How Do The Witcher Books End?

How Do The Witcher Books End?

With the relatively recent addition in the form of a TV series, The Witcher franchise grew in popularity immensely. It brought in a lot of new fans that were either unaware of the books or simply did not read them. This usually brings forth the question of how wills the series end, or more precisely how does the book series end.

Although the book series comes to an end the actual ending regarding the plot is way more ambiguous. The series does not offer any conclusive ending but rather offers a few different possibilities regarding the ending and the choice of which one is the real ending is up to the reader. 

If you want to read more about the ending to prepare yourself for what is most likely to come in the Netflix series keep reading this article. If you however wish to avoid spoiler maybe it would be a better idea to return to this article after you experience the ending of the series. Also, you can check out our best order to read start reading The Witcher books.

Do the Witcher books have an ending?

The Witcher books do in fact have an ending. The final book of the series is called The Lady of the Lake. The book was released in 1999 and it serves as the end of the book series. It was originally published in Polish and was only translated into English in 2017.

The book opens with Ciri, princess of Cintra, realizing she is trapped in a different, elven world. The world does not have any real borders or sense of time. Most importantly it seems there is no way out for her.

Ciri is aware that she has to escape in order to reunite with Geralt. In addition to this, she has to face her worst fears since the man who captured and tortured her, Leo Bonhart, is still following her.

The first person Ciri stumbles upon is Sir Galahad. He mistakes her for the Lady of the Lake and after clearing up the confusion she tells him her story.

The story then cuts to Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. She meets with a young girl, Condwiramurs, to study the legend of Ciri and Geralt.

They study the legend by researching portraits and the events of the story. After some time, Condwiramurs starts to dream of the events she was studying under the guidance of the Lady of the Lake.

The first dream shows her the imprisonment of Yennefer by Leo Bonhart and Stefan Skellen, both working for the mage Vilgefortz.

As that dream starts, another one begins. This time Condwiramurs sees what Geralt was up to. He was located in Beauclair city of Toussain completing several monster contracts.

While there he eventually ends up in a relationship with the castle sorceress, Fringilla. She is one of the members of the Lodge. To help them achieve their goal of controlling the political world she is tasked with distracting Geralt from finding out the location of Vilgefortz and Yennefer.

While completing one of his contracts at the castle near the city of Touissant Geralt learns that Ciri is missing and that Vilgefortz is keeping Yennefer hidden. Upon learning this he rushes back to the town to gather his group and retrieve Yennefer.

At that point, we go back to Ciri who is still stuck in the mysterious realm. She meets with elven kings who informed her that she is to bear a child for their king, Auberon.

After several attempts, she meets with the other elves and requests that they let her go since the king seems cold and not interested in her. The elves inform her that the time flows differently in her realm and that she will be allowed to leave once she fulfills her tasks there.

In frustration, she rides away from the castle and encounters a group of unicorns who try to kill her, but one of them recognizes her since she saved him before and the unicorns spare her.

After some additional battles, Ciri manages to teleport out of the world with the help of the unicorn that recognized her. Upon returning to her own world she could not find Geralt and went to save Yennefer herself.

She pleads Vilgefortz to release Yennefer and imprisons her instead, but Vilgefortz denies her request and imprisons her nevertheless.

Geralt arrives soon after, unaware that Ciri already arrived at the castle. They storm the castle in search of Yennefer. Geralt saves Yennefer and Bonhart frees Ciri wanting to kill her in a fair fight.

She manages to escape and Cahir fights in her place but is quickly killed leaving her to fight Bonhart on her own.

They are all reunited after the castle is overtaken by the Emperor of Nilfgaard’s men. Ciri is ordered to come with her father and marry and Geralt and Yennefer are given the choice to commit suicide. However, Ciri’s father changes his mind at the last moment and lets her, Geralt, and the rest of the gang escape.

How do the Witcher books end?

The story ends with Ciri ending her story, Galahad still presents and listening tentatively. Ultimately, she accepts Galahad’s offer to join him at the court of Camelot.

Regarding Gerald’s story, she doesn’t offer a conclusive explanation as to what happened at the end. Rather she offers a few possibilities and leaving it to the reader’s personal choice. Sapkowski purposely leaves the ending ambiguous and many claims that such an ending fits perfectly with the end of the story.  

The offered ending is Geralt and Yennefer waking in an unknown location, comforting each other; that they marry, and that a celebration ensued between all the different dead and alive characters of the saga, but from Ciri’s choice of words, we can conclude that this ending isn’t confirmed.

Realistically, taking into consideration the rest of the story there are three endings that make the most sense and seem to be the most accepted among fans.

The first possible ending shows Ciri using her magical powers to escort Yennefer and Geralt, or Geralt’s body depending on whether you believe him to be dead, into a lake and allows them to heal and revive. Upon this Geralt and Yennefer lived happily ever after and Ciri continued her life and eventually became a witcheress. 

Another possible explanation is that Geralt did not get revived and he died. In this scenario, he died and Yennefer shared his faith after training to revive him. Since the afterlife was not disproven in the series but is actually supported by many things, like ghosts being an essential part of the Universe, it is logical to assume that Geralt and Yennefer are together in the afterlife. This would also explain why Ciri could not reach them after their death.

The last explanation is also the grimmest one. Since there is no actual confirmation of the afterlife in the series it is also possible that Geralt and Yennefer are simply dead.

 Although the book does describe the moment when Geralt wakes up with Yennefer by his side it is also possible that the scene is a product of Ciri’s imagination, helping her to cope. The fact that she does not outright say what happened, but rather offers a few different things that could have happened support this theory further.

Deciding which one of these endings in the canonical one is up to you and will be affected by different things such as your view on The Witcher games regarding their canonicity.

However, the theory where both of them get revived is by far the fan’s favorite ending.

How does Geralt die in the books?

Geralt dies during the last book during his time in Rivia. Upon his return, the kingdom erupted into riots during which humans were determined to kill any nonhuman residents of the kingdom.

Geralt met with his dwarf friends in the pub, who were targeted during these riots. To protect them he killed several of the members of the mob.

During the events, he got killed by a simple peasant after he impaled Geralt with a pitchfork. He is left to die until he is reunited with Yennefer moments before his death.

She attempts to use all of her magic to save Geralt, but the task proves itself to be too much for her and after a while, she collapses next to Geralt and it is left unclear whether the pair is actually dead or if they actually get revived.

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