The Last Kingdom Map: Every Main Location Explained (With Map)

the last kingdom maps

The Last Kingdom has become a favorite amongst many medieval lore lovers, boasting an incredible storyline topped with a range of exciting plot twists and cliffhangers. This popular story transformed into a Netflix production after the success of Bernard Cornwall’s Saxon Stories novel series.

Many The Last Kingdom fans have enjoyed the books, while others love the series and are anticipating further on-screen releases. But, keeping track of where exactly The Last Kingdom events take place can be rather challenging.

We’ve unraveled the web of The Last Kingdom locations so you can ensure you’re all set for The Last Kingdom marathon of your dreams. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about The Last Kingdom‘s locations – topped with a custom The Last Kingdom map for you to reference throughout your journey.

The Last Kingdom Locations Explained

Those who have watched The Last Kingdom on screen may have found the process far more confusing, while those who invested in The Last Kingdom book series would have been gifted with a summary of the names of the locations. But, even then, it’s still tough to understand the geographical locations of these places.

The Last Kingdom Map

Painting a visual picture of The Last Kingdom‘s world is understandably tough considering so many locations and details. We’ve created a custom The Last Kingdom map based on information from official sources and avid fans, as well as information gained by digging into historical map data.

Below is our custom-made The Last Kingdom map, including everything from territory classifications to the names and locations and The Last Kingdom‘s towns, cities, villages, and more:

The Last Kingdom Map
The Last Kingdom Map by Fiction Horizon

It’s worth noting that the information described in the above The Last Kingdom map is based on the general consensus of The Last Kingdom‘s overall storyline. Some location names or their territory classification may have changed at some point throughout the book or Netflix series. Below are the most notable events (spoiler-alert) that take place in these areas.

Conquests of The Danes Locations

The Danes in The Last Kingdom emerged from numerous places both in and around Denmark, including Norway and Sweden. Below is an outline of the most notable Danish locations in The Last Kingdom, as well as important events and characters that live in the region.

East Anglia

East Anglia hopped in and out of numerous rulers’ reigns over the course of the storyline’s progression, but the Danes ruled for the longest timeframe. It was home to Ulf, Guthrum, Edmund, and Brida, and is still home to the Dane Daughter.

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Below is the progression of East Anglia’s Monarch:

Edmund855-869East Anglian Dynasty“The Last Kingdom”
Oswaldc.875Norse Suzerainty“The Last Kingdom”
Æthelred IIc.875Norse Suzerainty“The Last Kingdom”
Guthrumc.879-890Danish Kingdom of East Anglia“The Lords of the North” to
“The Burning Land”
Eohricunknown-902902 Danish Kingdom of East Anglia“Death of Kings”
902Danish Kingdom of East Anglia“Death of Kings”
Guthrum II902-918Danish Kingdom of East Anglia“Death of Kings” to
“The Flame Bearer”
Edward899-924the Anglo-Saxons“Death of Kings” to
“Sword of Kings”

Guthrum Kingdom

Guthrum Kingdom is not exactly a location, rather, it signifies the location of Guthrum’s armies. Guthrum, later known as Guthrum the Unlucky, was a Danish earl who came to England with a force of 600 warriors.

He gained more influence when he appointed himself as the king of East Anglia. Apart from the sons of Lothbrok, Guthrum commanded one of the largest Danish-Norse armies in England.


Beamfleot is located in East Anglia, and is noted for one of the most important fights in the storyline – the Battle of Beamfleot. This battle occurred in 893, between the Danish army of Hæsten and the Anglo-Saxon army of Wessex. King Alfred and Prince Edward forced the Danes back to their camp at Hunstanton.

It took place in Episodes 3.5 and 3.6, as well as in The Burning Land, and resulted in a Saxon victory. It was preceded by the Siege of Wincelcumb, and was followed by the Battle of the Holme and the Battle of St. Neots.

Danish Mercia

The Battle of Fearnham was fought in 892, between the Anglo-Saxon armies of Wessex and Mercia and the Danish army, which was led by Bloodhair at the time. The Danes lost this battle after they were attacked from both sides.

It resulted in a Saxon victory, taking place in Episode 3.1 and The Burning Land. This battle was preceded by the Fight of Alton, and was followed by the Siege of Wincelcumb.


Lindcolne, also known as Lindcylne, is situated in East Anglia. A notable event that took place in the area is when Ulf was killed. He was killed while trying to defend Lindcylne from Eardwulf and the Mercians, and Eardwulf gifted Ulf’s sword to Æthelred after Lindcylne was taken.

