‘The Witcher’: Who Does Ciri End Up with in the Books?


The story of ‘The Witcher’ may focus a lot on Geralt of Rivia, but it also focuses on Cirilla’s story. While much of Ciri’s story focuses on her journey of learning how to control her powers to become strong enough to defend herself against those who want to manipulate her Elder Blood, her personal life has also been the topic among different fans. Of course, we are talking about her romantic life. So, who does Ciri end up with in the books?

Andrzej Sapkowski’s books don’t expressly show who Ciri ends up with, but we see her traveling with Sir Galahad after the final book. That means that it is possible that they ended up together, although we can’t be sure what their relationship was because it was never expressly mentioned.

Many things about the ending of Sapkowski’s books tend to be open-ended, including the final part of Ciri’s journey, where she ends up in another world similar to the one we know of. That means we can’t be sure whether or not Ciri’s journey ended with a romantic tale. Now, let’s look at who Ciri ended up with in the books.

Ciri’s ending was open-ended

Even though the entire storyline of ‘The Witcher’ in the Netflix adaptation has been a little straightforward (except for the jumbled timelines in season 1), the thing about the books is that it wasn’t entirely very straightforward in terms of how they ended. Andrzej Sapkowski’s final Witcher book was released in 1999, and that was also Geralt of Rivia’s final journey.

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Much of the final book was told from Ciri’s perspective when she told the story to Sir Galahad. She used her powers to teleport to a different world, which seemed to be similar to our Earth. She was covered in blood and needed to bathe in a nearby lake. That was when Sir Galahad found her, thinking she was the legendary Lady of the Lake.

However, Ciri said that she wasn’t the Lady of the Lake. However, she told Sir Galahad her entire story. That is why the final book, entitled ‘The Lady of the Lake,’ detailed the story of Geralt of Rivia and Ciri’s journey with him from her point of view.

During the events of the final book, Geralt was relaxing in Toussaint before he started his affair with Fringilla, who wanted to keep him busy so that he wouldn’t discover that Vilgefortz was holding Yennefer captive. Of course, Vilgefortz was also looking for Ciri, who was missing during that time.


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However, after Geralt heard what Vilgefortz had been doing, he rushed in to save Yen. Meanwhile, Ciri was stuck in an elven world while hiding from the Wild Hunt. In that world, her friend Avallac’h was trying to convince her to have a child with Auberon, a king in that elven world. But Auberon wasn’t interested and decided to flee that world when a war between the elves and the unicorns broke out.

During the chaos, Cirilla was saved by a unicorn named Ihuarraquax. This unicorn teleported her out of the world. Ciri used her powers to teleport between this world until he found himself in Vilgefortz’s castle. That was when she tried to trade herself for Yennefer. Vilgefortz, however, captured Ciri as well.

Geralt saved both of them so they could return to Toussaint to save their bard friend, Dandelion, from execution. Yen eventually went to the Sorceress’s Lodge while Geralt and Dandelion returned to Rivia.

While Geralt was in Rivia, the Rivian Pogrom happened. This caused a slaughter, as Geralt was in the middle of all the chaos. However, the Witcher got stabbed by a pitchfork in the chest as he was left mortally wounded by this.

Yen and Triss tried their best to heal Geralt after dispersing the crowd. However, Geralt was already dying, and that was when Yen tried to use a powerful spell to save him, only for her to pass out from exhaustion. Ciri used her powers to bring them to a boat as the lake transformed magically. The people around could see that the dead were helping Ciri tend to both Geralt and Yen.

Eventually, Ciri transported them to the Isle of Avallach, where she believed they could spend their final days in peace. When Triss asked Ciri if she would ever see her again, the princess told her that she had no plans of returning to this world because Geralt and Yen would never be able to return to this world as well. But she did say that Triss would see her again one day.


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This was the end of Ciri’s story to Sir Galahad, as the entire Witcher narrative ended with a conclusion that was never really made clear by Sapkowski. However, Ciri did say that Geralt and Yen got married on the Isle of Avallach, although this didn’t seem likely because she told this to Galahad with a tear in her eyes. That means that Geralt and Yen might have died just shortly after Ciri brought them to the island.

Ciri traveled with Sir Galahad

Although Ciri spent much of her time in the new world telling her story to Sir Galahad, this was another open-ended conclusion to Ciri’s journey. After telling her story to Sir Galahad, the knight invited her to see King Arthur. Yes, we are talking about the very same King Arthur that has become one of the most famous legends in the real world. And that’s because we know that Arthurian Legends influence Andrzej Sapkowski’s writings.

Ciri went with Sir Galahad as the girl was on her way to a new journey in a new world different from the one she used to live in. As such, it was never made clear whether or not Ciri ended up with Sir Galahad in the books, but it is possible that their time together got them closer to one another, especially because Galahad was willing to listen to her story.

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Of course, it is also possible that Galahad brought Ciri to King Arthur for the king to see if she was fit to be his queen. That is also possible, especially if this version of King Arthur was yet to marry. 

In that regard, even Ciri’s relationship was open-ended, as we weren’t sure who she ended up with in the Witcher books. The only thing that we know is that she wasn’t quite happy with the way that the story of Geralt and Yen ended and that she was on her way to a new adventure in a different world where the possibilities were endless.

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