‘The Killer’ Review: A Dark, Thrilling Journey Into the Mind of an Assassin

'The Killer' Review

In the world of cinema, every so often, a film arrives that defies conventional storytelling, merging the elements of suspense, thrill, and a dark atmosphere into a unique cinematic experience. Netflix’s ‘The Killer’ is precisely such a film. This action-packed thriller, starring Michael Fassbender, is a roller coaster of emotions and intensity, albeit with a character whose emotional range is as calculated as his actions.

‘The Killer’ plunges the audience into a world where suspense and darkness are the backbones of the narrative. Fassbender, known for his versatile acting skills, delivers a performance that, while seemingly stoic and emotionless, perfectly encapsulates the essence of a hired killer. His portrayal of a character with a single-minded focus on his mission adds a layer of depth to the film, making it more than just a series of action sequences.

However, ‘The Killer’ isn’t without its flaws. The movie starts at a slow burn, meticulously setting the stage for what’s to come. This initial pace might test viewers’ patience, expecting non-stop action. But as the story progresses, the pacing rapidly accelerates, leading to an imbalance that could have been smoothed out for a more cohesive narrative flow.


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The film’s centerpiece, the action scene, is a testament to the director’s vision and Fassbender’s execution. Brutal, visceral, and exhilarating, it stands out as a highlight. Yet, it’s not without its disbelief. In an era where the realism of physical combat is more appreciated, thanks to sports like UFC, the durability of characters in this film’s fight scenes stretches the imagination a bit too far. This contrast between cinema and reality slightly undermines the scene’s credibility but doesn’t detract from its overall enjoyment.

Character development, particularly of the protagonist, is well-executed, providing a solid foundation for the story. However, the film fails to flesh out the supporting characters and their motivations. The relationships, especially the one central to the protagonist’s drive for revenge, lack depth. This absence of emotional investment in these relationships somewhat dilutes the impact of the protagonist’s journey.

While attempting to delve into the complexities of trust and preparedness, the movie’s themes do not resonate as powerfully as they might have intended. They are somewhat generic and don’t offer profound insights into the human condition, which could have elevated the film from good to great.

Visually, ‘The Killer’ is a treat. The cinematography and the unique way the story is segmented keep the viewers engaged. Each segment introduces different aspects of the killer’s journey, creating a refreshing narrative structure. The distinctiveness of each adversary adds layers to the film, preventing it from falling into the trap of monotony that often plagues action movies.

In summary, ‘The Killer’ is a film that combines a gripping storyline with a standout performance from Fassbender. While its shortcomings in character depth and pacing, its strengths in action, cinematography, and a unique narrative structure make it a memorable watch. It resonates with films like ‘John Wick’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ in its themes of revenge and the solitary journey of its protagonist.

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SCORE: 7/10

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