Thor vs. Lü Bu: Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger?

Thor vs. Lü Bu: Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger?

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Record of Ragnarok is a seinen manga written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and drawn by Ajichika. An animated series adaptation produced by Graphinica studio was produced by Netflix in 2021, with a second season being released in January 2023. In this article, we will talk about one set of two characters in the series, who have faced each other in the first round of the Ragnarok tournament – Thor, on the side of the Gods, and Lü Bu, on the side of the humans. In this article, we are going to analyze that fight and tell you who won and whether the winner is actually stronger.

The first-round fight between Thor and Lü Bu ended with Thor’s victory after 16 minutes and 28 seconds. It was the first match of the series and as expected, Thor won. It was an epic clash between two actual warriors but Thor’s Awakened Thunder Hammer technique was enough to give the Gods a deserved advantage in this one, as Thor is, indeed, stronger than Lü Bu.

This article will be split into two parts. We will first provide you with an overview of the battle between Thor and Lü Bu, and second, we are going to tell you whether Thor is really stronger by comparing their powers and abilities. The characters are quite intriguing, and there is a lot to talk about, but aside from the brief intro, we are solely going to focus on how powerful they are.

The fight between Thor and Lü Bu

Lü Bu arrived at the arena of Valhalla completely wrapped in bandages while riding on his horse “Red Hare” and was presented by Heimdall as the first warrior to fight for a humanity facing the god Thor. Once he enters the combat arena, Lü Bu would break the bandages that wrapped him in order to get off Red Hare’s mount, once the combat begins, both Lü Bu and Thor momentarily lower their weapons and begin to walk together towards each other, once they are close enough Lü Bu is the first to deal the first blow, but Thor would block the attack with ease and knock Lü Bu back with a shove of his hammer. Then the god would proceed to attack, but to his surprise, his blow would also be blocked.

When they clash their weapons against each other again, they both smile because the opponent before them was the first in a long time that was able to survive his first attack. Then Thor takes his battle stance and generates electricity from his hands to Mjölnir. Once the hammer is fully imbued with electricity, the god proceeds to perform a powerful attack which causes a great impact. Still, to his surprise, Lü Bu manages to escape unharmed. Seeing Thor’s power, the warrior smiles with happiness and proceeds to injure him by cutting his chest. Both the human and the god were very happy that they were fighting against someone really strong, so without wasting any more time, they resumed their fight.


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After an exchange of attacks, Lü Bu’s weapon begins to shine because his special ability has been activated, managing to destroy one of Thor’s Járngreipr, causing the latter to momentarily release his Mjölnir, seeing this the gods are surprised that a human was capable of destroying a divine object. For his part, Lü Bu continues to attack Thor and manages to cut his shoulder, but at that moment, both he and Thor realize that something is happening to Mjölnir. Turning to see what was happening, the god realizes that the hammer is “awakening”, immediately afterward he removes the other Járngreipr glove and decides to take Mjölnir with his bare hands.

Once Thor raises his weapon again, he makes a request to Lü Bu, which is that he not die at that moment, hearing this Lü Bu gets excited. Still, before he can do anything, Thor throws his hammer at him, despite dodging it suffers slight burns due to the heat produced by the electricity surrounding Mjölnir, Lü Bu then rushes and begins to run towards Thor, but before he can try anything, he realizes that the hammer was returning towards the god, so a once again he has to dodge Mjölnir; Having dodged the hammer again, Lü Bu closes enough distance to be able to attack Thor, but the latter would receive it with his Geirröðr Thor’s Hammer technique.

Despite the fact that Lü Bu was able to block it, he ended up with the bones of his feet shattered due to the impact of the blow. Lü Bu falls to his knees, unable to move, but just as Thor is about to finish him off, Red Hare escapes from the stable and enters the arena of Valhalla. Upon seeing this, Lü Bu’s army and the audience of humanity begin to cheer the warrior to continue fighting. Using his Sky Piercer, Lü Bu manages to stand up and mount his horse’s back, at this Thor can only laugh with happiness to see that his opponent has not yet given up. Once Lü Bu is on top of Red Hare, he begins to ride quickly toward Thor, who, seeing that his rival would attack him with all his power, decides to respond in the same way.

Both attack each other with their best techniques, being the Geirröðr Thor’s Hammer and the Sky Eater, respectively. The impact of these techniques produces a great flash that briefly blinds the spectators, but the winner of this clash turns out to be Thor, whose attack is so powerful that he ends up tearing off Lü Bu’s arm and leg in addition to destroying Sky Piercer; the weapon into which he had become Randgríðr, seeing this, Lü Bu proceeds to rip off the mangled arm that was still hanging with his mouth.

Raising his gaze to the sky, he smiles before riding again against his opponent. As he walked towards Thor, Lü Bu maintained a smile, experiencing the feeling of true happiness for having found a worthy rival, seeing this Thor smiled a little and, with his Mjölnir, proceeded to end the life of Lü Bu, decapitating him with a single blow, scoring with this the first victory of Ragnarök for the gods.


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Thor’s and Lü Bu’s powers and abilities compared

Due to his incredible physical power, Thor can hold his hammer Mjölnir in one hand and handle it with ease. It is also mentioned that Thor was able to kill the snake Jörmungandr on his alone and that he could face and fully destroy an army of 66 Jötnar by himself and without any assistance.

Lü Bu, on the other hand, was incredibly strong and could easily dispatch a large wolf. As he developed as a fighter, he could destroy entire armies and, by unleashing his strongest attack, scatter the clouds from the sky. He proved during the battle of Ragnarök that he had the strength to match Thor’s, deflecting some of the god’s blows and even being able to knock him back a few times.

From everything we’ve seen and read, Thor is stronger than Lü Bu. Lü Bu is a skilled and experienced warrior, but in comparison to Thor’s raw strength and divine power, he is simply not a match for the Nordic deity, and that is why he lost his fight.

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