15 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters (Ranked)

15 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters Ranked

The popularity of Jujutsu Kaisen is an undeniable fact. The manga and the show have, in a very short time and with relatively little content (when compared to the “Big Three“, for example), achieved a lot and true anime fans are commonly naming Jujutsu Kaisen as one of the best manga and anime series of the modern era.

In order to honor that legacy, here is a list of the 15 strongest Jujutsu Kaisen characters so far. The characters will be taken from different narrative arcs. You’ll find out some basic information about them, from which you will be able to deduce why we have positioned them as we have on our list.

Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters

The list is going to include a total of 15 characters. They are going to be ranked from 15th to 1st place, with the 15th being the weakest on this list, and the 1st one being the strongest.

15. Panda


A young exorcist in the first class at the Tokyo Curse School competing in the tournament against the Kyoto twin school. Although he has the appearance of a giant panda, he is in fact a unique type of incarnate created by Masamichi Yaga, Panda is gifted with great sensitivity, but in addition, he grows and matures as he gets old.

It is also unique because it has three “cores” (the “heart” of an incarnate), which can change places in order to unlock various abilities.

14. Maki Zen’in

Maki Zenin

A young exorcist in the first class at the Tokyo Curse School. Along with Toge and Panda, she recruits Megumi and Nobara (and later Yuji) to participate in the tournament against the Kyoto Twin School. She comes from a prestigious exorcist clan and is heir to it as the eldest child, but due to her low occult strength, she and her twin sister Mai have been demoted to the rank of clan servant.

She then left her clan to join the Tokyo Curse School to become an exorcist. Having a low level of occult energy, Maki needs special glasses to see plagues and uses various cursed weapons to fight them. However, being born with celestial restriction, she is blessed with superhuman physical strength, which more than makes up for her lack of occult power.

13. Yūta Okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu

The protagonist of volume 0 of the manga entitled Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School, a work that serves as a prequel to the latter. Yuta was initially a cursed victim of a high-ranking plague, he was haunted by the spirit of his childhood friend, Rika Orimoto.

Satoru Gojo took charge of his case and enrolled him in the Tokyo Curse School, where he befriended Maki Zen’in, Toge Inumaki, and Panda. After training with Gojo and the other highs, Yuta learned to control his occult energy and became a skilled swordsman.

Even after lifting Rika’s curse, Yuta retains his special power, so much so that he can beat Suguru Geto, and Gojo has stated that Yuta has the potential to defeat him. Yuta’s great power comes from the fact that he is a descendant of one of the three great exorcist clans and this is the reason he cursed Rika when he refused his death as a child.

Yuta is still a first-year student at the school but is studying abroad.

12. Suguru Getō

SuguruGeto 1

He is a special rank sorcerer and former classmate of Satoru and Shoko, and thus a student of Yaga. His technique allows him to absorb and control natural curses and use them for combat.

Initially motivated by the desire to protect the weak, during his time at the institute he develops a strong hatred for people without magical powers to the point of wanting to exterminate them all to give life to a world of only sorcerers, an act that according to him would prevent the creation of cursed spirits and consequently would end the cycle in which all sorcerers are trapped.

During the events of Volume 0, he released several spirits in Shinjuku and Kyoto. He then invaded the institute to take control of Yuta’s guardian entity, Rika, but was defeated by Yuta himself. He is later confirmed to have been killed by Gojo at the end of Volume 0, thus leaving his body free to be possessed by Kenjaku.

11. Toge Inumaki

Toge Inumaki 1

A second-year student, he uses magic related to words. Due to the lineage in the Inumaki clan, he was born with different markings around his mouth. Whenever he says a word (such as “fall”) any target who hears the word will be forced to do so.

Because of this ability, he has a very shy and silent character and is used to communicating only with ingredients used to prepare rice balls. During Shibuya’s arc, he is accidentally caught in Sukuna’s domain expansion and loses an arm.

10. Nobara Kugisaki


A first-year witch studying at the Tokyo Institute of Occult Arts under the tutelage of Gojo. She moved to university to be able to live in Tokyo free of charge. She meets Itadori and Megumi during her first official mission as a sorcerer.

Nobara is a lively woman with great confidence in herself and in her ability to overcome any situation. Although she is not nearly on the same level as Yuji, Nobara proves she can be ignorant or misinformed on several occasions. She uses a hammer and nails infused with her magical power as a weapon to exorcise curses.

She admires a girl named Saori who lived in her village and wishes to meet her again. During the events of Shibuya, she is seriously injured by Mahito.

9. Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi Fushiguro 1

A young exorcist in second grade at the Tokyo School of Exorcism under the tutelage of Satoru Gojō. He meets Yūji when he tries to locate an S-class relic, one of Sukuna’s fingers, in his high school. It is he who convinces Satoru to try to save Yūji from his execution after his possession by Sukuna.

He uses his cursed power to create spirits from his own shadows, to exorcise plagues. He appears to have high potential as an exorcist that several other powerful people have noticed, including Sukuna himself.

