Terminator vs. Predator: Who Would Win in a Fight Between These Fictional Hunters?

terminator vs predator

Arnold Schwarzenegger, during his prime, was one of the most recognizable action stars the planet has ever seen. Two of his most popular movies were released during the 80s, as both of these movies launched their own respective franchises. Arnie appeared as a machine hunting down a woman in Terminator, and he was the one being hunted in Predator. So, in a fight between the Terminator and the Predator, who between these hunters would win?

The Terminator will most likely win in a fight against the Predator. While they are both incredibly strong hunters, the Terminator is simply a lot more durable than the Predator. On top of that, Terminator is basically a walking super-computer with intel and knowledge that surpasses what the Predator knows.

While this should be a very close battle due to how the Predator is skilled at what it does, the Terminator is simply an incredibly difficult opponent to kill due to how durable it is. The Predator could still win due to its hunting skills and superior weapons, but the Terminator is going to win in a straight-up fight. That said, let’s look at the details behind this battle between hunters.


Casting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of the Terminator was one of the best ways to portray just how strong this machine is. The Terminator is a machine that is made out of hyperalloy, which is a mysterious type of metal that has incredible durability and strength. As such, the Terminator is capable of insane strength feats, such as being able to lift a bus with one hand and easily punch through concrete without much effort at all.


Due to the fact that the Predator is a large alien creature with muscle fibers that are far superior to human musculature, it is incredibly strong and is capable of strength feats that are far more than what regular human beings are capable of. One case in point was the fact that the Predator was a lot stronger than Dutch, who was portrayed by the incredibly strong Arnold Schwarzenegger. On top of that, the Predator can tear its way through doors, punch through concrete, and even rip human limbs with ease.


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This is a very close battle because we all know how strong the Predator is. But when it comes to pure strength, the Terminator seems to be a tad stronger due to the fact that it is a machine that is made of one of the strongest metals in movie history.

Terminator 1, Predator 0


Due to the futuristic technology used to develop the Terminator, it was made using an incredibly dense and strong metal called hyperalloy. Throughout the entire Terminator movie, hyperalloy displayed its strength when conventional human firearms could not even damage it. The only guns capable of damaging are .50 Browning Machine-Gun caliber rounds or armor piercing bullets made of depleted uranium. As such, throughout the entire Terminator movies, damaging the Terminator was incredibly tough to do for the opposition.


Of course, the Predator has a physique that far surpasses the regular human physique in the sense that it has muscles that are built to be denser and stronger. That means that the Predator is capable of withstanding attacks that would normally kill or knock a regular man out. They can even survive falling several stories due to how durable they are. On top of that, Predators tend to heal faster than regular humans.

It might be true that the Predator is quite durable, but conventional human firearms and piercing weapons have been able to kill it. On the other hand, it would take special weapons to destroy the Terminator.

Terminator 2, Predator 0


The Terminator belongs to the T-800 series of Terminators, and that means that it doesn’t come with any weapons. It has to make use of weapons that it is equipped with, but we know for a fact that Arnie’s Terminator favors shotguns. The T-800 Terminators are also very proficient at using any kind of firearms they could get their hands on, as the Terminator was able to make use of other weapons like grenade launchers and machine guns.

As a hunter, the Predator is equipped with a lot of different weapons that it can use for long-range or close-combat encounters. Its most powerful weapon is the plasmacaster, which is a shoulder-mounted gun that fires strong plasma shots. The Predator uses an advanced aiming system to make sure it doesn’t miss its shots. Meanwhile, the Predator is also equipped with bladed and piercing weapons that it uses quite proficiently.


The fact that the Terminator doesn’t come with any weapon and has to make do with any weapon that could find allows the Predator to take this round. Of course, the Predator’s weapons are far superior in terms of their technology to what the Terminator could use.

Terminator 2, Predator 1

Hunting/Fighting Skills

The Terminator isn’t the most skilled fighter, but it has shown its skills as a hunter because it makes use of information from the future to influence its decisions whenever it is hunting its target. Nevertheless, in a battle, the Terminator is almost always a brawler that takes advantage of its superior strength and durability. Let’s just say that this machine isn’t capable of any kind of martial arts due to its lack of combat training.


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The Predator is an extremely skilled hunter that knows how to make use of its environment and weapons to come up with efficient kills. Even if it is forced out in the open for a straight-up fight, it is more than capable of winning a close-combat encounter not only because it can brawl its way to a win but also because it is proficient in combat. While it is not as proficient as trained human fighters when it comes to close combat, the Predator is still more than capable of winning an unarmed fight due to its size and strength.

fighting predators

While both of them may be closer to brawlers than trained fighters, the Predator is the more skilled fighter between the two due to its superior training and hunting capabilities.

Terminator 2, Predator 2


Due to the fact that it is equipped with the knowledge and technology of the future, the Terminator is a walking super-computer that has all of the information it needs. It also has the processing capabilities of some of the most advanced computers in the world, and that means that it can process and compute information in split seconds. In that regard, when given the right kind of intel and information, the Terminator will know what to do with them.

arnold terminator

The Predator may not be the smartest alien, but it is quite skilled as a hunter. Its intelligence usually manifests in the form of its hunting instincts as it is proficient at strategizing its way to a hunt using whatever weapon it has. We have also seen how effective the Predator is at using its environment to its advantage because it was trained well enough to understand basic hunting tactics.

Even though the Predator has shown that it is quite intelligent and capable of coming up with tactics on the fly, the Terminator is still a walking super-computer that has the capability to make use of any kind of information and knowledge to its advantage.

Terminator 3, Predator 2

Terminator vs. Predator: Who Would Win In A Fight Between These Fictional Hunters?

The Predator is indeed a powerful hunter that was able to almost kill Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch in the movie, but the fact of the matter is that it wouldn’t stand a chance against Arnie’s Terminator, which is incredibly strong, durable, and intelligent. So, while the Predator gave Arnie a run for his money in The Predator movie, we don’t know if it could even find a way to pierce through Schwarzenegger’s hyperalloy exoskeleton if it faced the T-800 from The Terminator movie.

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