Danish Northumbria

Uhtred, previously known as Osbert in childhood, and Brida, a Saxon girl, are taken in as slaves by Earl Ragnar. They are transported to an area in Danish Northumbria during this time, but they escape after the Danes unleash an attack that kills Ragnar in his sleep.


The Siege of Eoferwic occurred in 866 when the Northumbrian capital of Eoferwic was attacked by the Great Heathen Army. The city was taken over by the Danes, despite a stifled relief attempt made by the three kings of Northumbria.


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This battle resulted in a Dane victory, taking place in Episode 1.1 and in The Last Kingdom. It was the first battle to take place in the storyline, and it was followed by the Battle of Ashdown as well as the Battle of Gainsborough.


Jorvik is ruled by the pagan warlord, Sigtryggr Ivarsson (also known as Sigtryggr the One-Eyed, and later known as Sigtryggr of Northumbria).


Cumbraland is located in Northumbria, where various battles and plot twists take place. King Guthred swears to defend Cumbraland, and is handed the Sword of Cumbraland after which he leads the Saxons and the Danes against the evil in Northumbria.

Anglo-Saxon States Locations

The Anglo-Saxons or Saxons hailed from many locations, including Wessex, Mercia, East Anglia, and Northumbria. Below is an outline of the most notable Anglo-Saxon or Saxon locations in The Last Kingdom, as well as important events and characters that live in the region.


Wessex saw a ton of rulers and marriages throughout the storyline’s progression and features plenty of important towns, villages, and cities. It’s home to a plethora of The Last Kingdom characters, namely:

  • Edward
  • Æthelhelm the Elder
  • Ælflæd
  • Ælfweard
  • Ælswith
  • Uhtred
  • Sihtric
  • Finan
  • Osferth
  • Mildrith
  • Æthelstan
  • Alewold
  • Erkenwald
  • Eanflæd
  • Edwina
  • Gwen
  • Hild
  • Osric
  • Oswald
  • Priest
  • Ecgwynn and Ecgwynn’s Mother
  • Sihtric’s Wife and Son
the last kingdom5

Below is the progression of Wessex’s monarch:

RulerReignKing ofBook
Æthelred I865-871Wessex“The Last Kingdom”
Alfred871-886West Saxons“The Last Kingdom” to “Death of Kings”
Alfred886-899Anglo-Saxons“Death of Kings” to “Sword of Kings”
Ælfweard924Wessex“Sword of Kings”
to after
Edmund I939-946Englishafter

Wiltunscir is located in Wessex, and inhabits its shire-reeve named Osric. Osric returns to Uhtred and Leofric to inform them of the temporary truce between Skorpa and Odda the Younger in Netflix’s The Last Kingdom Season 1.

Æsc’s Hill

Æsc’s Hill, also known as Ashes Hill, is located in Wessex and was the location of the notable Battle of Ashdown. This battle took place in 871, where the Danes and Saxons met at Æsc’s Hill for battle. This battle amounted to the first Saxon victory against the Danes in years.

It took place in Episode 1.2, as well as in The Last Kingdom. It was preceded by the Siege of Eoferwic and the Battle of Reading, and it was followed by the Siege of Wareham and the Battle of Frampton.


Wintanceaster, located in Wessex, featured a ton of exciting events for The Last Kingdom fans. Aethelwold, Beocca, and Aethelred embark on plenty of adventures throughout the story’s progression.


It was thought that Contwaraburg was the central shrine of the residents’ religion, making it a hotspot for valuable treasures. Sidroc and Ragnar use Contwaraburg as a marker while they plotted their attack on Wessex.


Osbern and Sidroc proposed that crossing the river and striking directly to the south would divide Wessex in two, leaving the Kingdom of Cent vulnerable. They proposed that they’d be able to take over Cent quickly, and continue with taking over nearby regions from there.


Alfred managed to grant Uhtred as the Lord of Coccham, although there were strings attached. He wanted to retake Bebbanburg since it is his birthright, but Coccham was at least something considering he had nothing at the time.

English Mercia

Æthelred succeeds his father as the King of Mercia, and is later gifted warriors by King Alfred which strengthens the union between Wessex and Mercia. Aldhelm wishes to see Æthelred as the King of Mercia and Wessex, meaning that Alfred will need to die in battle.


The most notable event that occurred in Lundene, located in Mercia, was the Siege of Lunden (Lundene) took place in 886. The Danes intentionally abandoned Lundene to the Saxons intending to trick them in order to capture Æthelflæd.