8. Yūji Itadori


An extremely gifted teenager in sports who joined his high school spirit club to be able to leave school earlier. After the other two club members find and open a box containing a cursed relic resembling a mummified finger, his high school is attacked by creatures known as “Curses.”

In order to protect his friends, Yuji swallows the finger and finds himself possessed by a plague named Ryōmen Sukuna. Considered a plague, Yuji is condemned to death but Satoru Gojō, professor at the Tokyo School of Exorcism, offers him an alternative to delaying his execution.

Sukuna’s fingers are relics, indestructible in theory, but Yuji being able to absorb them while maintaining control of his body, he will have to help the exorcists to retrieve the other relics, swallow them, and only then be killed, thus allowing the removal of Sukuna from his own body.

7. Aoi Tōdō


A third-year student and strongest student of the Kyoto institute. He is a tall and muscular boy, with an exuberant character and always looking for opponents at his height. He usually asks his interlocutors about their ideal type of woman, and if his answer doesn’t satisfy him, he doesn’t hesitate to attack them.

He is incredibly strong in hand-to-hand combat, having been able to defeat five cursed spirits of the first degree and one of the special degree during an attack on Kyoto. His cursed technique, “Boogie Woogie”, allows him to swap the positions of two things by clapping his hands.

He believes that Yuji is his brother and that they went to the same middle school. He also taught Yuji how to control his evil energy.

6. Kento Nanami


He is a first-degree sorcerer and former employee. Nanami is a very intelligent and reserved man who knows how to separate sentimentality from work. As one of Yuji’s mentors, Nanami is in complete contrast to Gojo, who is much more outspoken and down to earth.

He almost always has an indifferent attitude and appears very aloof and stoic in any situation. Under his tough aspect, Nanami is a kind man with good moral values. His curse technique, Ratio, allows him to create weaknesses in his enemies and hit them.

He dies at the hands of Mahito during the events of Shibuya.

5. Mahito


A high-level Curse born out of hatred of humans, it is capable of taking human form, its goal is the extermination of humanity. He is sadistic, immature, and enjoys playing with human emotions, even when his life is in danger. He believes that life has no value or meaning and therefore everyone should do what they want with it.

This mentality seems to come from his ability to perceive and manipulate souls, which makes him see souls (and by extension the heart) as nothing more than an object.

His occult power allows him to manipulate his soul and those of others by changing the shape of his body and that of others, thus allowing him to transfigure the bodies of his victims by transforming them into monsters in his service.

4. Jōgo


A high-level Curse born out of humans’ fear of the land. It is a cyclops whose head is shaped like a volcano. When he is overexcited, his “volcano” erupts and lets out a strong heat. He is impatient and too sure of himself and his abilities. Without scruple, he does not hesitate, when he has the opportunity to kill humans.

His occult power allows him to create mini-volcanoes, which generate and control extremely powerful eruptions of fire, capable of destroying everything in their path. He can speak normally unlike most plagues. He considers himself a pure human, that’s why he wants to eliminate all the humans he calls impostors and living counterfeits.

3. Hanami


A special degree Curse born of humanity’s fear of forests. He believes humans have gone too long in ruining Earth’s environment, and he wants to allow the planet to shine again without human cruelty. His cursed power allows him to create plants that he can manipulate.

Hanami is also able to steal life energy from plants and store it in the flower on her left shoulder. During the Shibuya incident, he is killed by Gojo.

2. Sukuna


A high-level Curse, unquestionably considered the king of Curses because of his power and malice. According to legend, Sukuna was a human-like four-armed demon that appeared during the time of witchcraft.

The wizards of the time were unable to exorcise her, so they stored her 20 fingers as cursed charms, hoping that one day they would be destroyed. He is currently the “guest” of Yūji Itadori’s body.

1. Satoru Gojō

Satoru Gojo 1

A sorcerer who works as a teacher at the Tokyo Institute of Occult Arts. He is the teacher of Itadori, Megumi and Nobara. He convinces his superiors to keep Yuji alive until he has consumed all of Sukuna’s fingers. He is a complex individual, as he is usually easygoing and playful towards people like his students and colleagues, but rude to his superiors.

Although he has never been mentioned, he has a strong relationship with the young witch Maggie. He has chosen to teach young sorcerers to raise a new generation that can change the ruling class of witchcraft from within, which he considers too closed and conservative. He is very confident in his abilities and reputation as a powerful sorcerer.

Although he has given himself the nickname “The Strongest”, most allies and enemies agree that he is one of the most dangerous people alive. As a result, he is widely respected and revered by sorcerers, even those of the sister school in Kyoto, and has a high influence in the world of witchcraft.


Jujutsu Kaisen Characters: Ages, Heights, Birthdays and Powers

Use his magical power to control the space around him in countless ways. He also possesses the “Six Eyes” power, which gives him semi-clairvoyance. He is able to detect the presence of other people, perceive dangers and know the abilities of his adversaries. During the events of Shibuya, he is sealed by Kenjaku.

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