20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip in 2023

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

I bet you were trapped and glued to your seats while watching Fairy Tail. Anticipating every adventure, challenge, twist, and turn — it’s obvious you weren’t disappointed. That’s definitely why you still want more. That is the reason we decided to make the list of best anime like Fairy Tail you just have to watch.

Anime with fantasy, magic, adventure, sci-fi- I have them all lined up beneath for your viewing pleasure. That said, here are the 20 best anime like Fairy Tail you can’t skip.

20. Seven Deadly Sins

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

In the Kingdom of Liones dwelt a titular group of knights known as Seven Deadly Sins. A counter guild of Holy Knights caused the Seven Deadly Sins to be disbanded, after which the Sins vanished without a trace. Years after defeating the sins, the Holy Knights orchestrate a coup and overthrow the King. 


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Princess Elizabeth Liones ventures on a quest in search of the Seven Deadly Sins and intends to assist them in clearing their names and ask for their assistance in reclaiming the throne from the Holy Knights. Set in a period similar to the European Middle Ages, this anime shares similarities with Fairy Tail in setting and characters.

19. Fire Force

The special Fire Force Company 8 is a group of pyrokinetic which sprung up years after the great cataclysm. Fire Force Eight is dedicated to putting a final stop to the infernal attacks in Tokyo Empire. The attacks turn humans into flaming infernos called infernals.

 There are also special infernals who possess pyrokinesis and retain their human form. Shinro Kusabe is one of the latter who joins the fire force. He is dubbed “devil’s footprints” for his ability to ignite his feet at will. 

Accused of starting the fire that killed his mother and brother Sho, he later learns that the fire was a cover for his brother’s abduction by the doomsday cult. The club is also responsible for the infernal attacks in the Tokyo Empire. 

They desire to form an army or infernals and spur a second cataclysm. It’s up to Special Fire Force 8 to annihilate the sinister plan of doomsday.

18. Goblin Slayer

In a fantasy world exists guilds, kindred come from far and near seeking to belong. The guilds take on risky and adventurous tasks to earn money and fame. Then, along comes an inexperienced 15 years old priestess with healing magic to join a guild. 

Excited to go on her first goblin hunting adventure, she ends up distressed as the goblins wipe out her team. Along comes a man called goblin slayer who doesn’t give a damn about fame to save the day. His motivation is seeing goblins lifeless. “Why?” you may ask. The answer is in his history. 

Being the sole survivor of a goblin rampage in his village, he has witnessed the atrocities of goblins as they raped his singer and plundered his home. Follow the adventures of the goblin slayer and the priestess as they team up to bring the goblin race to extinction.

17. Demon Slayer

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

In Japan’s Taisho era, humans and demons co-exist. Demons are humans that have traded their humanity for power and supernatural abilities. They crave human blood and feed on humans. 

Tanjiro Kamado, after his father’s demise, comes home to find his family slaughtered and his sister Nezuko turned into a demon. Though she is a demon, she still possesses humanity. With bitterness in his heart, Tanjiro vows to avenge his family while finding a cure for his sister. 


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He meets a group known as the Demon Slayers Corps on his quest, training for a war against demons. They have discovered that they can kill demons with weapons crafted from sun steel and exposed to the sun or injected with wisteria extract. I guarantee you’ll enjoy every bit of Tanjiro’s bumpy journey to victory.

16. Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

In the fictional city of Oratia, the inhabitants are placed in groups called familia. Each familia is named after a deity which it serves. In one such family dwells 14 years old Bell Cranel on his own. 

Bell is hardworking and sees Ais Wallenstein ( a swordswoman whom he secretly admires) as his role model. Alone he does all within his power to attain achievements, rise in level and provide for Hestia, his goddess. Unknown to Bell, his charisma has attracted the hearts of Hestia and other females. 

How will Bell deal with the feelings his deity grooms for him?

15. Legend of the Legendary Heroes

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

In the Royal Magician’s Academy of the Roland Empire is a multi-talented but lazy student called Ryner Lute. A battle emerges between the Roland empire and Estabul.  

After this, He journeys far and wide, gaining different magical skills and abilities. He is sent on a quest alongside swordsman Ferris by his friend Sion, the King of Roland. In search of the relic of heroes, he discovers the existence of a deadly curse slowly spreading through the continent — memories. 

There are still greater conspiracies to be uncovered, and quavering mysteries about Ryner himself as his true identity is yet to be revealed.

