‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Ending, Explained: Who Dies At The End Of Thor: Love And Thunder?

Thor Love And Thunder

In 2017 Thor Ragnarök redefined Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Until that point, the character was having a hard time finding its own identity. It tried to be Shakespeare, and it tried to be more like Game of Thrones, but both those approaches failed in defining the character and taking it to the next level. It was only when Taika Waititi, was chosen to be the writer and director of the film, that finally, Thor could find its identity from regal superhero to Viking surfer boy.

Thor: Love and Thunder, offers much of the same that made Ragnarök so popular. Waititi imprints the film with tons of humor, that might be hit or miss for many people, and also follows the space aesthetic that was coined by James Gunn in his Guardians of the Galaxy films. The result is a movie that tries to tell a lot in a very short amount of time, and that creates a certain feeling of whiplash as the film jumps from comedy to sadness in seconds.

The film certainly opens the world of the MCU to new places. The following paragraphs include spoilers for the entire film. Read at your own risk.

What Does Gorr The God Butcher Want In Thor: Love And Thunder?

Thor: Love And Thunder introduce three main storylines, and then these three stories clash very early on, the result from this clash is what comprises the main bulk of the movie.

The film first presents the story of Gorr, a devout priest who lives now on a planet that has become a desert. Gorr walks through the desert with her daughter, and both of them are in the process of dying. Gorr prays to his God, but his prayers receive no answers. Gorr’d daughter dies, and he buries her in the sands.

Thor Love And Thunder

At that moment, Gorr is guided by a voice that is calling to him. The voice leads him to an oasis, where Gorr finds plenty of water, and fruits to eat. It is there he meets Rapu, his God. He begs Rapu to give him the eternal reward his religion promised him, but sadly, Rapu dismisses him as a dog. Gorr sees his entire people, and his daughter died in the name of a selfish God. Rapu was there on a mission to destroy the necrosword, a weapon capable of killing a god.

Gorr picks up the sword and easily kills Rapu. He then swears that every god shall die. Gorr will die no matter what, as whoever uses the necrosword is cursed to do it.

The second story is about Thor, who post Endgame has found himself without a purpose as he travels with the Guardians of the Galaxy. When Thor discovers that Sif is in danger, he goes to her help. The Guardians ditch him and Korg without thinking twice. Thor finds Sif without an arm, and he takes her back to New Asgard. His rescue of Sif was a trap as it is revealed that Gorr wants Stormbreaker, which possesses the power of the Bifrost to open the door to Eternity where he can ask whatever he wants.


When Is Thor: Love And Thunder Coming To Disney+? (& When Does It Leave Theaters)

The third storyline is about Jane Foster. It is revealed that Jane has stage 4 cancer, and she doesn’t want to tell anyone. She tries to use her knowledge to find a cure, but all efforts are useless. It is there that she turns her attention to Mjölnir, and we see that she has transformed into The Mighty Thor. However, she is only healthy when she has the hammer with her, without it, her health deteriorates quite fast. Thor and Jane meet as they defend New Asgard from Gorr’s attack.

Who Dies At The End Of Thor Love And Thunder?

While Gorr’s attack fails in getting Stormbreaker, he kidnaps the children of New Asgard. He uses them as bait to get Thor to follow him, to the place where he is strongest, the shadow realm. Thor, Jane, Valkyrie, and Korg decide to travel to the Omnipotence City, the city of the Gods and ask for the help of Zeus to raise an army and get rid of Gorr.

The team arrives at Omnipotence City. However, when asking for the help of Zeus, the lightning God dismisses him. Zeus is afraid, as the necrosword is capable of killing him. He denies help for Thor and declares that Thor must remain in the city so that no one can learn the city’s location. Thor and his team decide to escape and fight Zeus’ guards. Thor uses Zeus’ own lightning weapon against Zeus and kills him with it (at least that’s how it seems, until the post-credit scenes). Valkyrie takes the weapon and they leave the place.

On the road, Thor learns of Jane’s condition, and he confesses he has always loved her. They arrive at the shadow realm and fight against Gorr and his shadow creatures. Thor and his allies are no match for Gorr, and as Thor tries to escape using the Bifrost, Gorr takes Stormbreaker. Valkyrie is wounded while Jane is at the hospital, her cancer almost kills her.

Thor Love And Thunder

Thor decides to go to the Gates of Eternity and recover his weapon, he wants a future with Jane and convinces her to stay. At the gates, Gorr uses Stormbreaker to break the seal. Thor arrives and gives part of his power to the kids, so they can all fight against the shadow creatures. The kids manage to return to New Asgard, and Jane decides to go and help Thor against Gorr. It is too late though as Gorr opens the door and goes inside.

Gorr, Jane, and Thor find themselves in front of Eternity. Thor admits his defeat but begs Gorr to accept that he is not seeking vengeance but love, he can ask to bring his daughter to life. Thor decides to spend as much time with Jane as he can. Gorr follows his heart and asks for his daughter back. Jane promises she will not be alone. Jane and Gorr die. The film ends as Thor takes care of Love, Gorr’s daughter. The kid is a piece of eternity and has powers. They travel the universe helping people together.

In the first post-credit scene, we see Zeus alive but hurt. He speaks about how he will take vengeance upon Thor, and it is revealed he is talking to his son Hercules, played by Roy Kent himself, Brett Goldstein. The second post-credit scene shows Jane arriving at Valhalla. She is received by Heimdall.

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