How Old Are All the Members of the Teen Titans?

How Old Are All the Members of the Teen Titans?

The Teen Titans are among the most popular superhero groups ever. Although the team has changed several times since their debut in 1964, the Teen Titans have remained a constant in the history of DC Comics. As stated, the group has undergone a lot of changes over the years, with the current, and best-known roster having practically nothing to do with the original one, save for a character or two. Of course, due to them gathering teenage heroes, mostly outcasts in one way or the other, the Teen Titans don’t really have a fixed team roster.

This made our task of finding out how old are the Teen Titans a bit difficult, but we managed to find a solution that fits the purpose of this article. Of course, their ages change over the years, but we have managed to find some comic book data that confirm the ages of some members of the best-known roster of the Teen Titans. This means that we have managed to gather the official data on a total of ten characters who have, at one point or the other, been members of the Teen Titans. Let us see how old are the Teen Titans.


Nightwing feature

The famous Tales of the New Teen Titans #4, responsible for revealing the Titans’ backstories, sees Dick accepting an alcoholic drink (even though he doesn’t usually drink). As the comic was set during the 1980s, this means that he had to be at least 18 years old by that point in the narrative. In The New Teen Titans #1, even before establishing the new Teen Titans, Robin mentions that he had “dropped out of college”. In The New Teen Titans #37, set just before “The Judas Contract” main arc, in a personal conversation/argument with Bruce Wayne, Dick stresses out that he is 19 years old, and “no longer a kid”.


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As Tales of the New Teen Titans #4 reveals, during Kory’s retelling of her own story, she mentions that during her training with the powerful Warlords of Okaara she “grew from young child into young woman”, but the way her physique was portrayed in the story puts her at no more than 16 years of age and no less than 14, although this is a rough estimate, as her race might age differently. She then continues to recount how she was enslaved and tortured by her sister for 6 years, which puts her around the 20-year mark, probably between 20 and 22 years, by the time she escaped her captivity and landed on Earth, meeting the Teen Titans.



Cyborg’s age requires a bit of maths to understand. Namely, in Tales of the New Teen Titans #1, while Victor Stone is recounting his past, he states that “I was 17 now”, then “almost a year” has passed, “while I went on to college”, when “one day” the incident that transformed him into Cyborg happened. This means that he became Cyborg at around 18 years. He continues to explain how it took him a total of 6 “long, lonely” months to regain consciousness (1 month), and to learn to be able to use his body again (5 months). Ultimately, this means that he couldn’t have been younger than 18 when he met the Teen Titans and that, in fact, he was much closer to 19 years of age when he met them.

Beast Boy

Beast Boy

As far as it is known, Garfield Logan, a.k.a. Beast Boy is only 16 years old in the main continuity of the Teen Titans series. Namely, in Tales of the New Teen Titans #4, which is an early story about the new group, Cyborg, Beast Boy’s best friend, states that Garfield is only 16 years old while they’re having a celebratory drink.


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Raven is the only character on this list whose age changed from the original one when the series was rebooted. When the reboot was launched, Raven became a much more important character with more substance, while the original Raven was a plot device more than anything. Tales of the New Teen Titans #2 revealed that the original Raven arrived on Earth just after turning 18, which is when she looked for and united the Teen Titans to help her fight Trigon. In the reboot, Raven was depicted as being 16 years old when Trigon tried to use her to come to Earth.

Donna Troy

donna troy header

As explicitly revealed in Titans #5, Donna Troy was 23 years old when the Titans were brought back together in the aftermath of Cyborg’s return to Earth. Thank you DC Comics for making this one so easy and so clear.

Kid Flash

Bart Allen Kid Flash Return Alive

Since Bart Allen is a character from the future and a Speedster at that, his age is practically impossible to properly determine. Due to his hyperfast metabolism, he aged 12 years during his first two. This means that, when he returned to our time, he was either two or -998 years, depending on how you look at it. He physically looked like he was 12, but had college-level education, at the same time acting like a six-year-old child. So, go figure, huh?


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Red Arro

Char Gallery RedArrowEmiko TT45.08 09 MAIOLO 607f75ef559d57.54344101

The exact age of Emiko Queen is not known, but from what we have gathered in the comic books, she is somewhere around 18 years of age when she meets and joins the Teen Titans. There are stories depicting her as being even younger, but the main continuity stories seem to show an 18-year-old Emiko Queen.

Tara Markov

TaraMarkovTerra edited

As indicated by her tombstone, Tara Markov, a.k.a. Terra, was only 16 when she died. Since she has been with the Titans for a year at most, she was probably 15 when she joined them and died a year later. This is confirmed in Tales of the Teen Titans Annual #3: “The Judas Contract – Part 4: Finale” (1984), where we can see the inscription on her grave: “Here lies Terra, a Teen Titan — 1968–1984 — May she rest in peace.”

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