15 Strongest Thundercats Villains Ranked

Thundercats Villains

Great and strong villains are the integral other half of any great superhero story. It’s possible for one villain to carry the role of the evil entity in a story but then any show is better off when having multiple. Like many shows, Thundercats come with it multiple villains and each with different ranges in strength.

15. Driller


Found deep underground on Third Earth, Driller is a mechanical being who has giant drills for legs and another drip point on his head. Referred to as the “San Devil of Earth”, Drill can be summoned through a ritualistic chant by Mumm-Ra.

Driller’s powers are pretty straightforward as his strength directly comes from his drilling capabilities. He can effortlessly and swiftly bore through any known material. Being able to drill through anything, Driller often uses his abilities to either confuse his enemies or as a means of a quick getaway.

Driller is also quick on his drill feet and can easily dodge his opponent’s attacks.

Driller’s drills, although his greatest strength, are also his greatest weakness. Unsharpened, his drills won’t be able to penetrate thus can lead to him being trapped underground. Due to his obligatory need for Diamonds, he will work for anyone who can provide him with the much-needed material.

14. Jackalman


Leader of the Jackalmen, Jackalman is a humanoid Jackal from the planet of Plun-Darr. A member of the Mutants Led by Slithe, along with Monkain and Vultureman.

Jackalman has mostly been observed to be cowardly and cautious although he has displayed incredible degrees of bravado on a few occasions.  He appointed himself general when he decided to rebel against Slithe and the other mutants in the name of his gang.

Although seen as cowardly, Jackalman’’s strength lies in his cunning. Crafty in nature, he has at times turned the odds in his favor.

Jackalman is a handful in hand-to-hand combat when he puts his mind into it at least. He even took on Lion-O singlehandedly and was able to snatch the Sword of Omens from him. He can get greedy though and most of the time proves to be his undoing.

Slender in build, Jackalman is considered to be the physically weakest of all the mutants. He relies mostly on weapons such as clubs, axes, maces, guns, and even cannons

13. Captain Cracker


Captain of the Jolly Rogers, Captain Cracker is a robotic pirate who steals and pillages throughout the galaxy. He and his crew are constantly being pursued as they are flagged as one of the most wanted by the Intergalactic Police.

Fierce, ruthless, and evil, Captain Cracker will not think twice when assaulting anyone. He is also an intricate schemer and doesn’t just act on the fly. As his name suggests, he is a pirate and usually wields a cutlass but does pull out his Mechanical Palm Tree from time to time.

Although ferocious, he isn’t quite as capable in physical combat and turns tail when robbed of his weapons. He also sports a peg leg which is an added handicap.

12. Hammerhand


Another pirate on the list, Hammerhand is a half-human half-robot pirate who, with his Berserker crew, spreads terror across the seas of Third Earth. Unlike the previous pirate in our list, Hammerhand and his crew are more akin to Vikings rather than the traditional pirate.

Hammerhand’s primary advantage when it comes to hand-to-hand combat is his large iron arm. He also comes with his band of Berserkers who are just as vicious as he is.

Intelligence isn’t one of the strong suits of the berserkers, nevertheless, Hammerhand is smarter than his crew. A well-versed battle tactician though, he knows the optimum uses of weapons and the men at his disposal.

Much like Driller, Hammerhand’s strength is also his weakness. His large iron arm, although devastating, is rather cumbersome and isn’t ideal for use against agile opponents. He also doesn’t carry any weapons with him and solely uses his cybernetic arm.

11. Luna


Cruel and self-centered, Luna is the leader of the Lunataks. Short, unlike the others, Luna is far more dangerous than she looks. She is able to get the others to obey mostly due to her wit and her bodyguard Amok.

Not having any magical powers, physical abilities, or weapons, Luna’s only means of attack and defense is through her bodyguard, Amok. She however possesses diabolical intelligence and a quick wit which are her actual main strengths.

Luna however at one point in time came to hold her grandmother’s magic belt and scepter which gave her powers. This made her tall and granted her strength. Still, when stripped of these items, she changes back to her original self.

10. Monkain


Hailing from the Planet of Plun-Darr, Monkain is the leader of the Monkains. He is also a member of the Mutants gang led by Slithe and regarded as the “muscle” of the group.

Being of simian nature, Monkain is incredibly agile and strong, not to mention unmatched when it comes to the treetops. He was able to best the Thundercats when he was equipped with the Spheres of Power but was ultimately defeated by Mumm-Ra.

Monkain supports an arsenal of weaponry much like the mutants but favors his shield above all else.

Like all the other mutants, Monkain is also cowardly when all alone or disarmed. Unlike his fellow mutant leaders though, Monkain isn’t very intelligent.


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9. Ma-Mutt


Ma-Mutt the is Mumm-Ra’s ever-faithful bulldog-like pet. Loyal yet mischievous, like all other dogs, he mostly only wants his master’s attention. Although unable to talk, Ma-Mutt displays human-like intelligence.

What makes Ma-Mutt stand out from the previous entries in the list is that he can turn gigantic and can even fly. Loyal yet mischievous, like all other dogs, he mostly only wants his master’s attention. Although unable to talk, Ma-Mutt displays human-like intelligence.

