‘Record of Ragnarok’ Watch Order (With Season 1 Recap)

Record of Ragnarok Watch Order: All Seasons

Record of Ragnarok is a seinen manga written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and drawn by Ajichika, published in Monthly Comic Zenon magazine since November 2017 by Coami; it is also published by Tokuma Shoten in bound volumes since May 2018. A derivative series entitled Shūmatsu no Valkyrie: Ryo Fu Hō Sen Hishōden, created by Takeo Ono, has been published in Monthly Comic Zenon since October 2019. An animated series adaptation produced by Graphinica studio was produced by Netflix in 2021, and in 2023, a second season was released. Due to that, we decided to bring you this Record of Ragnarok watch order with a recap.

Editor’s Note: This watch order was updated in November 2023.

Record of Ragnarok watch order by release date

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of Record of Ragnarok works in the proper release order:

  1. Record of Ragnarok, Season 1 (anime, 2021)
  2. Record of Ragnarok, Season 2 Part 1 (anime 2023)
  3. Record of Ragnarok, Season 2 Part 2 (anime 2023)

As of 2023, Record of Ragnarok has 27 episodes across two seasons, the last part of the second season aired in July 2023.

Are all seasons of Record of Ragnarok connected? What’s the best way to watch them?

Absolutely all seasons and episodes of Record of Ragnarok are connected and should be watched in their release date order. The storyline is rather straightforward and advances as you watch through the episodes. There are no hidden OVAs and prequels that you need to take into account while watching.

Record of Ragnarok chronological watch order

Record of Ragnarok Season 1 (2021) – 12 episodes

The first season of Record of Ragnarok was released by Netflix on June 17, 2021. The episodes are as follows:

1. Episode 1: “Ragnarok”

After 1000 years had passed since their previous gathering, the gods convened at the Valhalla Council and determined that humanity was beyond saving and needed to be exterminated. The Valkyries’ commander, Brünnhilde, disagrees with the choice and suggests that the gods test humanity in order to demonstrate their might and mercy.

Brünnhilde persuades the gods to stage Ragnarök, a competition in which thirteen humans and thirteen gods engage in one-on-one combat to the death; the winner is the first to score seven victories, and if they succeed, humanity will be preserved for an additional 1000 years. The fiercest Norse god and God of Thunder, Thor, will represent the gods in the first fight, while Lü Bu, the most potent Chinese hero, will represent humanity.

2. Episode 2: “Worthy Opponent”

Lü Bu makes Thor fight seriously, which obviously shocks the gods, who ponder on the Norse god’s greatest feats; at the same time, more details about Lü Bu’s life and feats are revealed. One of the stories also debunks the official history regarding Lü Bu. When Lü Bu’s weapon deflects Thor’s mighty hammer, the Norse god realizes that the human also has a divine weapon. At the same time, Brünnhilde, the leader of the Valkyries, gathers her sisters to assist the humans.

3. Episode 3: “Killer Move”

Randgriz, the fourth sister, is instructed by Brünnhilde to aid Lü Bu by becoming a sacred weapon to him before Ragnarök. Zeus verifies that the Valkyries are in rebellion against the gods when Lü Bu tries to injure Thor once more, but he is inspired by the challenge he poses. The entire roster of Ragnarök participants is disclosed to Brünnhilde. Thor releases his bindings, reveals the entire range of his abilities, and is ready to strike Lü Bu one more time.

4. Episode 4: “Joy”

The whole force of Thor’s onslaught fractures Lü Bu’s legs, and Red Hare, his trusty mount, appears to be in Lü Bu’s corner. However, the battle is won when Lü Bu’s weapon breaks and Randgriz transforms back into his regular self. Lü Bu is relieved to have lost after finally facing a respectable foe. The first victory of the gods is then sealed as Thor uses his hammer to decapitate Lü Bu.


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5. Episode 5: “File No.00000000001”

After Lü Bu is killed, Chen Gong and Red Hare lead his army in a charge, but Thor kills them out of respect for his fallen foe. The youngest Valkyrie, Göll, learns from Brünnhilde that Lü Bu and Randgriz’s souls were shattered, making it impossible for them to be brought back to life. Brünnhilde shouts at Göll, telling him that he can’t murder a god if you act sad. Göll is furious that Brünnhilde doesn’t exhibit any sorrow for her sister’s destiny. Adam, the father of all people, is chosen by Brünnhilde to represent humanity in the second battle; however, Zeus steps in and replaces Shiva as her opponent, much to Brünnhilde’s amazement, even though Shiva is the most powerful Hindu god.

6. Episode 6: “Great Emulation”

Zeus persuades Shiva to allow him the opportunity to engage in combat with Adam. Zeus opts for unarmed combat, whereas Adam is armed with a gauntlet in the likeness of the seventh Valkyrie, Reginleif. Zeus initially has the advantage, but Adam uses his improved perception to avoid and mimic all of his assaults, stunning the crowd as he launches a counterattack that eventually knocks Zeus to the ground.

