Enchant Magic, allowing her to alter landscapes, climates, and the very fabric of the world. She possesses the ability to manipulate the atmosphere, transform inanimate objects into living beings, and even change humans into animals, showcasing her prodigious talent in attaching and detaching Magic from objects, as acknowledged by Zeref.

4. Natsu Dragneel

Natsu, proficient in Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, employs his abilities in various combat scenarios, consuming fire to replenish energy and increasing flame temperature based on emotional intensity, known as the Flame of Emotion. His natural resistance to cold, coupled with the incorporation of ignited flames into his fighting style, amplifies the damage of his strikes, forming the core of his magical prowess.

3. Gildarts Clive

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

Gildarts wields Crush, his formidable signature Magic, with the ability to shatter anything he touches into pieces, nullifying magical effects and reducing their power. Even the mightiest spells prove futile against this advanced and challenging-to-control Magic, occasionally causing the target to separate into doll-like versions, a process Gildarts can manipulate at will.


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2. Zeref Dragneel

Zeref, a master of Black Magic, possesses enormous Magic Power that he struggles to control consciously. His lack of control is tied to his emotional state, with his Magic becoming uncontrollable when he cares for others and gaining ruthless control when he no longer cares.

1. Acnologia

20 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters (RANKED)

Acnologia, originally a human who became one of the first Dragon Slayers during the Dragon King Festival, transformed into a Dragon over time due to the extensive use of his Lost Magic. While the specific element of his Dragon Slayer Magic is unknown, it allows him to consume any Magic element or “evil” aura to replenish himself. Acnologia’s abilities include a powerful Dragon’s Roar that eradicated Tenrou Island, the spell Eternal Flare involving thousands of destructive stars, and the devastating Power of the End energy blast.

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