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However, this battle resulted in a Saxon victory, taking place in Episode 2.6 and in Sword Song. It was preceded by the Battle of Dunholm and was followed by the Battle of Beamfleot, as well as the Siege of Rochester.


Liccelfeld was a convenient location for The Last Kingdom‘s characters while they traveled, especially when the enemies’ whereabouts and travel plans were unknown. This is since Liccelfeld allowed one to move north or south quite easily.


The Danes camped out at Tamworth, which is located in Mercia, while raiding Mercia during Æthelred’s absence. Saxons were slain, their heads collected as trophies, and their villages burned in Season 4.


Eadith is paid to find Uhtred on the way to Ceaster, and inform him that he must meet Æthelflæd at the ruins of Saint Milburg’s Priory. Finan becomes suspicious and advises that they leave.

Uhtred realizes that Æthelflæd must have gone to Ceaster, after which they continue on route to Ceaster as planned. There are quite a few plot twists and suspenseful events that occur around Ceaster.

Hrothwulf’s Farm

Hrothwulf’s Farm was the location of the Battle of Rocester, which took place in 917. Lady Æthelflæd of Mercia, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, and King Sihtric Caech of Northumbria led Mercian and Northumbrian armies.

They met the invading army of Sihtric’s brother and rival Ragnall ua Imair, and a fierce battle commenced. It resulted in a Mercian-Northumbrian victory.

Eads Byrig

Eads Byrig was captured by Ragnall, demanding that they give up Ceaster. But, Uhtred was aware that Ceaster’s fortifications were strong, and Ragnall takes the bordering kingdom of Northumbria.

Uhtred attacks and captures Eads Byrig, ordering Æthelstan to fight and kill Hæsten. Ragnall then returns with a larger army, seeking revenge for his fallen men at Eads Byrig by killing 42 captives.


The Last Kingdom’s storyline came to an abrupt climax at Brunanburh, encaptured in War Lord. The Battle of Brunanburh was a decisive moment for the late King Alfred’s dream of a united England, and points toward the conclusion of the legendary Uhtred’s story.


The Last Kingdom Feature Film In Development By Netflix

These events were also teased in an announcement of Netflix’s The Last Kingdom film – described as an extension to the fifth and final season in early 2022 in the form of a 2-hour movie named The Seven Kings Must Die.

English Northumbria

Northumbria features quite a few important locations in The Last Kingdom, as well as notable characters. It is inhabited by residents such as Wihtgar, Aidan, Guthred, Hrothweard, Trew, Tofi, and Abbess.

the last kingdom

Below is an outline of Northumbria’s monarch progression:

RulerReignKing ofBook
Ælla IIc.862/7-867Northumbria“The Last Kingdom”
Osbert867-867Northumbria“The Last Kingdom”
Halfdanc.875-877Southern Northumbria“The Last Kingdom” to
“The Pale Horseman”
Guthredc.883-895Southern Northumbria“The Lords of the North”
Æthelwoldc.900-902Southern Northumbria“Death of Kings”
Ragnall918-921Southern Northumbria“Warriors of the Storm”
Sigtryggr921-927Southern Northumbria“Warriors of the Storm”
Guthfrith927Southern Northumbria“Sword of Kings”
Æthelstanc.933-c.934Southern Northumbria“War Lord”
Æthelstanc.934-939Northern Northumbria“War Lord”
Edmund Ic.944-946Southern Northumbriaafter
Edmund Ic.944-946Northern Northumbriaafter
Eadredc.947-954Northern Northumbriaafter

The most significant event to occur in Dunholm was the Battle of Dunholm, which took place in 880. King Guthred sent Uhtred, his commander, to lead an attack against the fortress of Dunholm, held by Jarl Kjartan.

Uhtred and Ragnar stormed the walls and killed Kjartan as well as Sven, his son, avenging their family. It took place in Episode 2.4 as well as in The Lords of the North, and it resulted in a Saxon victory.

The Battle of Dunholm was preceded by the Revolt of Eoferwic and the Siege of Catraeth. It was followed by the Siege of Lunden and the Battle of Catraeth.


Bebbanburg is by far the most significant and iconic location, mentioned countless times throughout The Last Kingdom’s progression. After all, Uhtred basically dedicates his entire life to reclaiming Bebbanburg, as it is his birthright.

Things become twisted after his uncle, Ælfric, gives instructions to kill him in order to seize the lordship of Bebbanburg for himself. Various plot twists and treachery unravel as the storyline progresses, but Uhtred remains determined in his will to one day take his rightful place as the Lord of Bebbanburg.