7. Episode 7: “Expelled from Paradise”

As Adam continues to surpass Zeus in battle, Brünnhilde observes that Adam’s power stems from his resentment and hatred of the gods. She also reveals that Adam and his wife Eve were exiled from paradise after Eve was wrongly accused of eating the forbidden fruit. Adam accepted his exile by killing The Serpent for framing Eva after she rejected his advances. Just as the fight is about to end, Zeus manifests himself in his true form, and Adam stops attacking after recognizing the threat.

8. Episode 8: “Grace Abounding”

Zeus engages in combat with Adam in his most powerful form, that of Adamas. Adam eventually wins the upper hand after adjusting to his opponent’s strength, but just before delivering the decisive blow to Zeus, Adam passes away from tiredness, and his soul disappears along with Reginleif’s. Despite losing once more, the audience members indicate their willingness to challenge the gods and triumph at Ragnarök by praising Adam for setting a good example. Poseidon, the Greek sea deity, is chosen to fight for the gods in the third battle, and an elderly Kojirō Sasaki appears as his opponent.

9. Episode 9: “Tyrant of the Ocean”

With a sword imbued with the spirit of the Valkyrie Hrist, Poseidon starts the third bout against Kojirō Sasaki. However, neither player moves because Kojirō is aware that if he assaults Poseidon recklessly, he will be murdered. Kojirō decides against taking the first action against Poseidon and sits down on the ground when Brünnhilde narrates the tale of how Poseidon killed his older brother Adamas as a coward.

10. Episode 10: “Greatest Loser”

After telling the tale of how he developed his abilities solely through training, Kojirō taunts Poseidon and parries all of his blows until the latter starts to throw punches too quickly for him to totally avoid.


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11. Episode 11: “The Swallow Gazes into the Abyss”

Kojirō is finally hurt by Poseidon’s increased attacks, which also cause his sword to split in half. Kojirō decides to continue fighting after recalling his famous meeting with Miyamoto Musashi, and the shattered sword is reforged into two new swords, reflecting Hrist’s dual personality and allowing him to turn the tables on his adversary.

12. Episode 12: “And Ragnarok Goes On”

Poseidon decides to give up on trying to avoid Kojir and launches a swift and powerful attack on him. However, Kojirō defeats Poseidon by using all of his skills to block his attacks and severing him into four pieces. The first triumph of humanity surprises both humans and gods. Zeus chooses to send another Greek deity to get revenge on Brünnhilde after acknowledging that humanity is extremely powerful and that she truly plans to defeat the gods during Ragnarök. The Gods have chosen Heracles as their representative for the fourth duel, and Brünnhilde picks Jack the Ripper as his opponent, startling everyone in the room due to the latter’s illustrious history as mankind’s most cunning murderer.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Part 1 (2023) – 10 Episodes

13. Episode 1: “Good vs. Evil”

Brunhilde confirms with Göll that the gods will not allow themselves to lose a second fight in a row and will use someone strong. Heracles appears and states that he will fight for the gods, emitting an aura of strength. However, he is against the elimination of mankind and will petition for mankind to be saved. The fight is between Heracles and Jack the Ripper, with the arena transformed into a section of 19th Century London, and is considered a true battle of good versus evil.

14. Episode 2: “The Indomitable War God

The tattoos on Heracles’ body are getting bigger, and each time he uses his powers, they spread and inflict unbearable pain. If the tattoos cover his entire body, he will die, and his soul will be obliterated. However, Ares has complete faith in Heracles’ tenacious will, which even the gods could not break. In a flashback, a young boy named Castor is helped by Alcides, later known as Heracles, who shows his strong spirit and righteousness.

15. Episode 3: “Birth of a Monster

In 19th century London, 12-year-old Jack finds a piece of bread in a trash bin but is beaten up by the owner, who demands payment. Jack sees the man’s aura change from red to blue, and he is allowed to leave. Jack returns to the brothel where he lives with his mother, Mary, and sees her confronting a man with overpayment. Mary tends to Jack’s injury, and he sees her aura as golden, considering her the most beautiful person he’s seen.

16. Episode 4: “The Final Labor

In the battle between Heracles and Jack the Ripper, mankind starts to believe that Jack can win while the gods urge Heracles to keep fighting. Jack comments that it seems like a requiem for a hero and declares that it’s time for the finale. Ares worries about Heracles’ potential death, but Zeus is confident in Heracles’ strength and punches Ares for doubting him. Eventually, Ares agrees that Heracles is a man who stood up to Zeus and is his greatest friend.

17. Episode 5: “Requiem

During the fight between Jack the Ripper and Heracles, Jack stabs Heracles with his hand, turning his blood into a divine treasure. Heracles embraces Jack before his soul shatters, apologizing for shouting at him and leaving the rest to Brunhilde. Jack wonders about the color of his emotions and is announced as the winner of the fourth round by Heimdall.


