The Boogeyman: Movie Based On Stephen King’s Short Story Found A New Director

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Numerous Stephen King novels were adapted into movies and/or TV shows during the last few decades, and that number is only increasing. The next movie, Salem’s Lot is set to be released next year by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Now, 20th Century Studios is making a 2-hour movie adaptation of the short story The Boogeyman. The project was firstly announced in 2018 with Scott Beck and Bryan Woods set to direct. In May 2020, Beck and Woods were unsure if the movie is still going forward.

Now, Deadline confirmed that Rob Savage will take over as the director and the movie, while Beck and Woods will remain on the project as executive producers. The movie will be made for Hulu. Mark Heyman is writing the movie. Deadline also confirmed that casting will begin next year.

The Boogeyman is a short story by Stephen King that was first published in 1973, and in 1978 it was published in King’s first collection of short stories Night Shift.

Synopsis of the short story:

The majority of the story takes place in a psychiatrist’s office, where a man comes to talk about the “murders” of his three young children. The story’s protagonist comes across as paranoid and possibly insane as he describes the circumstances surrounding the death of his children.

The movie will begin production next year. It is unknown when it’s going to start distribution.

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