‘Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night’ Ending Explained: What Is the Flag in Scherzo of Deep Night?

Progressive Scherzo of Deep Night Ending Explained What Is the Flag in Scherzo of Deep Night

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night, the latest film in the Sword Art Online franchise. The film is based on the Progressive line of visual novels that have been the most popular part of the story in written format after the novel series ended. Reki Kawahara keeps his franchise alive with more exciting stories and new conflicts inside the virtual world the story sets in. Kawahara should be proud of himself and his work, as it keeps millions of people watching and reading every year.

Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night is a weird movie; it is very confusing in the way that it delivers a plot that is mostly quite simple. The complications arise from a combination of politics and the rules that apply to the game the characters play. As well as the motivations of characters we don’t see or meet very often within the movie itself. So, what seems complicated is actually straightforward, and most of the movies consist of battle sequences with beautiful animation and some character moments that feel just right.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night. Read at your own risk.

How Do Asuna And Kirito Get Involved In The New Year’s Celebration?

Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night begins with the usual Sword Art Online affair. We meet our heroes, Kirito and Asuna, during a quest. At this point in the story, Kiriko and Asuna are some of the best players. Their exploits are known throughout the servers, especially those of Kiriko, who goes around with a reputation that precedes him. In this movie, the story will try to expand the role of Asuna, who feels like she might start being behind regarding the partnership with Kiriko.

After this quest, the pair meets with Argo, their friend and a reliable source of information. She gives them information about a certain sword that could very well be an excellent upgrade for Asuna. Kiriko and Asuna go immediately, and they feel very confident. However, they get separated when creatures attack them. Asuna falls into a pit, while Kiriko stays above it and has to find a way to get to Asuna. Asuna is actually quite scared, as the pit doesn’t seem to be the most comfortable place ever.

Sword Art Online Progressive Scherzo of Deep Night ya tiene nueva fecha de estreno

Asuna composes herself, and she tries to be as calm as possible. While she waits for Kiriko to come and find her, she starts attracting the creatures that could have the sword in question. However, each one of the creatures that appear only drops rubbish. After trying several times, Asuna can hear a voice. She hides and sees two hooded figures emerge from the darkness. She has stumbled into a secret meeting, which seems to be very important.

Asuna overhears the conversation between the two players and discovers something genuinely awful. There seems to be a conspiracy to ruin the New Year’s celebration event that will be held in a couple of days. When the two figures hear a sound and start searching, Asuna is just seconds away from being discovered. She attracts one of the creatures, and one of the men kills it, dropping the sword Asuna wanted. Kiriko appears, and Asuna steals the sword from the hooded figure.


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What Is The Flag In Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night?

Asuna has a meeting with Argo, and she confesses her insecurities when going around with Kiriko. She wants to be as capable as him, and Argo, tells her she already is. Which is true, she just has to believe it. Argo herself is pretty capable of doing what she does, and she knows it to be true. Asuna wants to get to that level of self-confidence. Asuna tells all the information she has on the conspiracy to Kiriko, and they decide to talk to the people who can help them approach these issues.

Sword Art Online has two major player guilds in the game. These two guilds have had a lot of bad moments in the past. It seems that the members of these two guilds cannot play and much less cooperate with each other. So, the New Year’s celebration planned a raid mission to find members from both Guilds collaborating. The intention is to eliminate the bad blood between guilds and clean up the community from toxic behavior. However, it seems someone has other ideas.

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It seems like some members of an organization are getting ready to do the raid by themselves and get to the treasure at the end of it. The treasure in question is a powerful guild flag that can cast unlimited buffs over the guild members of the person who owns it. This could turn the tables and obliterate one of the guilds. The leader of one of the guilds is ready to cancel the New Year’s celebration, but Kiriko and Asuna convince him that they can do the raid and kill the boss to get the treasure before the enemy does. And because Kiriko and Asuna don’t belong to any guild, there won’t be an imbalance in power between both organizations.


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The plan goes as expected, and thanks to the timely intervention of Mito, the team kills the boss and earns the flag. Kiriko confronts the two guilds and tells them they have two options: They can combine into one guild, or he will keep the flag in his inventory until another flag is put on rotation so that both guilds can stay equals. The latter option is chosen, and Kiriko keeps the flag for himself. However, the team is attacked by a member of the mysterious organization that planned to start this conflict between guilds. The team manages to repel him, but as the movie ends, we are left wondering who this new faction focused on starting the conflict in the Sword Art Online world is.

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