8. Slithe


The self-appointed leader of the Mutants, Slithe is of the reptilian race from planet Plun-Darr. Truly evil and ruthless, Slithe commands the Mutants with an iron fist. At times he will not hesitate to sacrifice his own men if they get in the way.

Slithe is vicious and does not give up easily seen when he hounded the Thundercats all the way to Third Earth. Unlike the other mutants, he possesses the ability to out-think and come up with numerous schemes to defeat the Thundercats.

Other than being the one of the smartest among the mutants, Slithe is also physically the strongest. Stout and muscular, he can take on Panthro hand-to-hand. He also uses his powerful tail to his advantage, whether it’s delivering strong blows or to sweep them off their feet.

As with other mutants, Slithe is also a coward though nowhere near as Jackalman or Monkain. Due to his heavy build, Slithe isn’t very agile which makes it difficult for him to flee when he needs to.

7. Captain Shiner


This bulldog-looking mercenary will do anything for the right price. As a mercenary, Captain Shiner has a calm disposition and can be considered neither bad nor good. He will however complete any contract and will do so always at a very steep fee.

Armed with his greatly loyal crew, his ship the Vertus, and his reputation, he is the go-to mercenary of Mumm-Ra when he wants to get things done.

6. Safari Joe


The merciless intergalactic bounty hunter Safari Joe came to Third Earth to hunt down the most dangerous prey, the Thundercats. Untrustworthy and without honor, he will go against his word if it gives him the upper hand.

Like any professional hunter, Safari Joe does not go on a hunt ill-prepared. He starts out with learning everything about his target especially their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with advanced technology such as his gattling gun with various ammo and an undetectable ship he is well prepared for any prey.

He relies too much on his equipment though and is a coward deep down masked by false bravado.

5. Vultureman


Vultureman is a member of the mutants led by Slithe and acts as their scientist and inventor. Although his name suggests that he is an anthropomorphic vulture, he does not possess the ability to fly.

Although lacking in physical strength and combat abilities, Vultureman’s real threat comes with his above-average intelligence. He also possesses the ability to analyze and think through situations logically and will ally with anyone for the betterment of his goal.

Being an inventor, he concocts nefarious schemes on how to employ his inventions against the Thundercats. A few of the said inventions include the Thundrainium Cannon, the Shifter, and The Voice Imitator.

The Superpower potion, his most notable invention, is the reason why Vultureman makes it high in this list. This potion gave him immense strength, flight, hypnosis, and laser eyes.

With the power of the potion, he was able to defeat the mighty Mumm-Ra and even Lion-O armed with the Sword of Omens. The only downside was that the potion was only temporary and Vultureman is easily defeated once it runs out.

4. Ratar-O


The Tyrannical Ratar-O is the original leader of the mutants from the planet of Plun-Darr. He is despised by all the mutants save for Vultureman who often serves as his co-pilot.

Ratar-O is armed with two powerful short sais, the Rat’s Eyes, and uses it to levitate enemies and deliver powerful energy jolts. He also has the state-of-the-art RatStar with superior firepower and the devastating Varicannon.

Above Ratar-O’s powerful arsenal, his true strength lies in his strategies and evil schemes. Possessing far more experience and intelligence than other mutants, he is an excellent military strategist. He can become overconfident in his abilities which usually results in his downfall.


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3. Mongor


This evil goat-like being known as Mongor terrorized Third Earth till he was banished to his tomb prison. Can be argued to be the strongest on the list, Mongor feeds on fear and grows in size and strength as he gorges himself.

Mongor is an extremely powerful being and is completely immune to fire. His power is so immense that he can counteract everything the Thundercats threw against him.  His fearsome power and ability to feed on others’ fear only ensure the further growth of his might.

He has one big weakness though. Mongor lives off fear and without it, he becomes powerless.

2. Grune the Destroyer


Grune the Destroyer was once a Thundercat till greed and the lust for power took hold of him. He was defeated and sealed off by Jaga in a crystal-like container.

Upon his death, a magical symbol was placed on this tomb which kept his spirit from escaping. However, Hurrick and Bundun broke the symbol and set Grune free.

Grune the Destroyer came back as a ghost immune to Thundrainium and wielding a mace of the same material. He also possesses the strength and agility of a Thundercat making him a truly dangerous foe.

The Thundercats were incapable of fighting a ghost but thankfully, Grune was not after them and only desired a rematch with Jaga. Grune was only ultimately defeated when Lion-O gave Jaga the Sword of Omens and lent him his strength. If not for Lion-O, Grune would have been victorious.

1. Mumm-Ra


The main antagonist of the Thundercats series, Mumm-Ra should only make the top of this list. A mummified demon priest, Mumm-Ra has almost unlimited knowledge in the field of sorcery and black magic.

Mumm-Ra’s true power however comes from four giant statues containing the Ancient Spirits of Evil. After reciting his incantation, he transforms into a tall and very muscular form that is seemingly invincible, his Ever-living form. He is also capable of a higher form dubbed “Mumm-Ra, the All-Powerful” when he absorbs the entire power of the ancient spirits.

Mumm-Ra assumes many forms to manipulate and infiltrate the Thundercats. Besides his command over various magic, he is immortal and cannot be truly killed. To this day, he remains the biggest threat to the Thundercats.

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