14. My Hero Academia

80% of the human population possesses superpowers called quirks. There are so many quirks that it’s almost impossible to find two people with one quirk. 

Among individuals with quirks, few are heroes who help to apprehend villains. Heroes who perform excellently well are honored with the title of pro heroes. 


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Izuku Midoriya is a boy without quirks. However, he dreams of becoming a Hero. By chance, Izuku meets All Might, a hero he idolizes. Seeing Izuku’s determination, All Might picks interest and sends him to a reputable school where heroes are trained. 

All Might recruits Izuku as his side-kick and passes his “one for all” quirk to his successor. On his rise to stardom, Izuku has to counter Tomura Shigaraki, who wants to destroy society, and all heroes.

13. Naruto

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

This particular anime has made waves and gained popularity to the point that non-anime lovers know the story. But for the few who don’t know, here’s the catch: 

Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja, strives to become the Hokage (leader of his village) through his pre-teen and teen years. 

The secret kept from Naruto about his history is that he houses the villain nine tails in him. Upon discovery, he forges on notwithstanding the surmounting obstacles on his way to greatness. Watch Naruto as he strives to be the best and gain an unbeatable reputation despite the hurdles he encounters.

12. Noragami

If you’re wondering what Noragami means, it means “stray god.” Probably the meaning has already given you a little bit of insight into the anime. It deals with the friendship of a trio- Hiyori Iki, Yato, and Yukine, their identities, and adventures.

 Hiyori Iki, a high school student, tries to save a stranger from being hit by a bus but ends up in an accident. This unfortunate incident causes her to lose consciousness, but she faces a problem when she regains consciousness. She notices that her soul begins to slip out of her body to a parallel world. 

Through this, she becomes conscious of two worlds; The near-shore is the first where humans, animals, and creatures reside, The second is the far shore inhabited by demons and human souls. On the far shore, her soul meets Yato, a minor god without neither a shrine nor fame.

 In a bid to gain reputation and a shrine, Yato has resolved to grant wishes for 5 yen. Hiyori wishes for her body to be fixed, and Yato needs assistance, so she agrees to help. Hiyori, Yato, and Yukine face many exciting travails in a bid to accomplish their goals.

11. Rave Master

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

If you love quests, you’re in for it. Young Haru’s glory takes it upon his shoulders to battle evil and restores peace to the world. To do this, he must find the five pieces of the sacred stone rave and use them to defeat the group demon card. 

In prior times, rave master Shiba Rose destroyed the dark rings, which gives the power for evil. In the process, he loses his guardian dog Plue and four raves. In search of Plue, he meets Haru. 

Certain circumstances lead to Shiba revealing his identity to Haru and declaring him as his successor. A sinister group is gathering the pieces of the dark rings to bring great calamity. It is up to Haru, the new rave master, to journey the world in search of pieces of the Rave.

 When found, he has to assemble the pieces to defeat the demon cards.

10. Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic

This series is a combination of both magic and adventure and thus a must-watch. Magis are powerful leaders and creators of labyrinths/ dungeons which hold great treasures and also trap. They lead chosen dungeon capturers to the treasures, which are guarded by djinns. 

Aladdin is a young magician who desires to explore the world. He befriends Alibaba Salina, and together they start an adventure to capture dungeons. They conquer the dungeon of Amon and embark on separate adventures. 

The fun series is based on Aladdin, Alibaba, and Sinbad, the sailor, derived from 10001 Arabian nights.

9. Soul Eater

This anime is about three teams in the Death Weapon Meister Academy. The academy is found in Death City. The academy serves as a training ground for humans with the ability to transform themselves into weapons. 

Each team possesses a weapon meister (a person with the ability to wield weapons) and at least one weapon they can turn into a humanoid.  Each team tries to create a death scythe, a weapon to be used by the headmaster against evil. The headmaster is Shinigami, the Death Lord himself. 

You may think these death scythes are crafted from elements. Well, you’re wrong! The death scythes are special humans who can transform themselves into deadly weapons. This ability is gained after one has consumed ninety-nine souls wherein evil is inhabited and the soul of a witch. 

8. Dragon Ball

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

You’re welcome to the enchanting world of martial arts. This anime series follows the adventures and progress of Son Goku from childhood to adulthood as he trains in martial arts. Son grew up in a remote, uncivilized area. 

