The Secret Behind Mysterious ‘Thunderbolts*’ Asterisk May Have Been Solved Indicating Movie’s Future


A few weeks ago, Florence Pugh gave us a tour of the ‘Thunderbolts*’ movie set and showed off her new costume. In one scene, there’s a chair with the movie’s new logo. Fans spotted an asterisk in the logo, thinking it might be part of the production.

At CinemaCon this year, Feige showed the new logo and announced the title change. He mentioned the asterisk would be clarified after the movie’s release.

Yesterday, Atlanta_filming shared an Instagram post, now deleted, where they called ‘Thunderbolts‘ ‘Thunderbolts Part 1.’

Now, many fans are guessing that the asterisk hints that Thunderbolts might not be just one movie but a series. They think it won’t just introduce the team but will lead to more movies in the MCU.

The Instagram post is strange because why would they refer to the movie so specifically? Especially when it hasn’t even come out yet and no one’s thinking about a sequel?

Some fans speculate that both movies might be filmed at once, but that seems unlikely since Iger wants to focus on guaranteed successes after a tough year at the box office.

‘Thunderbolts*’ faced some challenges during development. There was a SAG-AFTRA strike, and just before filming, Steven Yeun dropped out of his role as Sentry. The studio had to find a replacement, with Lewis Pullman being the top choice.

Laurence Fishburne and Rachel Weisz will return as Bill Foster and Melina Vostokoff. Geraldine Viswanathan joined as de Fontaine’s assistant due to another actor’s departure. The release date shifted to May 5, 2025, swapping with The Fantastic Four. Joanna Calo was brought in to rewrite the script, which originally focused on the team’s mission and possible sacrifices.

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