Taika Waititi Addresses Possibilities For Thor 5

Thor is officially the first MCU hero who got four standalone movies, and there’s a chance it won’t stop there. Marvel never said this movie is supposed to bring closure to Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder, and Chris Hemsworth never said this will be his last MCU project. In fact, he recently said he’d be down to reprise the role as long as every movie brings something different for his character, and Marvel boss Kevin Feige also teased Thor’s future by saying: “there are many, many other Thor stories in the comics that we talk about a lot.”

The fourth Thor solo movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, will open in theaters this week, and we know Marvel fans by now, they look forward to the future. Although nothing solid has been announced, the chances for Chris Hemsworth’s return, and therefore another Thor movie, are pretty much in the air, and director Taika Waititi recently addressed the possibility of doing the fifth Thor movie.

“If Chris [Hemsworth] was into it, I would do it. […] We just have to come up with an idea that tops this one.” — Taika Waititi for dmarge.com

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Chris Hemsworth made his debut as the God of Thunder in 2011’s Thor. To this day, he reprised the role in three Thor sequels, four Avengers movies, the post-credit scene of Doctor Strange, and the What If…? animated series. The terms of Hemsworth’s contract with Marvel aren’t publicly known so it’s not known if he’s attached to do more projects after Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika Waititi is also currently developing an unknown Star Wars movie, so there’s plenty of work in front of him. But, would we like to see him as Thor in the future? We certainly would.

Kevin Feige recently revealed that Phase 4 of the MCU is nearing its end, and new projects should be announced in near future. Therefore, Marvel fans cannot wait for San Diego Comic-Con this month and the D23 Expo event next September. Big announcements are definitely coming, but if one of them will be Thor-involved, it remains to be seen.

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