Later in life, he meets with a girl called Bulma. Bulma presents to him an opportunity that piques his interest. She asks him to go with her in a quest for seven orbs known as dragon balls. 


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If they can collect all the seven orbs, they can use them to summon a wish-granting dragon. Goku meets other villains and aliens searching for the dragon balls, makes friends, and becomes a family man on the quest. This anime has two sequels titled “Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super.”

7. FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward and Alphonse are two brothers who lose their mother to the cold hands of death. Greatly impaired by her loss, they try all within their power to bring her back. When all attempts prove futile, they attempt the abstracted and cursed practice of alchemy in a bid to restore her.

This adventure puts them in jeopardy as they are unable to restore their beloved mother. Sadly, in the process of this attempt, they unleash a chemical reaction that tears their bodies apart. On the other hand, Alphonse loses his whole body while Edward loses a leg and has to give up an arm to retain his brother’s soul. 

He devises a means to trap Alphonse’s body in iron-clad armor. The only hope for them to regain their full bodily form is for them to find a long-lost philosopher’s stone. Therefore, they both embark on a journey and battle against the odds to get ahold of the stone and revive their bodies.

This show is a very emotional and interesting anime containing magical elements. It’s also an adventurous series.

6. D.Gray-Man

The existence of humanity is threatened by a man called Millennium Earl. He has assembled Noah’s family alongside a demonic army to obliterate all of humanity. They fight with weapons known as dark matter, which grants them abilities. 

However, an organization of exorcists, the Black Order, uses an ancient substance called Innocence to withstand the Millennium Earl. Innocence appears in various forms and only works for a wielded if it’s choice.

 Allen Walker joins the black order and trains to control his innocence. In the long run, it’s discovered that he has a connection to the Millennium Earl.

5. Hunter x Hunter

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Gon Freecs lived his childhood in his father’s absence only to discover that his father is still alive. What’s more? His father is a world-famous hunter who engages in fantastical voyages. 

He hunts treasures, Unknown animal species, explores secret enclaves, and many more. Gon seeks to meet and reunite with his father; he senses that he can only do this by becoming a hunter. So, he starts at an early age training to hunt. 

He meets with many other hunters and encounters strange and paranormal activities. His ultimate goal remains to pass the hunter association examination to find his father.

4. Bleach

In the town of Karakura, teenage Ichigo Kurosaki, who was born with the ability to see ghosts, becomes a Shinigami or Soul Reaper after meeting Rukia Kuchiki. As a soul reaper, he is responsible for killing monstrous unpurified ghosts known as hollows who feed on humans. 


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This responsibility means he has to protect humans and send the ghosts to the afterlife. Being reluctant at first, he later warms up to his duties. In carrying out his tasks, he discovers that his friends and classmates are spiritually enlightened with powers. 

When Rukia is sentenced to death for her failure, he decides to help her. In the course of this, he discovers a greater conspiracy involving the master soul reaper.

3. Sword Art Online

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Sword Art Online is the latest virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game in fantasy lands with magic and guilds. When it is launched on 6th November 2022, ten thousand players log in only to find out that they are trapped. 

The creator of the game implemented NervGear technology. Thus, whatever happens to a player in the game manifests in reality- even death. The creator intends to use the game as an experiment on people’s minds. 

The protagonist Kazuto Kirigaya, having had a similar experience, takes it upon his shoulders to survive, freeing himself and all other trapped players.

2. Black Clover

Asta and Yuno are orphans raised together in an orphanage. Born into a world where everyone wields power, Asta doesn’t. Therefore, he focuses on physical strength. Yuno, on the other hand, has immense magical powers.

Both teenagers desire to become the next wizard king and engage in friendly rivalry. They both obtain grim pores and join a magic knight squad. They embark on adventures and contend with many sinister groups.

1. One Piece

20 Best Anime Like Fairy Tail You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Monkey D. Luffy is a lad who dreams of becoming the next pirate king. To achieve his dreams, he has to find the treasure “one-piece” left by Gol D. Roger- the previous pirate king. Monkey D. Luffy has a rubber arm which he can elongate at will. 

This ability is a product of the devil’s fruit. His rubber arm comes in handy in pirate clashes and battles. He begins his search with his crew of straw hat pirates for the treasure in the dangerous stretches of Grand Line. 


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Follow Luffy and his crew on an exciting, action-packed adventure to seek the treasure that can make him King.

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