The Batman: 5-Minute Deleted Scene Reveals Barry Keoghan as The Joker

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After Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Jared Leto, the Eternals star Barry Keoghan is now officially the newest cinematic Joker, and he already made his debut in recently released Matt Reeves’ movie The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson in the titular role.

The Joker’s appearance was briefly teased at the end of the movie in a scene where he was locked up with Paul Dano’s Riddler, the main villain of the movie. Although his face wasn’t clearly revealed, the evil laugh revealed who that mysterious character was, and later Matt Reeves confirmed that was indeed Joker, played by Barry Keoghan.

Fortunately, we won’t need to wait for the sequel to get a clear look at the Joker of the Batverse. Now, twenty days after the movie’s premiere in theaters, a deleted scene was recently revealed, and it shows us Pattinson’s Batman visiting Keoghan’s Joker in Arkham Asylum, looking for advice in catching a serial killer, the Riddler. This intense, five-minute scene ends with Batman leaving a visitation room and Joker laughing with his signature, maniacal laugh.


The Batman: Barry Keoghan Speaks Out On His Mysterious Character

Co-written and directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman now plays in theaters, and it will be streaming on HBOMax on April 19. The movie received praise from critics and the audience for its screenplay, performances, and dark tone. The movie grossed $606 million worldwide so far.

The Batman is starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman, as well as Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell. Farrell played Penguin, a crime lord who is set to get his own spin-off series on HBOMax. The series already received a direct-to-series order, so now we’re waiting for the additional information on when can we expect it to premiere. The sequel to the movie is also inevitable, and we can’t wait for it to be officially announced!

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