The Boys: New Vought News Network Video Is Preparing Us For Season 3

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Although we still don’t know when The Boys will return with its Season 3, fans are eager to find out as much as they can before we get an official release date.

The new video of Vought News Network showed us news from within the universe of the show, which can probably be a solid teaser for what can we expect in the upcoming season.

The second season of the show ended with the villain Stormfront locked up, but the news show from Vought Network is showing us that Stormfront now has a large group of supporters known as Storm Chasers.

In other news, Starlight’s popularity rapidly jumped! And her original costume increased sales! Currently, her original costume is the second best-selling costume. Although Homelander’s is still on top, Starlight left Queen Maeve behind.

Video is also showing us The Deep who’s lobbying for the cleaner oceans with his “Death to Plastic” campaign, and some other news that might infect the storylines of Season 3 in some way. We’ll eventually find out.

The Boys Season 3 still has no official release date. The first two seasons are now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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