Lands of the Britons Locations

Those who hail from Wales and Cornwall are referred to as Britons in The Last Kingdom. Below is an outline of the most notable Briton locations in The Last Kingdom, as well as important events and characters that live in the region.


Cornwall, also referred to as Cornwallum, is located in Wessex but was under the Britons’ rule. A significant event to take place in this region was the Sack of Cornwallum, occurring in 878.

the last kingdom3

Uhtred and his men invaded Cornwallum along with Skorpa and their men in order to rob the petty King Peredur. It took place in Episode 1.6, resulting in a Saxon victory. It was preceded by the Battle of Cynuit and was followed by the Siege of Winchester.

Welsh Kingdoms

The Welsh Kingdoms, also known as Wealas territories in The Last Kingdom, are ruled by Hywel of Deheubarth. It was inhabited by Hywel, Rhodri, Iseult, Peredur, Asser, and Pyrlig.


Wirhealum (the Wirral) is a coastal location, situated in Waelas territory. It is thought to be the location of The Last Kingdom’s climax – The Battle of Brunanburh.

Strath Clota

Strath Clota is situated in Welsh territory. After 3 years of peace, Anlaf joins Constantin, Owain of Strath Clota, and others who are invading Cumbria where they challenge Æthelstan to battle at the chosen site.

Land of the Gaels Locations

Below is an outline of the most notable Gaelic locations in The Last Kingdom, as well as important events and characters that live in the region.


Ireland, also known as Irland in The Last Kingdom, is often mentioned throughout the story’s progression. However, there is little information on the region and its towns.


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What is known is that it is inhabited by Sigtryggr Ivarsson, a Norse-Gael Viking warlord who is also Uhtred’s son-in-law. The most notable locations in Ireland are Dyflin and Loch Cuan.

The Kingdom of Alba

The Kingdom of Alba is inhabited by the Scottish, often mentioned throughout the story. A notable influence is that Bebbanburg was weakened by Scottish raids, and Uhtred then believes that his most opportune moment has finally come.

Norse Lands Locations

In addition to the lands inhabited by the Danes, Anglo-Saxons and Saxons, Britons, and the Gaels, there are a few locations inhabited by the Norse. The Norsemen inhabited various isles on the coast of The Kingdom of Alba down to Mercia and Ireland, and they formed a part of various battles throughout The Last Kingdom’s progression.

The Last Kingdom Locations vs. Real-World Locations

Although the events described throughout The Last Kingdom are not completely based on a true story, many of them are derived from historical facts. As such, quite a few of The Last Kingdom‘s locations are based on locations that are real – although, these locations generally differ in their names.

The Last Kingdom

Some of the names of these real-world locations have also changed over the past few hundred years – from when the relative historical events occurred. Other places were not derived from real-world historical locations, but are situated in similar geographical locations to real-world regions, towns, and cities.

The Last Kingdom LocationReal-World (Modern) Location
East AngliaEast Of England
Guthrum KingdomSussex
BeamfleotNorth & South Benfleet, Essex
Danish MerciaLincolnshire/ Nottinghamshire
Danish NorthumbriaNorth Yorkshire
EoferwicYork, Yorkshire
JorvikYork, Yorkshire
Æsc’s HillAshdown, Berkshire
WintanceasterWinchester, Hampshire
ContwaraburgCanterbury, Kent
GleawecestreGloucester, Gloucestershire
AlencestreAlcester, Warwickshire
English MerciaEnglish Midlands
LiccelfeldLichfield, Staffordshire
LedecestreLeicester, Leicestershire
TamworthTamworth, Staffordshire
CeasterChester, Cheshire
Hrothwulf’s FarmRocester, Staffordshire
Eads ByrigEddisbury Hill, Cheshire
BrunanburhBromborough, Cheshire
English NorthumbriaNorthumberland
DunholmDurham, County Durham
BebbanburgBamburgh Castle, Northumberland
Cornwall/ Cornwallum Cornwall
Welsh KingdomsWales
WirhealumThe Wirral, Cheshire
Strath ClotaStrathclyde, Scotland
Cair LigualidCarlisle, Cumbria
Ireland/ IrlandNorthern & Southern Ireland
DyflinDublin, Eire
Loch CuanStrangford Lough, Northern Ireland
The Kingdom of AlbaScotland

Navigating your way through The Last Kingdom can feel understandably overwhelming with so many locations, especially considering many of them are based on real-world regions. But, with this custom map and location guide, you can easily make sense of everything that The Last Kingdom has to offer.

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