Sumikko Gurashi’s 2nd Film Exceeds 1 Million in Ticket Sales


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It has been announced that the ticket sales for the 2nd Sumikko Gurashi Movie: The Magical Child of the Blue Moonlit Night exceeded 1 million. As of January 2, the film has earned a whopping US$10.18 million! 

Western viewers would find this feat surprising as the movie looks like it caters only to a younger demographic, primarily kids. But, in fact, when the film opened in 184 theatres nationwide in Japan last November 5, the seats were filled with adult fans excited to watch a movie about their favorite little creatures. 

On September 30 last year, a one-minute trailer for the movie was released on Toho Cinemas YouTube Channel. You can watch the trailer below: 

A few months after, a PV was uploaded on Asmik Ace’s YouTube Channel featuring the movie’s theme song “Small World” by Bump of Chicken. 


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The PV shows the main characters in Sumikko Gurashi, a set of fictional characters produced by the Japanese company San-X, enjoying their day-to-day lives as slightly unsociable creatures with personal issues. The title Sumikko Gurashi translates to “life in a corner.” 

The film is currently on its 10th weekend at the Japanese Box Office. When the movie premiered on November 5, it sold around 200,000 tickets in three days; that’s around US$2.2 million. The movie ranked first in Japanese films for both attendance and box office performance during its first week. 

Fans, young and old alike, continue to watch this film in Japan’s theatres. 

Source: Cinema Today

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