The Flash: Robbie Amell Will Return As Ronnie Raymond In Season 8

Fan-favorite character returns! As Entertainment Weekly reported, Robbie Amell will reprise the role of Ronnie Raymond in Season 8 of The Flash.

Robbie Amell, the cousin of Stephen Amell (who played Oliver Queen/Green Arrow), played the role of Ronnie in the first season of the show. Ronnie was Caitlin Snow’s fiancé, he was presumed dead after the particle accelerator explosion, but it turned out he was alive. At least until the end of the season when he died for real right after he and Danielle Panabaker’s character exchanged wedding vows.

Ronnie died a hero, protecting Central City as Firestorm alongside Grant Gustin’s Flash. Amell made special guest appearances in two episodes of season 2 and one episode of season 3, and he’ll return now, after five years in episode 11 of season 8.

Ronnie Raymond was the first person who created Firestorm with Victor Garber‘s Martin Stein. After Ronnie’s death, he was replaced with Franz Drameh‘s Jefferson Jackson, who Firestorm with Stein until Stein’s death in Crisis on Earth-X.

Now, according to the report, Amell will return for two episodes that are currently being filmed in Vancouver. The plot is unknown so we don’t know how and why will Ronnie show up again. Time-traveling? Flashbacks? Hallucination? It’s anyone’s guess. Still, Amell’s return was something that many fans of the show wanted. Well, probably for more than just two episodes, but we’ll take it.

The Flash show is currently in the middle of Armageddon, a crossover event that takes the first five episodes of Season 8. After that, the show will go on hiatus until next year when the season will continue with another storyline.

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