‘Superman & Lois’ Season 4 Continues With Fewer Writers and Cast Members Due to Budget Cuts

superman and lois budget cuts

People often rave about how ‘Superman & Lois’ is one of the top superhero shows on the CW. Even with the CW making changes and dropping several projects, ‘Superman & Lois’ still snagged a renewal for its fourth season just weeks before the third season finale. While not officially part of the Arrowverse, the show has managed to set itself apart from other CW superhero projects that haven’t been so well-received in recent years—especially when you look at the letdown that was the finale of ‘The Flash.’

The series, which offers a unique take on Superman and stars Tyler Hoechlin, secured another season but with a notable decrease in episodes—from 13 to 10. According to Deadline, there will also be fewer cast members and a smaller team of writers.

It’s not that surprising, really. If Superman is going to suit up in every episode, that’s going to cost a pretty penny, especially when you factor in special effects. Before the renewal, the studio wasn’t certain if the show’s current viewership could justify the higher budget it had been receiving.


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Out of the 12 series regulars from Season 3, only Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Michael Bishop, and Alex Garfin are returning. The team of writers has also been reduced significantly, going from eight to five. This is a major shift and could be a cause for concern among fans. One of the writers, Adam Mallinger, discussed his “layoff” on X.

In the recent episodes of ‘Superman & Lois,’ Lex Luthor stepped into the scene as the upcoming formidable adversary that Superman and Lois will confront. Season 3 wrapped up on an intense note with Clark being compelled to battle Doomsday, drawing inspiration from the renowned “The Death of Superman” storyline. The show’s storyline appears to be heading in an exciting direction, but there’s lingering curiosity about how the budget cuts will impact the overall storytelling and production.

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