‘The Girl in the Mirror’ Ending, Explained: Does Alma Recovers Her Memories?

The Girl in the Mirror

Welcome to the Ending Explained for “The Girl in the Mirror” a new supernatural thriller that has been released on Netflix. The series comes from Spain, a country that lately has proven that it is capable of creating amazing shows that have international appeal. The Girl in the Mirror seems to be one of those shows, as it mixes a standard teen soap opera drama, with a fantastic element that has its origins in the legends and folklore of Spain.

The series displays very solid production values. The cinematography, for example, manages to create this sense of dread in each shot. The color palette really lets us know that things are not what they seem and that there is something wrong with everything that we are seeing. As the series progresses, new revelations come to light, and what began as a simple mystery ends up transforming into a battle between good and evil.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for season 1 of “The Girl in the Mirror”. Read at your own risk.

What Are The Shadows The Kids Saw During The Bus Accident?

At the beginning of the show, we are introduced to a group of characters that will become our main points of view for the story ahead. At this moment, they look just like any group of young friends. There are couples that are being created, while some others have split up. They like to drink and have fun, just like any other young person. However, some of these youngsters are not what they seem, and they are being targeted by a nefarious group.

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It is explained very early on in the show that an entity, named Therion, inhabits the mountains of the Asturian region. This entity is very, very old. You could say it is a sort of demon. People used to summon it to gain power and benefits, but Therion needed to inhabit the body of a host that had suffered a near-death experience. For millennia, Therion has been trapped in the mountains looking for the perfect host.

The Girl in the Mirror

Among the group of people on the bus, there is a guy named Martin. Martin is the perfect host for Therion, and people serving Therion have been looking for him for a while. Therion creatures appear in front of the bus and make it go down to the abyss, and the accident is so huge that most people are just dead, or end up being in a coma. Martin’s body is never found, and his family and lover, Bruno, beging searching for him.

As the series progresses, it is revealed that Martin’s father has been overprotective for this reason. If Therion is unleashed on Earth, it could mean the death of the entire world. This is basically the plot going on in the background, the big picture of the show. The rest of the storylines are quite a bit more personal, and they involve our main character, Alma, who has had the ability to see ghosts and also the potential to become a Therion host.

Does Alma Recover Her Memories?

After the bus accident, Alma was one of the few people to get out alive from the accident. Her best friend, Deva, is dead, and his potential boyfriend, Tom, has lost a leg. Alma wakes up with no memories of who she is, where she is, or what happened to her friends. We learn that her twin sister, Lara, died recently, and Alma and her family are still mourning the death of the young woman. It is quite sad, and Alma’s friends all feel the empty hole left by Lara.

As the series progresses, we get hints that Alma is not really suffering from amnesia. Towards the end of the show, it is revealed that the person we see as Alma, really isn’t. It is actually Deva, who performed a ritual to drive Alma’s body and protect her from the Therion followers. Deva is actually a practitioner of magic, and she knows the potential that Alma carries with her. She decides to drive Alma’s body away from danger and keep her safe. The real Alma is then trapped in limbo as a ghost.

The Girl in the Mirror

Tom discovers that Alma is actually Deva, and feels betrayed. He is in love with Alma. Deva sends a video to her mother, showing her how she was abused by her stepfather, Ricardo. Ricardo then appears at Alma’s place and almost kills her. Ghost Alma saves her and Deva kills Ricardo. It is here that Lara and Deva decide that Alma will be fine by herself, she needs to live her own life. Deva and Lara put Alma’s soul inside Alma’s body.

The show ends with Martin going back to Bruno to thank him for having saved him. The reunion is heartwarming, but Roque, one of the kids in the accident, reveals himself to be a Therion follower, and they have been preparing to kidnap Martin and take him to Therion. Bruno is also part of Therion’s followers. They are identified by a black eye. The series closes with Therion getting ready to put a foot on this world once again.