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18. Episode 6: “Conflicting Motives

In the face-off between Buddha and the swordsmen against Loki and the Seven Lucky Gods, Kojiro and Isami exchange words with Loki. Soji gets closer to Loki, and Zeus and Odin interrupt the fight, stating they have too much energy. Odin releases his aura, causing the glass of the dome garden to break, and declares that the fight is over.

19. Episode 7: “Hundred Seals

Shiva’s wives and son cheer for him as he faces Raiden. Raiden performs a sumo ceremony by throwing salt and then attacks Shiva with a dropkick and a punch, but Shiva blocks it and counterattacks with his extra arms, knocking Raiden back.

20. Episode 8: “The Pinnacle of 1116

In ancient times, the Indian pantheon was made up of a large number of gods, with each vying for power and none ruling over all the gods of India. Rudra is training by punching a big boulder, while Shiva is lying around and dancing with animals. When two gods ask for their help to defeat the Asura Butcher Brothers in the village, Shiva and Rudra join forces and beat them up, including Nishumbha and Shumbha.

21. Episode 9: “Resonance

Tarōkichi, a boy with an incredibly strong body, defeats the strongest boy in his village during a sumo match but is saddened by the other children’s reactions. His mother tells him to be proud of his gift and use it to help others, which he does by becoming a sumo wrestler and earning money to send back to his famine-stricken hometown. Tarōkichi’s strength is both a blessing and a curse, but he learns to channel it toward helping others.

22. Episode 10: “The Brink

The Indian gods are amazed at Shiva’s increased power, and he battles Raiden, burning his muscles with each attack. While Shiva seems to be winning, Hermes warns that he could burn himself out if he continues. Raiden manages to push Shiva away, and the sumo wrestlers begin to cheer for him, but Shiva’s broken arm falls, and he starts to crumble, prompting Rudra to encourage him to keep fighting.

23. Episode 11: “Round Six”

The Seven Lucky Gods confront Göll, but Jack intervenes and offers them tea, defusing the potential conflict. As they depart, Göll, left uneasy, perceives the Seven Lucky Gods more as deities of malevolence than fortune. The sixth round of the Ragnarok begins, and Buddha unexpectedly declares he will fight for humanity, challenging the gods and causing uproar among them, while Brunhilde’s calm reaction hints at a calculated plan.

24. Episode 12: “Zero”

In ancient Asia, Zerofuku, a young god, awakens with the goal of bringing happiness to humans by absorbing their misfortunes. Over time, he absorbs immense suffering from the villagers, enduring his own agony for the sake of their joy. However, when he revisits the village years later, he discovers that the absence of misfortune has led the people into moral decay, and his attempts at bestowing happiness seem futile compared to Buddha’s teachings about self-attained fortune.

25. Episode 13: “The Strongest Puberty in History”

In their battle, Göll is surprised to witness Buddha’s Divine Weapon, the Staff of the Six Realms, which embodies the power of six guardians from different realms. Buddha’s emotions dictate the staff’s form, and Zerofuku’s intense adolescence prompts a defensive shield. The narrative then delves into Buddha’s past as Siddhartha Gautama, a prince in Kapilavastu, emphasizing his kindness, dedication to bringing fortune to the people, and a poignant encounter with Jataka, a king who reflects on the limitations of royalty and unfulfilled desires.


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26. Episode 14: “Legend of the Underworld”

In a divine assembly, a god expresses indifference to the identity of an enigmatic figure named Hajun, likening the unfolding events to cultivating perfect soil. Loki and the Greek gods observe Hajun, with Hades revealing his true nature as the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven from Helheim lore. As Hajun engages in a fierce battle with Buddha, it becomes evident that Buddha’s ability to foresee actions is hindered by Hajun’s darkness, leading to a grievous injury as Hajun pierces Buddha’s eye with a powerful attack.

27. Episode 15: “The Way of Light”

In the midst of their intense battle, Buddha and Hajun reach a standstill, each sustaining grievous wounds. Despite his injuries, Buddha exposes Hajun’s vulnerability, leading the demonic being to reveal that his host body self-destructed after attempting to destroy Helheim. Buddha, acknowledging Hajun’s weakness, attempts to use a spell to resurrect the dead, surprising both gods and demons. As Hajun, initially confident, experiences fear and uncertainty, Buddha unveils Zerofuku’s Cataxetrophe, declaring their joint effort to bring down the demonic adversary.

Where can you watch Record of Ragnarok?

You can stream both seasons of Record of Ragnarok on Netflix. It’s the only streaming service that has it.

Will there be more seasons of Record of Ragnarok?

Season 3 of Record of Ragnarok still isn’t officially confirmed, but based on how many fights there are to adapt, we can assume that it will happen sometime in the future. In any case, we will provide updates when we have them.

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