‘The Brave Ones’ Ending, Explained: Does Ntsiki Survive the Car Accident?

The Brave Ones is the new supernatural thriller coming straight from South Africa that is now available on Netflix. The streaming platform has been betting on South African content lately, and it seems that things are going very well as more and more shows are being produced. South Africa just recently started this revolution in the way that entertainment is produced in the country, and it seems we’ll be watching more and more South African shows on Netflix in the coming years.

The series tells the story of Ntsiki, a young woman who discovers that she is The Brave One, a reincarnation of a goddess. Her nature starts, giving her powers beyond her comprehension. As she starts learning how to use her power, she comes into conflict with forces that have been waiting for her emergence for centuries. Ntsiki will have to find allies that will help her control her power and help her in the future battle against the powers of evil. The show focuses on South African folklore, and that gives the world-building in the show a breath of fresh air.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Brave Ones Season 1. Read at your own risk.

Does Ntsiki Survive The Car Accident?

At the end of the previous episode, we left Ntsiki in a very bad situation. You see, we left her being buried to death by Cebo while she was inside a car with Siya, the love of her life. Cebo celebrates that he managed to kill such a terrible demon, and leaves confident. However, as this episode starts, we see the spirits telling us that while Ntsiki is in the world of the dead, it doesn’t mean that she is dead herself. We have to remember that Ntsiki is The Brave One, and that means that some rules don’t really apply to her at all. One of those rules seems to be death itself.

We travel to the world of the dead, and there we find Ntsiki. Unlike many other “worlds of the dead” this place looks more like heaven than anything else. We can see enormous land masses floating in the air. Each land mass has people on it, and we infer that those people are the dead. Ntsiki appears on one of these landmasses, and she is greeted by her dead sister. She appears covered in white paint on her skin, and they embrace. Ntsiki explains how much she has missed her.

Her sister tells her that she cannot remain in the world of the dead and that she should come back. She is the Brave One, which means that she has big responsibilities. Her sister explains to her that their mother needs her as she is alone now. It is there that Ntsiki discovers that her father is also dead. This wounds her deeply. Siya also appears before her and tells her she loves her very much, but she cannot stay here with her, she needs to leave the world of the dead and do what she must do.

Her sister tells Ntsiki that she will take care of her father and that she can go in peace. Ntsiki returns to the world of the living and finds herself facing Ayanda. It is there that they confront the truth about each other. Ayanda is Ntsiki’s biological mother. Ayanda had to leave her behind when she was a baby to protect her, but she assures Ntsiki that she looked for her through and through, but was not able to find her. Ntsiki doesn’t forgive Ayanda, but lets her be with her own suffering. Ntsiki has more important things to do.

What Happens At The End Of The Brave Ones Season 1?

The season ends with Ntsiki having returned from the dead and giving a speech to the people. She inspires them to rise against the forces of evil and to now allow any sort of bad behavior in the area. Nosisa seems happy that Ntsiki has come back and says that Ntsiki has finally risen as The Brave One and that people will follow her and be inspired by her. Ntsiki also meets once again with Nkosi, and they hug each other. They really have lived through a lot, and they are ready to begin anew.

However, Nkosi finally sees Cebo running around on a bike and follows him. Nkosi catches up with Cebo, and he confronts the assassin. Cebo still cannot believe the rumor that Ntsiki is alive and walking around. Nkosi fights Cebo, but the madman has a gun. They struggle with each other, and Cebo gets shot with his own gun and falls dead to the ground. Nkosi also gets shot and falls to the ground, but later it seems that some unknown force brings him back alive.

We also take the time to see what Ayanda is doing. She makes a ritual to call for the health of her son, who is near death. The is successful in summoning the demon and making a deal with it. The demon says that she only needs to die and give her life so that her son can live. Ayanda is doubtful, but she accepts the deal. It was a trap, though, and the demon says she will possess Ayanda and kill her son. Fortunately, Ntsiki arrives and uses her powers to expel the demon from Ayanda’s body. Ayanda thanks Ntsiki, but warns her that Nosisa is dangerous.

Ayanda says Nosisa is the reason she had to give Ntsiki away when she was a baby. Nosisa wanted to sacrifice Ntsiki and take all of her power for herself. Ntsiki cannot believe this, but she goes to see Nosisa anyway. She asks Nosisa about Ayanda’s declarations, and Nosisa reveals her true intention. Ntsiki battles Nosisa, but she is overconfident, and Nosisa’s helper manages to pierce Ntsiki with a sacred blade. The season ends with Ntsiki on the ground as their eyes begin to lose her golden glow.

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