‘The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself’ Ending, Explained: Does Nathan Kill His Father in the End?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself, a new fantasy show arriving on Netflix this week. The series tells the story of young Nathan, who has been marked by the society of witches as a dangerous individual because he is the son of a terrible criminal who killed hundreds of witches in the past. Nathan’s father is on the loose, and the witches are afraid that Nathan might become just like him. However, there is also the chance that he might be the only weapon against his terrible father.

The series is an adaptation of the novel titled “Half Bad” written by Sally Green. The premise and the execution of the idea will be very familiar to those who have seen or read YA novels. We have a main trio just like Harry Potter and factions just like in Hunger Games and so on. However, the story of The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself stands out by being a bit more edgy and dark than the ones in those books. For this reason, the show feels like it is more dangerous and current with how these types of stories are being seen by the audience.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself. Read at your own risk.

Does Soul Kill Annalise For Her Power?

The main conflict of the show deals with the war between the Fairborn Witches and the Blood Witches. Before the show started, we are told that Marcus, Nathan’s father, became a monster that ate the hearts of his enemies to acquire their powers. Marcus fought and killed many Fairborn, until one day he just vanished. He only reappeared when he fell in love with Nathan’s mother, which, of course, resulted in Nathan being born. In current times, the fear of an incoming war has transformed the Fairborn into some truly despicable good guys.

There is no better example of this fear consuming everything than Soul, one of the most important witches in the council of the Fairborn. Soul is truly consumed by fear of Marcus, and so he decides to go on the dark path. In this world, each Witch manifests a power when they turn 17 years old. The power can be anything, and it is different for every single person. Soul’s daughter, Annalise, has developed this very powerful sort of telekinesis that she can use to stop people in their tracks and some other awful things.

To acquire someone else’s power, you need to basically eat the heart of another witch. Soul has sacrificed his humanity in order to acquire enough power to kill Marcus. The final confrontation between Fairborn and Blood witches occurs at Wolfhagen, an ancient manor. Here, Soul is ready to decide if he is going to kill Annalise, her daughter, to acquire her power, or face Marcus as he is right now. Jessica, Nathan’s sister, is ready to throw her to the wolf. Nathan is supposed to kill his father, but he has no interest in doing it. He just wants to be left alone.

As the Bloods start attacking the manor, Annalise takes the chance to escape from Jessica, and Ceelia, Nathan’s mentor, is ready to face Soul in combat. However, at this point, Soul is too powerful and kills Ceelia. Annalise confronts Jessica and basically destroys Jessica’s face in the process. Annalise can use her power if she wants to, but she is a good person, and killing is not in her nature.

Does Nathan Kill His Father In The End?

There is a prophecy made some years ago by a very powerful witch who could see into the future that said, “Its own blood will kill the wolf”. The witches have interpreted this as Nathan killing his own father and ending Marcus’ reign of terror. However, as the story progresses, this case seems more and more unlikely. Nathan is not interested at all in killing his father. He just wants to be left alone to live his life with his friends, Gabriel and Annalise.

Gabriel knowing his friends need help escapes from Mercury’s estate. Mercury is a powerful Blood Witch with her own agenda. Gabriel was left alone with her by his parents when he was just a boy. Mercury tries to stop him, but he manages to escape and meets with Nathan outside the manor. Together, they rescue Annalise and escape after paying their respects to Ceelia. As they walk through the forest, they admit they love each other, and if there is anything good about this entire ordeal, is that they met.

As they walk, Nathan realizes that Annalise and Gabriel are just frozen in time. This is revealed to be the doing of Marcus, Nathan’s father. They finally meet each other and they talk. Marcus explains how he was pursued by the Fairborn, and how he chose to become who he is. Nathan realizes that his father is not a monster, but he is dangerous nonetheless. Marcus explains to Nathan that his blood doesn’t matter; it will be up to him to decide who he is going to be in the future.

Marcus disappears, and Annalise and Gabriel can move again. However, Soul appears and demands to know where Marcus is. Nathan explains that to Marcus, Soul doesn’t seem to be very important, so he will be the one who will face him. They battle, but Soul is too powerful at this point, having consumed so many powers. Annalise stops him with her power and then kills him in spectacular fashion, tearing him apart. Annalise grieves, but she knows it was the right thing to do. As they embrace, Nathan sees Soul’s heart on the ground, and the episode ends.

It is left ambiguous if Nathan picks up the heart and eats it, acquiring all of Soul’s powers, or if he leaves it alone. We’ll have to wait for season 2 to find out.

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