Tanjiro vs Daki: Who Is Stronger & When Did They Fight?

Tanjiro vs Daki: Who Is Stronger & When Did They Fight?

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We have already done a series of comparisons focusing on different characters from the Demon Slayer franchise. Most of them were Demons and Demon Slayers, and this article is going to continue that tradition – as well as the standard form we’ve used for such articles – as we compare the likes of Daki and Tanjiro Kamado. We’re going to determine who would win between the two and when the two of them actually clashed.

Tanjiro Kamado is stronger than Daki, although the difference wasn’t all that big, at least not initially. When it was revealed that Daki is much weaker than she seems to be (after Gyutaro’s death), and that Tanjiro is much stronger thanks to the Sun Breathing Style, it became obvious that Tanjiro is the stronger one, and that was shown on he battlefield as well.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. In the end, we’re going to give our final verdict and explanation on why Tanjiro is stronger than Daki, even though the difference in strength wasn’t visible from the start.

Tanjiro Kamado and his powers

Tanjiro Kamado is the main protagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer from the Demon Slayer Corps who joined to find a cure to turn his sister, Nezuko Kamado, back into a human and to hunt down and kill demons in order to protect others of the same fate as him. Before becoming a Demon Slayer, his entire family was slaughtered by the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji, while his younger sister, Nezuko, was turned into a demon.

How Did Tanjiro Get His Scar 02

Overall Skills

From the start, Tanjiro proved to be a prodigious fighter, having a strong natural aptitude for combat, especially fencing. Tanjiro has previously been shown to have superhuman characteristics, such as extraordinary senses, a heightened sense of smell, immense willpower, and great intelligence.

His naturally obtained abilities go so far as to allow him to outsmart and catch Giyu Tomioka, one of the most powerful demon slayers, off guard and almost deliver a fatal blow to him with nothing but his intense emotions.

Right after learning Water Breathing and taking the final selection, he was able to easily eliminate many low-level demons without the help of others, even those who possessed the Blood Power and were previously members of the Twelve Demonic Moons, namely the Swamp Demon and Kyogai.

After recalling the Hinokami Kagura, he learned from his father as a child that he would have defeated Rui, the Eleventh Moon, if Rui had not cut his head off before, a feat that many believed only a Hashira could do.


Is Tanjiro a Chosen One (a Sun Breathing User)?

What is most impressive about Tanjiro is his unprecedented rate of growth, even in the midst of battle, something that shocked Sekido and allowed him to fight higher rank demons after facing members. of lower rank a few months ago. His strength increased further as he awakened his Demon Slayer Mark and trained even more.

Although he was poisoned by him, Tanjiro was able to fight on his own against Muzan, who had just single-handedly defeated the remaining Five Hashira along with Zenitsu and Inosuke. Muzan expressed feelings of unease towards Tanjiro due to the similarities between him and Yoriichi, the most powerful demon slayer and swordsman who ever existed, showing his immense power.

By the end of the series, while he didn’t become the strongest Demon Slayer, there’s no denying his extraordinary strength and growth on his journey.

Breathing Styles

Taught by Sakonji Urokodaki, a former Water Hashira, Tanjiro first mastered the Water Breathing style. This was Tanjiro’s initial Breathing style before he switched to Hinokami Kagura, a breathing style his father taught him as a child, which he says suits him more. However, during the location where he used the Water Breathing, he became extremely proficient, allowing him to face off against two members of the Twelve Demonic Moons, Rui, and Enmu.

Hinokami Kagura, also known as the Dance of the Fire God was Tanjiro’s other style. Namely, during his near-death experience in his battle with Rui, Tanjiro found a memory of his father teaching him this Breathing style. At this time, Tanjiro’s body was not physically adapted to the pressure exerted by the Breathing style, but through many adversities, he finally managed to subdue it.


Why Did Tanjiro’s Eyes Bleed? (& Why They Changed?)

When Tanjiro fully witnessed the thirteenth form performed by Yoriichi Tsugikuni and became aware, he awakened the Hinokami Kagura in the legendary Sun Breathing.

During his battle with Upper Moon Six, Gyutaro, Tanjiro was able to combine two styles of Breathing, the initially taught Water Breathing and the awoken Hinokami Kagura, which ultimately allowed him to significantly increase his speed for a short period of time and perform attacks that possess the qualities of both styles of Breath. This is a very difficult and rarely seen technique.

Daki and her powers

Daki also known as Warabihime of Oiran, is one of the main antagonists of the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, being the secondary holder of the position of the Upper Moon Six, a rank she shares with the primary holder, her older brother, Gyutaro.

Daki Anime 28Awakened29

Daki’s Demon Blood Art allows her to manipulate the floral-patterned Obi sashes she wears which are created from her flesh and blood. His belts are said to be as smooth as silk, but as sharp, if not sharper, than most Sunswords. In battle, she shapes her flesh into dozens of belts to launch ranged attacks while shielding her body, making her belts a perfect blend of offense and defense.

Daki’s belts are so powerful that they can repel and block Tengen’s blast attacks and slice through buildings in an instant. They are particularly difficult to cut due to their flexibility, and can even dampen the effectiveness of slash-type attacks by bending. Her belts have a unique property that allows her to store objects, usually humans she wants to eat, inside her belts.

She traps them inside her belts by turning the objects she wishes to store into flat 2-dimensional versions inside them, allowing her to be stealthy in her movements, as any opening or path wide enough for a belt to enter is an opening or path it can take. To free someone from being trapped in the sashes, one must cut it while avoiding cutting the people trapped inside, immediately freeing anyone and returning them to their previous form.

Daki uses this ability to store the humans she wishes to eat in an underground space to consume them later. Finally, Daki can turn her own neck into a belt to avoid being decapitated. These are the main powers that Daki has based on her Demon Blood Art.

Tanjiro vs Daki: When did they fight?

Now, our final section is going to be a bit different. Namely, we are going to give you a recap of the battle between Tanjiro and Daki, rather than a classical analysis of their powers and abilities. Since the two of them actually did fight in the manga, we thought it would be better if you saw how much stronger Tanjiro was when they actually fought, than to hypothesize along with the rest of us.

She is confronted by Tanjiro Kamado while holding her oiran and questioning him about the number of people sent as reinforcements, including the Hashira. Rejecting the young man for his weakness, Daki is enraged when he demands that she release Koinatsu and attack the Demon Slayer with her belts. Noting that he survived, she compliments Tanjiro’s eyes, wishing to eat them.

She briefly clashes with the young Demon Slayer again, noting his skill in only severing the part of the belt containing Koinatsu, but confidently announcing that he will lose. She then expresses her irritation at her enemies’ interference, again asking Tanjiro where his reinforcements are. Despite his refusal to provide him with answers, she offers to let him live if he answers her, noting that in their brief confrontation, his sword had been chipped.


Who Killed Daki and Gyutaro in Demon Slayer?

She also states that the one who had forged the blade was a terrible blacksmith, and becomes irritated once again when her opponent denies this, promising to kill him with her next attack. While launching said attack, Daki is shocked when Tanjiro cuts her belts with a Hinokami Kagura technique. Noticing the change in her sword style, she dodges the next attack and retaliates with her own attack.

Missed by another Hinokami Kagura technique, the Top Rank turns to face her opponent as her blade strikes her neck. She ultimately succumbs to her opponents, although she was killes by Zenitsu and Inosuke, after Tanjiro and Tengen had killed Gyutaro.

And this is, ultimately, why Tanjiro is the winner of this battle. He managed to overpower and, with a little help from his friends, even kill Gyutaro and Daki, which puts him on a level above the two.

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