When Is Thor: Love And Thunder Coming To Disney+? (& When Does It Leave Theaters)

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The release date of Thor: Love and Thunder is fast approaching, and people are still wondering whether or not they could stream it because, let’s face it, some people have gotten used to the idea of watching their movies at home. We all know that Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the biggest Marvel releases this year, and that means that it’s going to be in theaters. But when is Thor: Love and Thunder going to be on Disney+?

As of this writing, there is no news regarding when Thor: Love and Thunder will be on Disney+ because that still depends on how long the movie will stay in theaters. In most cases, MCU movies stay in theaters somewhere between 45 to 70 days, depending on certain circumstances.

The usual case is that MCU movies get released on Disney+ the moment they exit theaters, and that should be the same case for Thor: Love and Thunder, which might see its release on Disney+ some time between 45 to 70 days. That said, let’s look at what we know about when Thor: Love and Thunder would be released on the Disney streaming platform.

Is Thor: Love And Thunder Going To Be On Disney+?

Ever since streaming services became popular, more and more companies began creating their own streaming platforms, and that was the case for Disney. The company eventually pulled out its movies and content from other streaming providers so that they could migrate them over to their own streaming service provider called Disney+, which was released in November of 2019.

Since then, Disney+ has become a treasure trove for Disney movies, especially Marvel content, because it became a platform for Marvel Studios to release movies and original television shows. Of course, after their run in the theaters, all of the MCU movies make their way to Disney+ so that people can binge them over and over again.


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With that said, we know for a fact that Thor: Love and Thunder are going to be the latest release of Marvel Studios as it is set to be the first MCU movie franchise that has reached four films. This means that people are excited to watch this movie as it threads unpaved trails and is set to give Thor a newer and bigger adventure after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

But, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world back in 2020, people have gotten used to watching their movies on streaming service providers because they realize how comfortable and convenient it is to watch content at home. Still, theaters have already opened ever since huge chunks of the population have received their vaccines, and that means that more and more movies are now getting theatrical releases. Ever since Shang-Chi, Marvel Studios has been releasing all of its content in theaters.

But what about Thor: Love and Thunder? It goes without saying that Thor: Love and Thunder is going to make its way to theaters on July 6, 2022, as it is going to be the biggest release in the MCU in 2022. But is it going to be on Disney+?


Of course, Thor: Love and Thunder is going to make its way to Disney+ because it is owned and licensed by Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney. But those who want to catch Thor: Love and Thunder as early as they can would only be able to watch it in theaters because it won’t be released on Disney+ at the same time as its theatrical release window.

Ever since Shang-Chi was released in cinemas, Marvel Studios has focused its attention on theatrical releases instead of simultaneously releasing its movies on Disney’s own streaming platform. In that regard, those who want to stream Thor: Love and Thunder would have to wait until its theatrical release window is over because that is when the movie will immediately make its way to Disney+.

When Is Thor: Love And Thunder Coming To Disney+?

As mentioned, Thor: Love and Thunder will be on Disney+ but not anytime soon because it will only be released after its run in the theaters. That means that people need to wait for its theatrical release window to be over before they can watch it on Disney+. But when is Thor: Love and Thunder coming to Disney+?

Right now, there is no official word coming from Disney and Marvel Studios regarding Thor: Love and Thunder’s Disney+ release date, and that means that we have no exact idea when it will be arriving on the streaming platform. But we can still make a few speculations regarding its Disney+ release date.

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In the past, the biggest MCU movies tend to stay in cinemas for about 90 days before they make their way to digital platforms. However, that changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the theatrical release windows of most movies shortened due to the fact that it was simply more practical for their distributors to release them in streaming services as soon as they had lived out their hype in the cinema.

With that said, we did notice that Shang-Chi lasted in the theaters for 70 days before it made its way to Disney+. After that, Eternals only stayed in cinemas for 68 days before the movie made its way to the Mouse company’s streaming platform. Spider-Man: No Way Home is a different story, though, because of the fact that Sony has dibs on its distribution.


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Meanwhile, the last MCU movie was Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, which surprisingly lasted in theaters for only 47 days. That means that Marvel Studios isn’t shy about allowing its movies to stay in theaters for barely two months. Of course, the fact that there was only two months between the release dates of Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder may also be the reason for that. 

What this could mean for Thor: Love and Thunder is that there is a good possibility that the series will make its way to Disney+ somewhere between 45 to 70 days, depending on how long Marvel Studios wants it to stay in cinemas. Of course, it still depends on the box office performance of the movie because there are some films that stay lucrative in cinemas for quite a long time.

This could mean that Thor: Love and Thunder’s Disney+ release date could depend on how well it performs in cinemas. And if Marvel Studios sees that it is doing well in cinemas, especially considering that the next MCU movie won’t be released until November, there is a good chance that it will stay in theaters for 70 days, and that means that it would take some time before Thor: Love and Thunder will be released on Disney+.

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