All 7 Teen Titan Movies in Order

Teen Titan Movies In Order & How Many Are There?

Who doesn’t like Teen Titans? One of the best cartoon series in the last decade or so, the Teen Titans series, attracted young and older fans to Cartoon Network to watch the adventures of the young superheroes. The original Teen Titans animated series was aired from 2003 to 2006 and became a critically acclaimed cartoon show that even produced a TV movie for its finale. The spin-off, Teen Titans Go! started airing in 2013, and since then became one of the best cartoons on television.

Even though it is a spin-off series, Teen Titans GO! has a bit different animation style and serves as a standalone series from the original Teen Titans animated series – it has more of a comedic tone than the previous series. However, with the fan’s extreme happiness, Teen Titans GO! has so much more released content, including movies, and for that, we decided to make a list of Teen Titans movies in order.

We will include all Teen Titans movies that have been released and even include the TV-made films that served as a part of the event or a special that concluded the arc or even series. If you are interested, stay with us until the end of the article. Let’s start!

How Many Teen Titans Movies Are Out There?

There are quite a few Teen Titans movies that have been discontinued and become their own thing. We will list all of them that exist in DCAU (DC Animated Universe) and explain each movie. There are seven Teen Titans movies released from 2006 to 2022, and some of them are tied to the original animated series Teen Titans from 2003, while other ones are connected to Teen Titans GO! show that has been airing on Cartoon Network for the last decade.

The movies follow the story of their respected TV series, however, the characters are mostly the same – Teen Titans GO! is more comedic and focused on teenagers while Teen Titans are more mature and serious characters.

Both sets of movies share characters like Dick Grayson/Robin and Starfire as the leaders of the group, with Raven, Beast Boy, and others at the center of the plot. There is a lot to discuss in these movies, and we will provide you with a suitable explanation.

Teen Titans Movies in Order (at a Glance)

Multiple movie franchises, that are not strictly connected in themes and plot stories can be quite confusing to people. Of course, comic books as the original source material for adaptation to the big screen are at fore with these confusions, and Teen Titans are one of them. Because all of these movies are created by Warner Bros. and DC, of course, all of them are part of the DC Animated Movie Universe, and since we know that DC loves their Multiverse storylines and events, Teen Titans and Teen Titans GO! are no different.

These are the Teen Titans movies in order:

  1. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (2006)
  2. Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)
  3. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017)
  4. Teen Titans GO! to the Movies (2018)
  5. Teen Titans GO! vs. Teen Titans (2019)
  6. Teen Titans GO! See Space Jam (2021)
  7. Teen Titans GO! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse (2022)

What Is the Best Way to Watch Teen Titans Movies?

Because the Teen Titans and Teen Titans GO! movies are slightly interconnected, you can easily watch the movies in release date order. Each franchise has its own separate thing going on and if you watch, for example, Teen Titans: Judas Contract and Teen Titans GO! to the Movies and then jump back to the crossover film between these two franchises, you won’t lose or confuse yourself.

Our recommendation is to watch the movies in release date order.

Teen Titans Movies in Order (Release Date)

1. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (2006)

trouble in tokyo

We are starting with a movie that served as a series finale of the original animated series Teen Titans. The finale continues and concludes five seasons of a critically acclaimed show, and it does it really well. This TV movie was created and produced by Glen Murakami, and Sam Register, written by David Slack, and directed by Michael Chang, Ben Jones, and Matt Youngberg.

As the movie suggests, the Teen Titans go to Tokyo where they meet Tokyo foes and their supernatural fighters. The team needs to discover who attacked their home in Jump City and help their Japanese colleagues to stop the criminals from destroying Tokyo. Robin is falsely accused of the crimes and tries, with the help of his teammates to prove his innocence.

There is not much to say about this movie except that fans were shocked when the Teen Titans cartoon was canceled and creators wanted to close out at least some storylines of the unfinished show. All in all, it is a decent movie that you definitely need to watch, after the original series.

2. Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

This film is an independent film and the seventh movie of the DC Animated Movie Universe. It was directed by Sam Liu, written by Bryan Q. Miller, and was first premiered on WonderCon in 2016.

The story follows the origin story of Raven, who is a child of a demon called Trigon and a human called Arella. The demon destroyed the dimension called Azarath, together with Arella, Raven’s mother. After finding out what happened, Raven destroyed her father and sealed him in a magical crystal in what was left of Azerath.

Meanwhile, Damian Wayne as Robin is trying to prove to his worth to his father, Bruce Wayne/Batman and after he refuses to listen to his instructions, he sends his son to Titans. Robin killed the demonic entity that was sent to Earth by Raven’s father, Demon Trigon. Anyway, Robin meets the Titans and they do not like each other at all.


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Damian does not like Starfire’s leadership at all and thinks he can do it better. While Damian is trying to bond with his new team, Batman and Justice League are trying to find out about the entity that invaded the Earth, and it corrupts Superman who almost kills Atomic Skull. It was revealed that the entity is trying to get to the girl (Raven).

While Raven tells Titans her origins, the entity possesses Justice League which attacks younger superheroes. Raven, Damian, and the rest of the team save the day, and Robin even manages to convince Raven to stay on Earth. All in all, the movie was much more serious than the rest of the Teen Titans projects but, in the end, it was welcomed.

3. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017)

Teen Titans The Judas Contract

The direct sequel of the previous entry, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract was released in 2017. Sam Liu stayed as the director of the movie, and Ernie Altbacker proceeded to be the writer of this movie. Once again, WonderCon was the place for the world premiere of the movie and was praised for being better than the original movie.

The story follows the original movie and this time the old Teen Titans with Nightwing, Speedy, Kid Flash, and others, join New Teen Titans, on their mission to stop a terrorist cult that hired Deathstroke to deliver Titans to Brother Blood, the main villain of this movie.


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Deathstroke also has a vendetta against Damian Wayne, who took over the spot as Ra’s al Ghul’s heir before ultimately betraying the League of Assassins. Double agent Terra infiltrates the Teen Titans group, works for Ra’s al Ghul and eventually saves the day by sacrificing herself. Once again, the movie is a bit serious but has comedic timing with Kevin Smith being a podcaster who interviews Beast Boy after the battle.

4. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies (2018)

Teen Titans GO to the Movies 2018

Now is time for Teen Titans GO! movies that are connected to the popular animated series on Cartoon Network, Teen Titans GO! The movie is directed, produced, and written by Michael Jelenic, Aaron Horvath, Peter Rida Michail, and others, who worked on the TV series. Teen Titans GO! is a much goofier, cartoonish, and comedy-driven show than its predecessor – movies are just like that.

During the fifth season of the show, the movie takes us to Jump City where Teen Titans need to stop Ballon Man. They are nonchalant and almost lose, until Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern intervene. The movie is essentially an arc where Teen Titans are literally trying to create a movie about Robin to cheer him up.


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Deathstroke tries to interfere with the plan and Teen Titans need to prove to their older colleagues that they are serious superheroes. It is goofy, it’s fun and one critic even said this movie is essentially a Deadpool for children.

5. Teen Titans GO! vs. Teen Titans (2019)

Teen Titans GO vs. Teen Titans 2019

A crossover between Teen Titans GO! and the original Teen Titans series happened in 2019, and was directed by Jeff Mednikow, and written by Jeremy Adams, and Marly Halpern-Graser. The movie is set in the fifth season of Teen Titans GO! and after the finale of the original series and film sequel Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.

This multiverse event was triggered by Master of Games – a being that travels through the multiverse, to find the best versions of superheroes. Teen Titans GO! and Teen Titans need to fight each other to save their worlds, and when 2013 Raven almost loses control and evil takes over her body, Master of Games is revealed to be Trigon, a demon that 2013 Raven supposedly sealed years ago. Then Trigon from 2003 comes back and unites his powers with another version of himself to conquer the multiverse.


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Both sets of Teen Titans realized that the key to bearing the evil demons is Santa Claus, the most powerful being in all universes. They manage to call all of the Titans from all universes and save the multiverse. In the end, in 2013 Raven accepts her demon side and everybody goes to their respective realms. Darkseid attacks at the end of the movie, and our heroes are just chilling in their Tower.

The crossover was fun, and nostalgic, and DC’s multiverse was once again used in a cool way.

6. Teen Titans GO! See Space Jam (2021)

space jam and teen titans

We have another crossover, and this time Teen Titans are visited by Nerdlucks, Space Jam villains that tried to capture Michael Jordan and Looney Toons. Cyborg realizes that his teammates never saw the original Space Jam, and organizes a movie night. Of course, this is anything but a normal movie knight and Nerdlucks suspicious visit irritates Robin who realizes that they came to them for another reason.

Warner Bros. created both Looney Toons and the original Space Jam and this crossover provided younger generations a look into one of the most popular movies of the 1990s. It is cool, it’s fun, and even adults can watch it.

7. Teen Titans GO! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse (2022)

Teen Titans GO DC Super Hero Girls Mayhem in the Multiverse 2022

As you can already see, DC decided to make multiple crossover movies, while the main Teen Titans GO! is on hiatious. This time, our Teen Titans are crossing over with DC Super Hero Girls cast. Another Multiverse crossover sees Super Hero Girls and Teen Titans fighting against Lex Luthor, and his Legion of Doom, who are trying to capture all of Earth’s Superheroes.

The mission is to save fellow superheroes captured in the Phantom Zone, and they end up at Teen Titans Tower in Jump City. There is a lot of comedy, cultural references, and overall fun for younger generations.


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Where to Watch Teen Titans Movies?

Warner Bros. and DC have contracts with various streaming platforms – which means that outside of Europe, you can watch everything Teen Titan related on Hulu, while Europeans can watch some projects on Netflix or HBO Max.

Are Teen Titans Movies Connected?

Even though we counted seven Teen Titan movies, technically they are all connected, because of the famous (and practical) concept of DC’s Multiverse. “Regular” Teen Titans have separated from the Teen Titans GO!, and are more serious animated projects. Meanwhile, Teen Titans Go! is goofy, fun, and comedic, with occasional serious topics, that teach younger generations of valuable lessons.

To conclude, yes, all Teen Titans movies are connected through the concept of the Multiverse.

Will There Be More Teen Titans Movies?

Surely, there will be. Younger generations love Teen Titans cartoons and other animated projects, and knowing the track record of Warner Bros. and DC in the last 15 years, they will definitely release more animated Teen Titans content, either serious or not. Honestly, I hope they do, because the most consistent prospect of the DC and Warner Bros. in the last two decades is their amazing animated projects that even Marvel cannot replicate.

Teen Titans are one of the best, maybe the best projects DC shipped and released to its fans, and there is no doubt in my mind they will release more projects.