The Weekend Away: Most Beautiful Locations In Croatia Where The Movie Was Filmed

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A new Netflix original movie, The Weekend Away, is just about to premiere on the world’s most popular streaming platform. Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) stars in a mystery thriller where she and her friend embark on a weekend getaway to Croatia, but after her friend is found dead in the sea, Leighton is accused of her murder.

While the movie still isn’t released, the trailer and some set photos revealed the phenomenal locations in Split, Croatia, and other locations in the Mediterranean country that will take your breath away. I’m breaking down the trailer and set pics, frame by frame, and revealing the real-life locations in Croatia where the movie was shot. 

In the photos below, the first photo is a frame from the movie, while the second photo is the real-life location where the frame was shot. Let’s dive in!

Diocletian’s Palace, Split

Split is a magnificent coastal city in Dalmatia, with incredibly rich history and locations that attract millions of tourists each year. The epicenter of those locations is the Old Town core, also known as Diocletian’s Palace.

The palace, as the name suggests, was built by Diocletian, an ancient Roman emperor who ruled in the 4th century. He loved coming to Dalmatia for rest and peace, so he built the colossal palace, which now serves as the center of Split.

Many other locations I’ll mention in the article are in or around Diocletian’s Palace, including the Splitska Riva (Split Riviera), the statue of Gregory of Nin, etc.

Peristyle Square In Diocletian’s Palace, Split

The Peristyle is the name of the most famous Square in Split, right in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace. It was the main square during Ancient Roman times, where people would meet, converse, and conduct business.

The Square is surrounded by two rows of large colons made in corinthian style, while the front of the Peristyle shows the Protiron, a fenced spot from which the Emperor would address the people.

Under the Protiron is the entrance to Diocletian’s Cellars, while the Saint Domnius Cathedral (Sveti Duje, in Croatian) is on the left side of the square. Both of these monumental sights will be mentioned below and shown in the movie.

Diocletian’s Cellars, Split


Diocletian’s Cellars are, well, cellars underneath the big palace built by the emperor. The Cellars are free to enter and pass through, but there are huge parts of the underground corridors that you need to pay to enter, while some of the more recluse parts of the Cellars are off-limits.

There’s a beautiful little marketplace down in the cellars where you can buy hand-made Croatian products and souvenirs. Also, there’s a museum down there that’s a must-see. Interestingly, the Cellars were also used for Game of Thrones – they were the pit where Daenerys Targaryen was keeping her dragons.

In The Weekend Away trailer, we see Leighton and Ziad Bakri running away from the police through the Peristyle and into the Cellars. The entrance into the Cellars from the Peristyle can be seen in the photo above.

Matejuška, Split


Matejuška is a famous peninsula/small port near the Split Riviera where young people gather and socialize before heading for the clubs. It’s a great place to meet people and have fun while you’re in Split, especially if you love the nightlife. If not, it’s still a beautiful little spot for a walk from which you’ll have a beautiful view of the sea.

In the movie, we see Leighton’s character, Beth, and her friend Kate (played by Christina Wolfe) hanging out in what seems to be their hotel room. The room is located on Trumbićeva Obala, a street that connects the center of Split and the Riviera with Marjan, a big forest park overlooking the wonderful, blue sea.

Riviera, aka Splitska Riva, Split


The Riviera is the favorite social spot of all the locals in Split, as well as the tourists. It’s located on the south side of Diocletian’s Palace, overlooking the sea. The beautiful palm trees and amazing landscape are one of the city’s biggest trademarks.

I’m not sure whether the movie will feature the Riviera and in what context, but there’s a beautiful shot right at the beginning of the trailer depicting my favorite spot in Split.

St. Blaise Church, Dubrovnik


One of the shots near the beginning of the trailer depicts Dubrovnik, precisely the St. Blaise Church, with the Lovrijenac Fortress visible in the background. Dubrovnik is widely regarded as the most beautiful town not just in Croatia but the entire Mediterranean and even the world.

Indeed, the Old Town in Dubrovnik, including the famous walkway, Stradun, is absolutely breathtaking and mesmerizing. Numerous movies and TV shows have already been shot in Dubrovnik, but by far, the most famous one is Game of Thrones. 

When you’re looking at the King’s Landing, you’re actually looking at the Old Town in Dubrovnik – where the St. Blaise Church is located, too. Now, I’m not sure how Dubrovnik will fit into the movie’s plot, as it’s the only shot outside of Split I’ve seen in the entire trailer, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Franjo Tudman Square, Split


There’s a shot in the trailer where Leighton is in a taxi, and the driver asks her if it’s her first time in Croatia. The taxi passes through a beautiful street known to locals as the Franjo Tuđman Square. It’s connected to the Split Riviera and a monumental Republic Square, known as Prokurative.

In the past, there was a wonderful fountain in the center of the square, called Bajamontuša. The fountain ought to be restored for years, but it still hadn’t been done. Nevertheless, the Franjo Tuđman is beautiful to see on its own, but the surrounding monuments and locations are even more breathtaking.

Zenta Club, Split


Now, I only recognized this nightclub in the trailer because I’ve spent my fair share of awesome nights out there. The club is called Zenta, where Beth and Kate go out before Kate is found dead the next morning.

Zenta has a great program and is located not far from the city center, near the Bačvice bay, where most of Split’s most frequently-visited nightclubs are located.

St. Domnius Cathedral, Split

The St. Domnius Cathedral, known as Katedrala Svetog Duje in Croatian, is located on the left side of the Peristyle Square in Diocletian’s Palace. The shot from the trailer shows the Cathedral’s tower, which “towers” over the city as the tallest building within the Palace.

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius is a catholic cathedral built in the 4th century. The building itself was built as the Mausoleum of Diocletian but turned into a cathedral in the 7th century. It’s the second oldest building ever used by any Christian Cathedral. You can enter the church and pay to climb the tower, from which the view is just spectacular.

St. Gregory of Nin Statue, Split

There’s also a close-up frame of a statue in the trailer – probably the most well-known statue in the entire Split. It’s the St. Gregory of Nin sculpture, created by the world-renowned Croatian artist Ivan Meštrović.

The statue can be found right at the main entrance of Diocletian’s Palace, known as the Golden Gate or the North Gate. You can usually find Roman soldiers near the entrance; great for taking pics, especially if you have kids. As for the statue, it is said that if you rub his big toe, you’ll have good luck. That’s why the toe is shiny and polished.

Zagreb, Croatia

Last but not least, Zagreb is the capital of Croatia that’s located away from the seaside. It’s the biggest city in the country, filled with awesome sights, monuments, parks, and other locations you’ll definitely enjoy.

While I haven’t found a shot in the trailer depicting Zagreb, The Weekend Away IMDb page clearly states Zagreb as one of the filming locations, so I guess it will appear in the movie.

Those are all the locations from the trailer and the available set photos of The Weekend Away film I could recognize. There will probably be more awesome locations in Croatia that didn’t make it into the trailer, so I really can’t wait for the movie to see them all and probably visit them the next day.

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