Why Did Tanjiro’s Eyes Bleed? (& Why They Changed?)

Why Did Tanjiro's Eyes Bleed? (& Why They Changed?)

Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of Demon Slayer, is a character with truly exceptional skills. An unlikely Demon Slayer, Tanjiro became one of the most powerful swordsmen in the franchise thanks to his skills and his determination. Now, Tanjiro has fought and slain a lot of demons over the course of the manga, but one fight in particular has pushed him to his limits – his fight against Daki. In this article, we are going to tell you why Tanjiro’s eyes bled during his fight with Daki.

During his fight with Daki, Tanjiro’s eyes started bleeding. The reason for that is the fact that Tanjiro was exceptionally angry at Daki for hurting the nearby civilians. When one of them complained that Tanjiro was disturbing their sleep, Daki became angry and lashed out at them, almost killing all of them and injuring them severly, which made Tanjiro very angry.

This article is going to be yet another guide to the great and long battle between Tanjiro and Daki, although it is about a moment from the earlier phase of this battle, even before Nezuko joined in. We are going o explain the circumstances that led to Tanjiro’s reaction and the implications that moment had on the future of the battle.

Why did Tanjiro’s eyes change?

The whole situation we are talking about happened during Tanjiro’s fight against Daki. This article is actually going to be a recap of the events from the battle between Daki and Tanjiro, since all the answers can be found there. The prelude to this battle was very swift – Tanjiro saw Daki and she immediately attacked him, with the battle escalating with every move. Let us see the crucial moment that has to do with Tanjiro’s eyes changing.

At one point, Tanjiro finds that the Hinokami Kagura suits his body and fighting style better, but because of its raw strength compared to water breathing, he knew he could not use the Hinokami Kagura consecutively. However, through his intense training, he is now confident that he is finally able to use the Hinokami Kagura as his main breathing style.

Because of this, a vision of Kyojuro Rengoku appears, telling Tanjiro to set his heart on fire. So while Daki attacks Tanjiro, he uses the Hinokami Kagura: Raging Sun to cut two of their sashes. To her surprise, his fighting style has become much sharper and more efficient. Tanjiro lunges at Daki again and uses the Hinokami Kagura: Flame Dance while Daki dodges his first vertical slash, but the Flame Dance consists of a horizontal slash after the vertical one.

Daki tries to decapitate Tanjiro with one of her sashes, which she succeeds in, at least she thinks so. Tanjiro actually unleashes the Hinokami Kagura: Fake Rainbow to unleash an afterimage of himself to distract his wife. He appears behind Daki and attempts to cut off her head with the Hinokami Kagura: Fire Wheel. This quickly backfires as Daki flings Tanjiro away with one of her sashes.

Tanjiro quickly tries to go on the defensive, but fails as he uses several Kagura attacks in quick succession, severely tiring his body. As Tanjiro and Daki continue to go at each other, the other sash that has been fighting Tengen, his three wives, Inosuke, and Zenitsu crashes into Daki’s body. Tanjiro is very shocked to see her obi merge with her body. However, he takes the opportunity to hit her with a Hinokami Kagura technique while she is not attacking her.

This is unsuccessful, however, as Daki quickly moves outside of Tanjiro’s awareness to the roof of a nearby store and her hair slowly turns silver. Daki realizes that there is indeed a Hashira in town and will “please” him. Tanjiro notes that her scent has completely changed and become more sinister. While he is grasping Daki’s new strength, a young man arrives, angry at Tanjiro for disturbing the residents from their sleep, which Tanjiro did not know. The man complaining to Tanjiro makes Daki so angry that she lashes out with her sashes and destroys the surrounding stores and civilians.

Tanjiro defends the man as best he can, taking a barrage of blows, causing the man to lose only his left hand. Tanjiro then sees that the other civilians he was unable to protect are either dead or badly injured, many cut in half or with deep wounds. Despite the unbridled rage boiling in his body, Tanjiro tells the man to stay calm and cover his amputated hand. Tanjiro’s eyes are bloodied as his rage continues to build.

So, long story short, Tanjiro’s eyes changed and became bloody because he accumulated so much rage. Now, it is quite important to notice this, as Tanjiro had a tendency of becoming angry when faced with the reckless destructiveness of the demons, but he usually managed to keep his anger at bay. This time, he was so furious that is eyes became bloody.

Why did Tanjiro’s eyes bleed and why were his tears bloody?

As Tanjiro grows angrier, he recalls a letter Shinjuro sent to him sincerely apologizing for beating him and Senjuro and bad-mouthing Kyojuro. He also informs Tanjiro that all Sun Breath users have a special birthmark on their forehead, proving that Tanjiro is indeed a Sun Breath user. Tanjiro refutes Shinjuro’s explanation and believes that he does not have a birthmark, but that it is a burn scar he got when he was protecting his brother from a falling brazier.

He then injured it even more when he took the blow from the Hand Demon, giving it the present appearance of a birthmark. Because of this memory, Tanjiro starts crying blood and runs towards Daki, who is running away on the roof of a building, presumably towards Tengen Uzui. He grabs Daki’s right leg and tries to decapitate her, but she pulls her foot back to get away from Tanjiro.

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He speaks to Daki about the lives of people and that once they are lost, they will never return. While Daki is regenerating her foot, she sees a mysterious figure that looks like Tanjiro, who has grown up and speaks similarly. However, Daki has no idea who the man is and has never seen him before.

Then she realizes that it is not her own memory, but the cells of Muzan Kibutsuji responding to Tanjiro’s speech about human life. Tanjiro, meanwhile, tells Daki that she too was once human and lived a life similar to hers, which frustrated her so much that she smashed the roof she was standing on.

Now, this is the main reason why Tanjiro’s eyes started bleeding and why his tears were bloody – he simply burst. We have established that his eyes became different and bloody due to the accumulated anger and at this point, when faced with his memories, Tanjiro simply started crying and the blood from his ears simply began streaming down his face.

What happened to Tanjiro after his eyes started bleeding?

After his eyes started bleeding, Tanjiro simply continued to fight Daki until Nezuko joined him to help. Now, the battle ended with the Kamado siblings winning, but both of them were severly injured and Daki wasn’t dead, which pronlonget the fight even furter. Daki would ultimately allow Gyutaro to appear, which prompted the arrival of Tengen Uzui, Zenitsu and Inosuke, who helped Tanjiro defeat the two Upper Moons.

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